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MOTI SPECIAL - Motivation (1985) for Rob

photo of Thissy Thiers - vocal


Tissy Thiers - vocals, bass (appears on Sandra ,Enigma,mike Oldfield etc. albums, recently in the pretty good band : Schiller-electric-trance music)
Nils Tuxen - guitars (appears on Claudia Jung Dj Bobo albums)
Dicky Tarrach - drums
Michael Cretu - keyboards (also: Sandra,Enigma,Boney M,Cherry Laine,Precious wilson,Dee d.Jackson,Ebony,Peter Kent,Goombay Dance Band,Peter Schilling,Mike Oldfield,Andru Donalds,
A la Carte etc.)

produced by Michael Cretu, Armand Volker & Moti Special recorded by Michael Cretu & Armand Volker at Data Alpha, Rainbow & Weryton, Münich


01 Don't Be So Shy
02 Spirit of Ecstasy
03 How to Treat Tough Girls
04 Cold Days, Hot Nights
05 Visions of You
06 Motivation
07 She's a Heartbreaker
08 Every Minute
09 Stop! Girls Go Crazy

bonus tracks:
10 Cold Days, Hot Nights (Extended Version)
11 Stop! Girls Go Crazy (Extended Version)
12 Don't Be So Shy (Extended Version)

Links to download: part 1. part 2.

The first single "Stop! Girls Go Crazy" of the band Moti Special from Hamburg (Germany) draw attention by mouth to mouth advertisment. This worked out great as the 2nd single "Cold days, hot nights" brought the quartet in the high regions of the German chart. The pressure that this hit succes brought, to produce an even succesful title, was soon disappeared: Also "Don't Be So Shy" could hold itself in the race for the hit places.
Michael Cretu (1957, Keyboards), Manfred "Thissy" Thiers (1951, Bass and vocals), Nils Tuxen (1949, Guitar), Dickie Tarrach (1944, Drums) have grounded "Moti Special". Indirectly they are represented in the hitparade over many years, as studio musicians they were with their background music the basis for the great successes of ´Alphaville´, ´Peter Cornelius´, ´Boney M.´ and lots of others. On the whole the four helt themself discretly on the background.

Dickie and Thissy are friends over a couple of years. They played once together in the Hamburger rock-band "Randy Pie". Dickie, in the 60´s also drummer of the famous "The Rattles" (the German Beatles), had also his own ´Rhytmn´-project under the pseudonym "Tarraco". The most active guy of the band is the Dane Nils Tuxen. He is "beside it" lawyer and chairman of the Danish "KODA".
Thissy by the way came up with the name "Moti Special" during a visit to a indian restaurant in London. The sharp spiced " special"-dish of the house was the cause of it all.
(Source: Translated from German "TOP Schlagerheft" nr.130, october 1985; "Star des Monats" (Musikverlage Hans Sikorski) )
Remark: In 1990 "Moti Special" has been reformed without Michael Cretu and Thissy Thiers. In 1998 a Megamix has been released from the original 1985 songs!

"Powerful, Atmospheric 80's Power-pop. The production by Michael Cretu (Boney M, Sandra, Enigma) brings the best out of Thiers' vocals and the cut-edge (at that time) uber-tech-synthsizers. Highlights include Don't be so shy, Hot Days, Motivation, She's a Heartbreaker. In general, there's no filler material in this album. "

"Released in 1985, primarily and possibly only for the European market, Moti Special was a German-multi ethnic pop-band. A pretty boy band? Absolutely not---these guys were adults. Yet, the group's only successful band member/keyboardist would be and still is Michael Cretu of the current new age ambient group Enigma and husband to European pop-star Sandra. However, do not expect any Enigma-like tracks(though you may be able to pick up echoing future traces in his excellent keyboarding skills).
The Moti Special sound is instantly recognizeable by music fans of the 80's neu deutsch welle musical movement. New deutsch was basically a title for the genre of pop music coming out of Germany during the early to mid 80's;Heavy atmospheric synthesized dance music set to emulate Westernized-American pop with enough catchy melodies and interesting hooks and a faint underlying funk or groove feel.It was the European mirrored image of the American pop scene of the time. This is not Euro-trash or the remnants of disco music by any means ! This is really great stuff. All lyrics sung in English tended to throw the listener off by thinking the group was an American or even a British pop band. Lead singer Tissy Thiers' vocal chops do carry a somewhat startling similarity to the falsettos of the Bee Gees but with a harsher, edgier feel. Some tracks are sung without the falsetto which can only be described as regular male vocal pop fare.Listening to Thiers' falsetto on some tracks may take some time getting used to(but eventually the vocal style may grow on you---in addition, the musical hooks keep the entire experience afloat pretty well).
The best high energy tracks or standouts are Cold Days, Hot Nights,Don't Be So Shy, Motivation, Every Minute, and Stop! Girls Go Crazy..."

next time: solo records of Michael Cretu (with detailed biography)


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REUP (05.2008)

MOTI SPECIAL - Motivation (1985)

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