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THE FLIRTS - Discography


Synth-pop, Disco Hi-nrg
Producer - Bobby Orlando

10 CENTS A DANCE (1982)


01 Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime) (3:42)
02 Boy Crazy (3:10)
03 On The Beach (3:02)
04 Passion (3:37)
05 We Just Want To Dance (2:41)
06 Calling All Boys (4:34)
07 Jungle Rock (3:02)
08 I Only Want To Be With You (2:23)
09 Surf's Up (3:07)

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"Before the Go-Go's there was this band. The Flirts was a girl group from the early 1980's that truly knew how to make you get up and dance! They had a very upbeat sound and fun lyrics that made you smile. I highly reccomend this album! Although very few people have even heard of The Flirts, those that have can thank for stocking their music. I know I do!!!"

"If you like classic 80's or surf rip offs then you'll love this LP, "10 Cents A Dance". The Flirts were just one of Bobby O's MANY creations & possibly one of his best. 2 LP traxx are FLIPPIN FANTASTIC!! Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime) & PASSION. Both hits are world known within the dance circuit. The other LP traxx worth mentioning "R", "Surf's Up" & "On The Beach" (sound like A Rock Lobster rip off). The Flirts LP "10 Cents A Dance" obtains that 80's synth dance flavor we 80's music fiends adore! If you like this CD then I strongly suggest you purchase all of The Flirts LPs. Other Flirt LPs 2 look out 4 "R", Blondes, Brunettes & Redheads, Questions Of The Heart, Made In America, The Best Of The Flirts & 2 many others 2 mention. As a DJ I have never been disappointed with any Flirts LPs. Bobby O done himself good with this 80's girl group. A few other Bobby O creations 2 look out 4 "R", DIVINE, Pet Shop Boys, Ronnie Griffith, Hotline, Oh Romeo, Tony Caso, Waterfront Home, Frankie Avalon, Band Of South, Girly, Banana Republic, Claudja Barry, Gomez Presley, Patty Phillipe & of course BOBBY O himself. Bobby O is responsible for more than 100 groups of KICK AZZ DANCE MUSICK!! If you LUV the 80's ITALO dance circuit then you'll LUV ALL the artists mentioned ABUV. Bobby O is by far one of AMERICA's top contributers to the dance scene & has given us DJ's SNAPPIN hits. Keep PUMPIN EM Out Bobby!! Schroeder (DJ WACK "O") (Orbital Traxx & Cult Movies Magazine)"



01 Danger
02 Teenage Werewolf (I Was A)
03 Bigs Boys Don't Cry
04 Love Reaction
05 Telephone (Pick Up The)
06 Dream Boy
07 Nice Girls Say No
08 Oriental Boy

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"After the success of "10 cents a Dance", The Flirtscame along with this follow up. There's nothing that comes close to a memorable hit on this album. Songs like "I Was A Teenage Werewolf" and "Big Boys Don't Cry" seem to hark after some 50's bubblegum drive-in era, but have such limp production values, that you will be hard pushed to feel like dancing. Only the single release "Danger" has any of the familiar Bobby O feel to it, making this the worst Flirts album, only worth buying if you have already got all the others."



01 Helpless (You Took My Love)
02 He Looks a Lot Like You
03 Temptation
04 Time Is Right
05 Dancing Madly Backwards
06 This Time
07 Making Time
08 Physical Attraction
09 I Wanna Rock

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"For my money, this is The Flirts best album. Although their huge hit 'Passion' is not here, you get instead the tremendous 'Helpless', 7 minutes of pure fab disco. Any resemblance to Laura Branigan's 'Self Control' is, of course, purely intentional. Bobby O has a habit of adapting his trademark sound to match any passing chart success that grabs his attention, but luckily in this case he copied one that suits the group performing it perfectly, and as a result, "Helpless" is one of the Flirts finest singles. And so what if it's accompanied by 4 or 5 tracks that are exactly the same...Still one of my favourite Bobby O produced albums, though, and the best of the Flirts first three."



01 You and Me
02 New Toy
03 Voulez Vous
04 Come to Me
05 I Wanna Wear Your Ring
06 Crazy Guy
07 Just Another Heartache
08 Island Boy
09 Opposites Attract
10 You and Me (12" mix)
11 New Toy (12" mix)

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"Blondes, Brunettes and Redheads" was the fourth Flirts albums, and it's one of the better ones. Although there are no real hits, as "You and Me" and "New Toy" failed to dent the charts (and are rather lacklustre anyway, as Bobby is clearly trying to copy the sound of other pop music of that time). The rest of the album is actually pretty good, consisting of the customary four or five Hi-NRG workouts ("Opposites Attract" is particularly good), plus the equally customary double speed, beach-party number, which in this case is also quite good for a change ("Just Another Heartache"). The only real stinker is a truly terrible slow ballad called "I Wanna Wear Your Ring", which is just as lame as it sounds."



01 All You Ever Think About Is Sex
02 Daddy I'm Not a Baby
03 Boys on the Beach
04 My Boyfriend Is a Marine
05 Just Another Kiss
06 Special Angel
07 Forgive
08 Like a Thief in the Night
09 Motorama (Turn up the Radio)
10 After Midnite

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"This one did not have a lot of hits, but this is a fine album! Great vocals, lryics and production. All the track a very good. Highly recommended to any Dance Club music fan. "



01 Passion
02 Calling All Boys
03 Jukebox (Don't Put Aonther Dime)
04 Boy Crazy
05 On The Beach
06 We Just Want To Dance
07 Jungle Rock
08 Helpless (You Took My Love)
09 Danger
10 Dancing Madly Backwards
11 You And Me
12 New Toy
13 All You Ever Think About Is Sex
14 After Midnight
15 Miss You

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"The Flirts" are three girls (but not always the same three!) brought together by New York disco producer Bobby 'O' in the early 1980's to provide vocals for his trademark thumping hi-nrg sound. Bobby 'O' must have heard and loved "Funky Town" by Lipps Inc, as he seems to have spent most of his career using it as a blueprint for his songs. Luckily, this package gives you a bit of variety as it spans the Flirts five albums, starting with the biggest hit "Passion", which is the best track, after which come some of the more flippant girly numbers like "On The Beach", which aren't really very good for dancing to, but then its back to the winning formula with the steamy "Helpless" and "Danger". The songs are chronological, and you will notice in the later tracks such as "All You Ever Think about Is Sex", when Bobby decided to remake Janet Jackson's "Nasty"! All in all, a fun album, and a great round up of this groups best material."

some bio:
A A HiNRG/synth-pop female trio from New York sang songs of the amazing Bobby Orlando while he performed most of the instrumentation and kept the girls on the album sleeves looking young.
The trio - Andrea, Holly and Rebecca - are best known for releasing quirky New Wave and pop tunes, one of which was their 1982 hit 'Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime)' from their debut album "10 Cents A Dance"'. The single received heavy airplay on MTV and has appeared on several 80's new wave compilation albums.After their somewhat success of 'Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime)', the single "Passion" off the same album as "Jukebox" began to receive some attention in dance clubs. Other singles followed but didn't quite match the success of the previous 2 hits. The Flirts weren't ones to stick around, in the singing sense anyway. With almost every album release, some girls left the group while others stayed. Below is a listing of their albums followed by who was in which release.

(1982) 10C a Dance: Andrea, Rebecca & Holly
(1983) Born To Flirt: Christina, Debby, Holly
(1984) Made In America: Debby, Christy, Christina
(1985)Blondies Brunettes & Redheads: Tricia, Debby, Christina
(1986) Questions Of The Heart: Geri, Christina, Debby


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Awesome post, Salty.
Full albums the Flirts? Only here. Grtz!

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I like the flirts because they are (were) sexy.

Greetings Kiki

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Salty , thanks a lot for this nice albums.
It's long time back but it's still good.


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I have spent a lot of time searching "Voules Voz" song. It is an old memory of my youth, but here in Mexico The Flirts' music is very hard to find.

Thanks for keeping such lovely music available.


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I Love this blog and this post in particular. But could you please repost these albums. I love Bobby O and especially The Flirts.


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Ouch. I know I'm the one to blame of coming here so late but still: would it be possible to refresh the SendSpace of "Blondes, Brunettes And Redheads" for my downloading pleasure? :)
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Please re-post! Amazing!

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updated (20.11.2008)

THE FLIRTS - Discography

Blondes Brunetts

Calling All Boy

Question Of The Heart

Born To Be Flirts


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szia András!!

végre egy magyar is itt!
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please reupload the flirts

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