Friday, May 12, 2006

FILA BRAZILLIA - Power Clown (1998)

Real Name:
Steve Cobby & Dave McSherry.

Downtempo, Future Jazz


01 Bowine Funk (6:39)
02 The New Cannonball (4:36)
03 Here Comes Pissy Willy (4:22)
04 Throwing Down A Shape (5:19)
05 Bumpkin Riots (5:59)
06 President Chimp Toe (4:08)
07 Firelanes (5:33)
08 It Loved To Happen (1:08)
09 Little Hands Rouge (5:50)
10 Tunstall And Californian Haddock (3:38)
11 Feathery Legs (8:22)
12 A Wince Of Sumo (2:11)
13 The Speewah (5:23)

Links to download: part 1. part 2.

by Sean Cooper
Hull-based duo Fila Brazillia are the most popular and acclaimed of the noted Pork Recordings stable. Formed in 1991 by producers Steve Cobby and Dave McSherry, Fila followed Cobby's association with Ashley & Jackson, a moderately successful pop/dance group signed to Big Life! which went belly up as the label began demanding more and more pop and less dance. Returning to his native Hull from Manchester, Cobby met DJ/dabbler Dave Pork, and the two forged a creative alliance which continues to this day. Hooking up with McSherry to form Fila, the group's first 12-inch, "The Mermaid," was released that same year on Pork's fledgling imprint (formed, actually, specifically for the occasion), gaining instant acclaim among DJs and headphonauts alike for its innovative fusion of funk, dub, house, hip-hop, and acid jazz. The group followed their debut single with a string of full-length releases (Old Codes, New Chaos, Maim That Tune and Black Market Gardening among them) which were instrumental in building Pork's reputation as one of the most consistent and respected of England's vast ocean of underground breakbeat/trip-hop labels. More recent releases have integrated elements of pop and drum'n'bass on a number of tracks. Fila's rep has also translated into a number of acclaimed remixes, including Lamb's "Cotton Wool," the Orb's "Toxygene," and DJ Food's "Freedom" (over a dozen of which were featured on a 2000 collection Brazilification.) The mix album Another Late Night appeared in 2001, and the studio effort Jump Leads appeared early the following year. After two years of recording inactivity, in 2004 the duo released a pair of production albums (The Life and Times of Phoebus Brumal and Dicks), plus another mix album (Another Fine Mess). In addition to Fila, Cobby is also an active member of other Pork stable acts such as Solid Doctor (his solo guise) and Heights of Abraham, both of which have released a number of full-length recordings.

"This album is as funky as they get (outside of James Brown) and it is highly listenable. The tracks containing spoken dialogue are almost all chilling, not in a horrifying way, but just because they juxtapose so jarringly with the carefree music."

"Fila Brazillia's sound is so diverse, ranging from smooth lounge music to complex layerings of funk, and jazz grooves. I own 5 of Fila's CDs and can say that each cd is a bit different. Power Clown concentrates on more of the funky aspects of Fila's sound. This cd has some excellent grooves and is very up tempo. Power Clown is a good starting point for those curious about Fila's sound. If you enjoy acid jazz, house and lounge music you will enjoy this cd and you might possibly become "infected" with Fila's sound as I have become."

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