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"Elektronic Chansons with Cocktailgroove"

"There is no music that fits so perfectly to your summer feeling like the music of Zofka!"

Real Name:
Michael Ricar & Myriam Russo

ZOFKA - Nice (Limited Edition)

05 May 2003

Electronic, Jazz
Downtempo, Easy Listening, Future Jazz
2nd CD contains remixes of tracks from album "Nice"Vocals & Lyrics Myriam Russo

CD 1.

01 Pearl (0:53)
02 Pearlsong (4:52)
03 Tu Ne L'Aimes Pas (5:22)
04 L'Automobile (6:22)
05 Duckies (3:43)
06 Velociped (5:21)
07 L'Orage (6:38)
08 Duckies Reminder (1:20)
09 De Michel (5:21)
10 Le Temps Passe Tic Tac (6:07)
11 Dopis (0:32)
12 Hellblau (4:32)
13 Old Duck (0:32)

CD 2.

01 Tu Ne L'Aimes Pas (L'Heroine Mix)
02 Bad Bear (Be Nice Mix)
03 L'Automobile (Minus 8 Remix)

04 Tu Ne L'Aimes Pas (Sweet & Sexy Remix)
Remix - Grooveprofessor , Player & Remedy
05 Calgon
06 L'Automobile (Extended Version)
07 Tu Ne L'Aimes Pas (Tokyo Mix)
08 Jalouscity
09 Bad Girls
10 Tu Ne L'Aimes Pas (Eric Fischer Remix)
Remix - Eric Fischer , Karl Möstl
11 Bad Bear (Original)
12 Regardez! Les Égoïstes

Links to download: cd 1. cd 2.

"Nice is the second record of Micael Ricar. Micheal is taking the listener with his sound into a journey through the French south coast and the Cote d’Azur. Therefore, Nice does adapt the charm and flair of the French coast in a lovely but always strongly independent style. The extraordinary mix of the French Chansons with electronic vintage beats and sounds, combined with some jazz elements, characterizes this concept album. Due the fact that Zofka is very confident in each of those musical jargons, the result is a incredible high level soundmix.
In that constellation, the success was not missing. The first single release of the album Nice, it was “Tu ne I’aimes pas”, got a high reputation in Europe and lots of regular airplays in Switzerland and Germany. Despite the CD-Album and Single, a Vinyl-Single was produced as well. No one less than the Swiss star producer “Minus 8” did remix “L’automobile” which was released in May `02. As a sign that Zofka is highly to recommend, lots of other Labels used different songs for their Compilations."

"This limited double CD contains everything that can be described as typical for the project “Zofka”. Each of the two CD’s has its own character. While CD one is the well know13 track album called “Nice”, CD two is an additional with remixes from each original piece. Different artist like “Minus 8”, “Eric Fischer & Karl Möstl” (Walkner.Möstl) or “Remady & Player” (Sweet & Sexy) did produce their own interpretation of songs like “L’automobile” or “Tu ne l’aimes pas”."

ZOFKA - Bikini

Electronic, Jazz
Downtempo, Easy Listening, Future Jazz


01 Beignet Au Chocolat
02 Je Ne Suis Qu’à Moi
03 Parole
04 Bikini Lounge
05 Dire Adieu
06 Un, Deux, Trois
07 Oui Et Non
08 Chapeau Claque
09 Dans La Vie
10 Une Dernière Fois
11 Parfum Vanille
12 Lola Lola
13 Jalousie
14 Un, Deux, Trois (Bikini Mix)
15 Le Temps Passe (Reprise)

link to download:

"“Bikini”, – it is the third one - , has been released this summer 2005, after „Bad Girls“ in 2000 and „Nice“ in 2002, which has been quiet a big success all over Europe and Russia. There are now more than 30 compilations where you can hear Zofka’s music and of course, their songs has been licenced for a good few of documentary, infotainment and cinema movies."


"Bad Girls" (2000)
"Nice" (2002)
"Nice-limited editions" 2cd (2003)
"Bikini" (2005)

"This group is wildly underrated, the tracks on this are well produced, and very enjoyable. There is hints of 20s retro and some tracks have a nice cinematic feel about them. These albums are hidden treasures if you are into retro lounge."

"Zofka was born in Prague but it's in Switzerland that this highly skilled electronic artist emerged. He seems to be influenced by some old French movies (with Jean-Paul Belmondo), as L'automobile.mp3 will testify. Please buy Zofka's music if you like it!"

"There is no music that fits so perfectly to your summer feeling like the music of Zofka! The sound of their songs is new and fresh, futuristic and retro at the same time, a wonderful melange of Downbeat Chanson, Electropop, NuJazz and Chill Out some sort of NuChanson. Zofkas remarkable art is to make electronic music sound warm, expressive and full of emotions. The music of Zofka reminds you of a charming trip to the south coast of France, the Côte DAzur. This is Zofka: An elegant and unique melange of french chanson and musette, electronic beats and pop-elements married with the remarkable and sublime soul-voice of the vocalist Myriam Russo combined to form a rare and exquisite musical delight. Get charmed!

more info: official page with videos to listen to listen


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