Saturday, May 13, 2006

THE TWINS - passion factory (1981)

Synth-pop ,New Wave
Producer - Ronny Schreinzer , Sven Dohrow


01 The Passion Factory (4:25)
02 X-Ray Eyes (3:55)
03 Satellite City (4:41)
04 Runaway (4:20)
05 Electric Bats (5:24)
06 The Desert Place (4:26)
07 Night, Lights And Shadows (3:24)
08 Younger Days (4:10)
09 Wet Season (1:19)
10 Synthetic World (4:25)

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THE TWINS, that are Ronny Schreinzer and Sven Dohrow from Berlin. Two musicians and their project who have drawn the attention in the 80s with hits like "Ballet Dancer" and "Not The Loving Kind" not only in Germany.The band history reads rather unusually. Today one single hit catapults an artist into the top 10 of the charts, and they disappear by memory of the music fans again after only short time. With THE TWINS the big success came a little later. However, they are already 26 years active and could celebrate their jubilee last year.
Sven and Ronny still live in Berlin. They give concerts regulary and they are one of the most fan-friendliest bands in Germany. This becomes clearer when you know that they have released again some of their 80s albums incl. bonus material for the fans in own direction. Without their application many Twins fans would still search today for the popular and desired albums.

In 1980, Sven Dohrow and Ronny Schreinzer decided to put a new band together, after they had played in various bands as a guitar-player and a drummer.
In the beginning they were inspired by bands like Tubeway Army, Gary Numan, OMD and Depeche Mode.
The name "TWINS" might sound a bit funny for english speaking fans because Sven and Ronny are definitely no twins (you guessed it, Einstein) and the name itself isn't very ingenious. The idea behind the name was to describe the way of working when they put their music together. In fact, there are no other persons involved during the process of making a TWINS record. Sven and Ronny are the composers, arrangers, musicians and producers and they are also responsible for mixing and mastering of the final product.
Their first single "The Desert Place" turned out to be a real dancefloor-smasher in Germany and the remixed long-version of this song entered the US-Billboard-Dance-Charts in 1981. The big European breakthrough came when they entered the Italian charts with their song "Face To Face" and it was one of the best-selling singles in Italy 1983.......

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Anonymous sylwia said...

Thank you so much for The Twins records! Really brilliant and catchy tunes:D

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Deutschland,Deutschland über alles!

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Anonymous Sylonik said...

Thank you very much. This is the best CD of The Twins for me of course.I can't download. File has been deleted. Please upload the file again. Thanx thanx thanks. Dziękuję. Sylonik.

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please repost

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file deleted, upload please...
your work is fantastic, thanks ;-)

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THE TWINS - Passion Factory (1981)

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