Tuesday, May 23, 2006

THE FALL - Perverted by language (1983)

"Mark E Smith can't dance and Mark E Smith can't sing, but the Fall are the cool group and Mark E Smith is the Hip Priest. Others imitate, but he teaches ..... after twenty years The Fall still cannot be pigeonholed."

Member on this cd are:

Mark E.Smith -vox
Craig Scanlon - guitar
Steve Hanley - bass
Paul Hanley - drums
Karl Burns - drums
Brix Smith - guitar,vox (track 5 - 13)

track 1 & 2 are 7'' single released june 1983
track 3 & 4 are part of a 7'' double pack single released oct. 1983
track 13 previously unreleased recorded at same sessions as "Perverted by language"
track 5 - 14 is the original Lp released dec. 1983

New Wave


01 The Man Whose Head Expanded
02 Ludd Gang
03 Kicker Conspiracy
04 Wings
05 Eat Y'self Fitter
06 Neighbourhood Of Infinity
07 Garden
08 Hotel Blöedel
09 Smile
10 I Feel Voxish

11 Tempo House
12 Hexen Definitive / Strife Knot
13 Pilsner Trail

Link to download:

more bio:
Mark Edward Smith is born in Salford in 1958. At 18 he is working in the Manchester docks. Influences by the music of the Velvet Underground and Can, he auditions for local heavy metal bands but is rejected for being tone-deaf or hated personally. In 1977, he forms his own group - The Fall - and issues an E.P., 'Bingo Master's Breakout' on the Step Forward punk label. Smith typed out all the lyrics on the typewriter at the docks during his lunch hour.
Pursuing Smith's aim "to have raw music with really weird vocals over it", The Fall release their first album, 'Live At The Witch Trials'. Already Smith is earning a reputation for hiring and firing band members, and for resiliance in front of hostile audiences. The second Fall album, 'Dragnet', is released in 1979 despite studio protests that it is so terrible it would reflect badly on them. The album is now regarded as a classic.
The Fall move from Step Forward to Rough Trade, issuing several well-received singles, and then on to the tiny Kamera label. In 1982, The Fall release their sixth and seventh albums: the acclaimed 'Hex Enduction Hour' and less well-received 'Room To Live'. In 1983, Smith returns from The Fall's American tour a married man. His wife, Brix Elise Smith, joins The Fall as a second guitarist, playing on their next album, 'Perverted By Language', back on the Rough Trade label.
In 1984, The Fall sign with the Beggars Banquet label and release six albums of new material in as many years, including some of their most commercial and accessible work. In 1986, Smith writes and directs the play 'Hey Luciani' (The Times, Life and Codex of Albino Luciani), a music comedy centring around the mysterious death of Pope John Paul I. In 1988, Smith moves on to ballet, staging the 'I Am Curious, Orange' production with contempory dance group, Michael Clark And Company.
Band line-up changes continue throughout, including the ultimate displacement when Smith's marriage fails. The Fall move to Phonogram - their first major label - and release the album 'Extricate' to universal acclaim. Is the 1990s, The Fall continue touring and releasing albums. In 1998, Smith sacks his entire band and declares that no friendships have survived the split. The Fall begin again .....

"the music of The Fall is both engaging and off-putting...equal parts clever and brilliant mixed with the confounding and annoying. the casual fan of punk or post rock will probably be confused. and that my friends, may be the point. or maybe not. you decide. take a listen. Another great record by the Fall and the first one to feature Brix on guitar. the songs have gotten a little shorter and a little more catchy...but only in that Fall sort of way. this edition contains a whole slew of bonus tracks, but i have not delved into them all deeply enough to make any profound observations."

"What an incredible, amazing band, and an incredible record... Mark E. Smith is a genius, no doubt. I just picked up a copy of the Fall's recently re-released/re-mastered, incredible 1983 LP "Perverted by Language" after not having it in my record collection for many years, and it sounds even more ahead of it's time now than it did back then! What a shambolic, lo-fi mess of cacophony, beauty and ranting poetry. This album had a huge effect on me i/r/t musical influences when i first heard it in 1984, and just listening to it again still blows me away after all these years! I urge anybody whose never heard these guys to check this album out! Sonic Youth, Pavement, Pussy Galore, and about a bazillion other bands owe a huge debt to these guys, and "Perverted by Language" is, in my opinion, probably the Fall's masterpiece record. This one's right up there with other life changing albums like 'Daydream Nation', 'Let it Bleed', 'Spiderland', 'Loveless', 'Marquee Moon', etc... A true stunner, i highly recommend this if you are a true fan of post-punk/indie rock/lo-fi/noise/and just overall general musical brilliance!"