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Electronic, Pop, Rock
Synth-pop ,Folk-rock


Led by Jimme O'Neill (vocals/guitar) with Cha Burns (guitar), Stevie Kane (bass), Phil Kane (keyboards), Aura O'Neill (vocals), Camilla Brickley (fiddle) and Jim McDermott (drums). O'Neill and Burns are rock survivors, having first worked together in Fingerprintz.



01 Painted Moon (6:04)
02 I Can't Cry (5:24)
03 Bullets And Blue Eyes (5:04)
04 God's Gift (4:50)
05 I See Red (4:20)
06 I Ought To Know (4:28)
07 A Letter From ST. Paul (4:34)
08 Blue Desire (4:08)
09 Possessed (7:32)

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"The Silencers are a great, yet relatively unknown pop/rock band from Scotland. Their debut album, "A Letter From St. Paul" made a bit of a splash, with the minor hits "Painted Moon" and "I See Red," but for some reason they never caught on. Their sound is similar to their Scottish peers of the time, such as the Simple Minds and Big Country, though they don't necessarily sound like either one. The Silencers have subdued yet driving sound that sticks with you once you've heard it. Other standout songs are "God's Gift" and the title track, a trippy "instrumental" with an American girl (from St. Paul?) reading a "letter." The whole album is an excellent example of late 80's pop/rock. This is a really good overlooked gem. It's a shame the CD is out of print."



01 Answer Me
02 Scottish Rain
03 The Real McCoy
04 A Blues For Buddha
05 Walk With The Night
06 Razor Blades Of Love
07 Skin Games
08 Wayfaring Stranger
09 Sacred Child
10 My Love Is Like A Wave/Razor Blade reprise
11 Sand And Stars

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"Wow!...what a music!. when I started playing this CD of SILENCERS in our office, the deafening silence suddenly broke-off; somebody just got tapping his toes and his hands with the beat and just got louder and louder, others are whispering trying to follow the rhytm others are body shakin' while seated. I was amazed when everyone asked me to run them a copy of this specially the Real McCoy music."

"one of my top ten of all time. try the only other Silencers album probably better than this: "Dance to the holy man". Breath-taking"



01 Singing Ginger
02 Robinson Crusoe In New York
03 Bulletproof Heart
04 The Art Of Self Deception
05 I Want You
06 Just Can't Be Bothered
07 Cameras And Colleseums
08 One Inch Of Heaven
09 Hey Mr Bank Manager
10 This Is Serious/ John The Revelator
11 Afraid To Love
12 Rosanne
13 Electric Storm
14 When The Night Comes Down
15 Robinson Rap

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"The Silencers are fantastic. They've got a style all their own, and they've mastered it quite well. U2 only WISHES they were this good."

This is my favourite Silencers album with "Robinson Crusoe In New york" and "Bulletproof Heart" and " I Want you". It's an amazing album!! (saltyka)



01 I Can Feel It
02 Sylvie
03 Cellar Of Dream
04 Small Mercy
05 It's Only Love
06 Misunderstood
07 Life Can Be Fatal
08 The Unhappiest Man
09 Walkmans And Magnums
10 Streewalker Song
11 My Prayer
12 Unconscious

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"I have to agree with the other reviews I just read. The Silencers are a great band with incredible songs. I have to say that I sort of forgot about them for a while, since I got the last CD years ago. But just today, I heard "I can feel it" on the radio (surprise!) and tonight, I will have to listen to their music again. Awesume band!!!"

"Yes everybody this is a great album! I've been following the Silencers for over 10 years and if you think this deserves 5 stars you should rush out and buy "Blues For Buddha" ! There aren't enough stars in the Universe for this. My outstanding track is Razor Blades of Love"

"The quality of the music on this C.D. is incredible. The Silencers still remain one of if not the best "undiscovered" bands. Jimme O'Neill writes incredible songs. There is so much diverisity in the tunes on this C.D. that at times it is hard to believe that they came from just one person. "

some bio:
THE SILENCERS were formed by Jimme O'Neill in London in 1986. Their first single "Painted Moon" was and still is regarded as a "classic"; was a hit in America and then in Europe. For the first couple of years the band toured constantly gaining great reviews for their brand of Celtic rock - comparisons were made with U2 and Simple Minds - but discerning critics pointed to the melodic side of the band, the song structures and the lyrics - powerful and emotional, ironic, vulnerable and witty. Indeed the French rock press seemed to understand exactly what O'Neill was doing. It was a hybrid sound from many sources - Beatles, Velvet Underground, R&B and late sixties pop. The first album, A LETTER FROM ST PAUL, put the band on the map and still sounds great today !
After tours of America and Europe the band recorded their second album A BLUES FOR BUDDHA. It was a more atmospheric, more spontaneous sound and contained great songs like "Answer Me", "Scottish Rain" and a song that became one of their 'anthems' : "The Real McCoy". The joy of being out on a Friday night in Glasgow (O'Neill's birthplace) was captured perfectly in this uplifting Celtic soul ballad. "Tearing Down The Walls Of Troy" was a reference to the religious differences which still divide the city.
The constant touring and pressure to try to stay ahead of the game and not least the financial insecurity (the band were being basically ignored in England by radio and press) caused a split during rehearsals for that always difficult third album. Out of the blue the rhythm section left. Undaunted O'Neill turned the situation to advantage (an aries trait) and by experimenting and going to places musically they wouldn't have dreamed of going before, adding a fiddle player and a funkier looser rhythm section, masterminded the third album DANCE TO THE HOLY MAN - a very different animal had emerged and while there were gems like "I Want You" - a Celtic love song with an African lilt, the "heavy" was "Bulletproof Heart" a song O'Neill had recorded with his previous group the new wave Fingerprintz. Bulletproof is a dark ironic love song-echoes of the conflict in the north of Ireland weaved with a world weary realisation of the fragile nature of relationships. After a slow start the song became the bands biggest hit in Europe.
In Britain the bands bad luck continued - radio decided the song was a bit controversial - the Gulf War began on the week of release and anything with "bullets" in the title was "discouraged". Despite this, DANCE TO THE HOLY MAN became the biggest selling album for the band mainly due to the great live concerts the band did at this time especially in France and Spain.
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A Letter From St. Paul (1987)
A Blues For Buddha (1988)
Dance To The Holy Man (1991)
Seconds Of Pleasure (1993)
So Be It (1995)
Blood And Rain: 86-96 (best of) (1996)
Receiving (1999)
A Night Of Electric Silence (2001)

Come (2004)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


They are super , the first time a have hurt them a buy the album ,sublim

Marcel from holland

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Please repost the Silencers first album. It's great, but the first time I downloaded it, the file was messed up and when I tried to download it again it was gone.

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Blogger Sandro said...

Please repost all the Silencers. Thanks.

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Please, repost the "buletprof heart" album.. better: please repost all albuns at RAPIDSHARE thank you very much

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Hey there! Love this group and I'm glad that you do too, but all links are dead... can you fix it, please? Many thanks!

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All the links are dead which is tragedy! This is the only place where the silencers can be found so please please please re-upload

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Hey, can you re-post "A Letter from St. Paul?"

Tough one to find. Thx!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Silencers are brilliant - One Inch of Freedom and Cellar of Dreams are classic songs. Concerts are fantastic and great value for money. It amazes me that the Scottish public have not got further behind them and disappointed they moved to France. They are playing at Oran Mor on 15th July and I will be there!!!

6:02 AM  
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Please!!!!!!!! re-post The Silencers

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Please Please, repost the albums, I miss ther music but i lost my albums after I moved! specially A Letter From St. Paul and blues for Buda. thanks in advance....

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Any chance you could upload the albums again and any more from the same group if you have them.

Much appreciated

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Please,repost the discography of The Silencers.

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An incredible rock band !!! So sad that since the long good bye of Sha burns there's no news. Please Jimmy get back !!!

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I just put new download links here, its all I have from Silencers, be hurry before this goes down.
copy and paste this link at your browser

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