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GIORGO MORODER & JOE ESPOSITO - Solitary men (1983) for KIKI

Synth-pop, Disco

Arranged By - Sylvester Levay (tracks: 1 to 11) Drums, Percussion - Keith Forsey (tracks: 1 to 11) Guitar, Bass - Richie Zito (tracks: 1 to 11) Keyboards, Synthesizers - Sylvester Levay (tracks: 1 to 11) Saxophone - Dino Solera (tracks: 1 to 11)

CD reissue of the 1983 album.12, 13, 14 are CD bonus tracks.12,13 are taken from the album "Innovisions" (1985);14 is an instrumental track taken from "Foxes" soundtrack (1980).


01 Solitary Man
02 Show Me The Night
03 My Girl
04 Too Hot To Touch
05 Diamond Lizzy
06 Washed In The Neon Light
07 A Love Affair
08 Nights In White Satin
09 Lady, Lady
10 White Hotel
11 To Turn The Stone

bonus tracks:
12 Face To Face
13 Chase (1985 remix by Brian Reeves)
14 Valley Of The Dolls (instr.)

Link to download:

"Combine the powerhouse synthesizers of Giorgio and powerhouse voice of Joe "Bean" Esposito and you have a brilliant one-of-a-kind treasure. The overall sound here is more "rock" than "disco" perse, as stated in the previous review, but overall it is very infectious, and kept entertaining with the talent involved. Featuring the thunderous title track, "Lady, Lady" from "Flashdance", and the catchy "Face to Face" and "The Chase" remix, this album is worth purchasing."

"The album SOLITARY MEN originally released in 1983 contains someof Giorgio Moroders FINEST WORK. Not only it includes great songslike To Turn The Stone, My Girl, Lady Lady,White Hotel,Show Me The Night and so on, but working with the same team playing on FLASHDANCE, CAT PEOPLE, arranger and keyboardist Sylvester Levay and drummer Keith Forsey really makes it a milestone on GiorgioMoroders production.Sparkling keyboard sound with catchy drums and STRONG SONGS makes this aMUST HAVE! Most of the songs are composed my Giorgio Moroder and some by Keith Forsey and Sylvester Levay.In this Production the vocals are by Joe Esposito that has a powerful but beatiful voice.The song To Turn The Stone includes the finest saxophone play ihave ever heard on any Giorgio Moroder production.It is performed by Dino Solera working with Giorgio on many occasions.Almost any listener i have ever played this album for (and they are not Giorgio fans) have to agree this is a great album!So dont miss This ! IT IS THE ONE TO BUY!"

in the near future i will post the albums of Giorgo Moroder...



16 BIT - Inaxycvgtgb (for BRETON GIRL)

AND something FRESH :



-head over heals
-magic nights
-once in the night
-pirates of love
-sleeping beauty
-sunshine moon & stars

link to download:



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Track listing for 16 Bit?

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Thank you very much for the Giorgio Moroder + Tony Esposito Album. I've seacherd it a long time ago.

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moroder and esposito - great album ! thank you for story and uploading.

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please reload

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please, post remastered version released 2013 with bonus by Repertoire REP 5316)

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please, post Giorgio Moroder & Joe Esposito - Solitary Men (1983)(remastered version released 2013 with bonus by Repertoire REP 5316)

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