Friday, May 12, 2006

OMD - Organisation (1980)

Co-producer - Mike Howlett

Paul Humphreys: Synthesizers, Electronic Organ, Electronic And Acoustic Piano, Rhythm Programming, Acoustic And Electronic Percussion And Vocals.
Andy McCluskey: Synthesizer, Bass Guitar, Electronic Organ, Treated Acoustic Piano, Rhythm Programming, Acoustic And Electronic Percussion And Vocals.
Malcolm Holmes: Drums And Acoustic Percussion.


01 Enola Gay (3:25)
02 2nd Thought (4:03)
03 VCL XI (3:45)
04 Motion And Heart (3:08)
05 Statues (4:05)
06 The Misunderstanding (4:40)
07 The More I See You (4:00)
08 Promise (4:38)
09 Stanlow (6:16)

Link to download:

"What a drastic improvement from their 1st album, with its amateur casio keyboard sound. This release has lush keyboard arrangements that are somber and depressing. You can hear the angst in Andy's voice when he sings. Each song has about 3 different layers of keyboards and the sound is like a symphony, reaching a tragic crescendo in each song. The music is along the same lines as Depeche Mode's earliest 4 releases, although more experimental and less mainstream. Another good O.M.D. CD to buy is Architecture & Morality."

"The album dates back to the 80's, and is a top class representative of the synth / electronic pop genre of the time. This is the follow up album to their self-titled debut, and is a great improvement on it. For starters, "Enola Gay" was the major hit off the album - reaching top 10 in the UK. The other tracks are obviously less spectacular, with a mix of good tunes and experimental noises, but overall it's a good effort from the band, with a taster of the great things that came from all the albums that followed."


Anonymous Ryoga said...

The song "Statues" is dedicated to Ian Curtis from Joy Division, who comitted suicide in 1980. Well, good album from good band. Worth listen.

2:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please repost this album



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Can you upload "Organisation" again?
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