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PERFECT ZEBRAS - Mixing With Wildlife (1982) / Zebra (1983)


Synth-Pop,New wave
Paul Robertson - Guitars,Synth
Terry Stephens - Saxes,B/Vox
Alan Jarry - Vocals,Percussion
Dennis Smith - Bass


Jeff Seopardi (ex-Boys Don't Cry,ex-Sad Café,see: - Drums
Ganiyu Bello (ex- LIGHT OF THE WORLD,Incognito) - Percussion
Gilly Sullivan - Soprano Vocal (track 03)
Produced by Barry Andrews
Engineered by Simon Sullivan

Recorded at Focus Studios 1981-1982

the keyboard they used on both albums to record were Emu emulator, Roland Jupiter 8 and a Linn Lm1 ,also a simmonds Sds V was used


01 Touching My Heart Again (4:18)
02 Blonde Boys In Blue Denim (5:01)
03 I Don't Dream Anymore (6:16)
04 Love's An Illusion (3:34)
05 In For The Kill (4:20)
06 Running With Zebras (4:59)
07 Another Love Story (3:43)
08 Man Or Machine (4:00)
09 Stand By For Shangri-La (3:30)
10 Terrorists (6;17)
11 Touching My Heart Again (Razormaid)

Link to download:

"Perfect Zebras made two albums. They were just another haughty "synth-pop" band amongst many many others. Nobody wants to remember them. However Paul Robertson, like Mark Hollis, was a prodigious and exceptionnaly gifted songwriter...I'm claiming a compulsory rehabilitation !!!" (
vinyl rip
Much funkier than the second album (" like A Certain Ratio" as one of my friends said), just a few examples: the fantastic Tom Tom Clubesque song "Man Or Machine" and "Running With Zebras": as an ancient african tribe hits the rhythms, or another pearl "I Don't Dream Anymore": tight rhythms with amazing soprano aria, and "Another Love Story" where the guys playing Fun Boy Three-like music in a faster way! Wonderful music!!They are at their brilliant peak from the beginning till the end!! (saltyka)

More review:

ZEBRA (1983)

Mickie Burkey - Drums,Programs
Peter Ross - Percussion
Engineered by Joe Gillingham
Recorded At Focus Studios 1983, London S.E.1 Label:Polydor International GmbH


01 Fascination (p.roberton)
02 Wah-Ho Bangoola (p.robertson,t.stephens)
03 What Dance Is This ? (a.jarry,t.stephens,d.smith)
04 Submission (p.robertson)
05 Let1s Talk About Mystery (p.robertson)
06 Shallow (p.robertson,m.burkey)
07 What You Gonna Do (p.robertson)
08 Weekend (p.robertson)
09 Close To My Side (p.robertson)

Link to download:

ripped from vinyl
A forgotten band with an absolute unique synth-pop sound. They are much better than lot of other bands from this era. And they are very fresh still now as they sound!! I think,this is a collection of hidden pearls...

If you want their albums in a better (remastered) quality,you can buy here in mp3 format:

Mixing With Wildlife (1982)
Zebra (1983)

"has made albums with such bands as "The Viewers", "The Perfect Zebras", "Comsat Angles" (1984), and "The Opposition"(1984) (The band met Paul during the taping of an 'In Concert' show and were knocked out by his individual style,see:

ex-Adverstising (1977-1979) (, ex-Secret Affairs (1979-1982) (, later went on to play bass with Nik Kershaw.

More info & biography:

I've got a message from Bob Edwards:

"I have just added a new page to my live80 site, 8 unreleased studio tracks from the perfect zebras recorded in 1984 for a 3rd album which never got released. if your interested you can check them out"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where you find this? Really, hard to find, many polish people ask me for this :) Very rare, respect for you, Salty.

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where did you find it? Interesting read »

11:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bought both Perfect Zebras albums about two decades ago.
I've never listened to any of the records very much, I only bought them because of the track "Touching my heart again" on the Mixing with Wildlife album. This track however, is a classic,simply fantastic...
Perhaps it's about time to blow the dust away from these albums, and put them on the record-player again!!

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:32 PM  
Blogger fascination said...

Hi saltyka, could you please post a working download of the perfect zebras album , i will return the favor as i have the video of 'fascination' ! in good quality and is superrare

4:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perfect Zebras were a great band, you can download both albums from or they now have their own Myspace page at

10:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I recently added a news widget from to my blog. It shows the latest news, and just took a copy and paste to implement. Might interest you too.

2:50 AM  
Blogger Terry said...

Hi i played sax for Perfect Zebras and after all this time....25 years... it is great we still have some friends out there.Thank you so much
Terry Stephens

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi Terry!

Its a big surprise and happines to see here a member of Perfect Zebras!!:)

please connect me ,id like to get some info on you and Perfect Zebras!

Thanks for your comment,
best regards!


10:25 AM  
Blogger robbo said...

hi,paul robertson terry (sax)said,it,s nice to know people out there still get pleasure from our work all those years was a wacky time,iv,e only recently heard both albums and still wonder where it all came from.I personally dont have videos or photos from way back when so if anyone can help me trace any please get in touch.Best wishes Robbo.

7:37 AM  
Blogger samuel said...

Hi saltyka,
would you please post a working download of the perfect zebras album?

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Paul Robertson

Hello Paul and welcome here!
Just wanna tel again that Perfect Zebras is the best and i love all your music !!! We are waiting for your reunion and gigs,albums!!!

Best wishes

if you have any info about Alan Jarry please let me know!!

11:06 PM  
Blogger Nick Zart said...

I saw Perfect Zebras in Paris in 1983. What a band. There were a few really cool underground bands back then, like The Chameleons and more. Indeed, it was a wild time. Wold love to see more videos and pics.

11:48 AM  

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