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" Someone who does not have an Anything Box (CD) will be forced to live alone in this cold, cruel world…"

Real Name:
Claude Strillo, Paul Rjinders & Dania Morales.


PEACE (1990)

Electronics - Claude Strillo , Dania Morales , Paul Rjinders Engineer, Programmed By [Synthesizer] - Michael Eckart


01 Living In Oblivion (5:12)
02 When We Lie (4:00)
03 Kiss of Love (4:57)
04 Jubilation (4:59)
05 Soul On Fire (4:58)
06 Our Dreams (5:18)
07 Carmen (4:55)
08 Lady In Waiting (5:13)
09 I Felt The Pain (5:32)
10 Hypocrites (5:27)
11 Just One Day (5:01)
12 All These Days Undone (3:24)

Link to download:

"Anything Box had one big hit back in 1990 with "Living On Oblivion". This is unfortunate, because they have so many good songs. Their first album "Peace", is a collection of simple hook laden tracks. Anything Box is somewhat of a cross between DM and Erasure. The songs are more pop friendly than most DM songs, but the production values were heavily influenced by DM. However, Anything Box is a band that stands on it's own six feet. "Jubilation", "Our Dreams" and "Carmen" are just as good if not better than their big hit. And my favorite track "I Felt The Pain" is the one moment where Claude S lets loose, and gives us his best vocal performance on the album. All in all, a good album with a few throw away tracks. If you like synth-pop, this is a must."

"This record is very good indeed. If you like groups like Depeche Mode, Erasure a.o. you can't go wrong on this record. I was rather surprised that an american band could make such greatsynth-music, but Anything Box proved me wrong. BUY IT NOW !!"

WORTH (1992)


01 World Without Love (4:15)
02 Soldier& Child (4:40)
03 Wedding Day (4:42)
04 Everybody Has A Wish (4:59)
05 Come Away (4:32)
06 Beat of Life (6:04)
07 Someone Speaks (3:28)
08 Worth (4:17)
09 Decades (4:03)
10 Ravine (2:54)
11 All You Need Is Love (3:53)
12 An Ending (2:55)
13 Passing Thought (1:29)

Link to download:

"This is fantastic album. I love it as much as "PEACE" if not more. A must have for all fans. No one can sound like Claude S. and Diana. With all three of them togather, no band sounds better. Every song will leave you breathless. The album starts out with "World Without Love" that will leave you breathless, and then "Soldier & Child" which will put a smile on your face. "Wedding Day" was written by Diana and will take you back to your first love. "Everybody Has A Wish" will relax you with Claude's voice. One of my favorate songs "Come Away" will make you cry as it expresses sadness and melody. Get ready to wipe off the tears with "Beat of Life" that will make you get up and dance. "Someone Speaks" is sad but great. "Worth" is just awsome and needs no introduction. "Decades""The Ravine" and "All You Need is Love" are good especially if you like the remaking of a John Lennon song. "An Ending" and "A Few Passing Thoughts" are just fantastic in every way. There is two bounus tracks at the end and the first one is one of the best songs on this album. "ANYTHING BOX RULES"!!!!!!!!"

HOPE (1993)


01 Entrance (0:50)
02 Answer Me (4:43)
03 A Moment's Shifting (4:41)
04 Every Single Day (4:45)
05 Where Is Love and Happiness (4:13)
06 Blue Little Rose (4:08)
07 Rise (4:08)
08 Ascension (1:08)
09 Hope (5:22)
10 Transitions (6:24)
11 Departure (1:11)
12 Life Is Fun (Encore Mix) (5:02)
13 Untitled (0:26)
14 Untitled (0:40)
15 Every Single Day (Version) (5:23)
16 Life Is Fun (Version) (4:01)

Link to download:

"I love this album as much as "peace" and "worth". It is really good and it takes you on a journey that only Claude S. and Diana Morales can. Anything Box show themselves once again. "Hope" is an album that you must have if you like SYNTH-POP music. This is a very dancable album and every song is great. It also shows Claude S. at a more touchy, soft side with "hope" and "blue little rose". I just love it."

"This CD is so great! It explodes with awesome synth and bass sounds, as well as slammin' drums. Claude and Dania's vocals once again are tops. Touching lyrics also. I especially enjoyed: "Blue Little Rose," "A Moment's Shifting," "Every Single Day"(with a re-mix included), "Answer Me," "Hope," etc. They are all fantastic! A very uplifting experience... PS-I still need to get the CD Worth...Can't wait!"

"This is easily my second favorite album of all time. My first being Black Celebration by D.M., but that's another story. You will find yourself going back to this disc over and over. The songs just stick with you, and after listening to it as often as I have, every track evokes a fond memory of some event in my life. "A Moment's Shifting" and "Blue Little Rose" rule. This is what synth-pop is all about. If it only contained the track "World Without Love" from their "Worth" CD....."

DANCE CD-5 (1993)


01 Where Is Love & Happiness
02 Where Is Love & Happiness (Ultraviolet Mix)
Remix - Ultraviolet Catastrophe, The
03 Where Is Love & Happiness (Ultraviolet Radio Edit)
Remix - Ultraviolet Catastrophe, The
04 Every Single Day
05 Every Single Day (Mix Two.1)
06 Where Is Love & Happiness (DISKO Mix)
Remix - DNC
07 Life Is Fun (RNJ 2.2.)
Remix - DNC
08 Where Is Love & Happiness (TRNC Mix)
Remix - DNC
09 We Want More!
10 Untitled
11 Every Single Day (Acapella Reprise)

Link to download:

MIXOLOGY 1 Limited Edition 1989 - 1995 (1995)


01 Living In Oblivion (1989 Radio Mix By David Morales) (4:21)
Remix - David Morales
02 Living In Oblivion (1989 Remix By David Morales) (5:55)
Remix - David Morales
03 Living In Oblivion (Live Studio Session July 20, 1989) (2:02)
04 Jubilation (Live Studio Session July 20, 1989) (4:39)
05 Jubilation (1990 Radio Mix By K.C. Cohen) (4:29)
Remix - Keith Cohen
06 Jubilation (1990 Remix 2 By K.C. Cohen) (4:24)
Remix - Keith Cohen
07 Beat Of Life (1991 Remix 1 By Danny Tenaglia) (4:41)
Remix - Danny Tenaglia
08 Beat Of Life (1991 Remix 2 By Danny Tenaglia) (7:59)
Remix - Danny Tenaglia
09 Beat Of Life (1991 Remix 3 By Danny Tenaglia) (5:33)
Remix - Danny Tenaglia
10 Do You Hear Me Anymore (1989 Live Studio Take) (4:32)
11 Industrial Wasteland (1991 Live Studio Demo) (3:42)
12 In Your Smile (1991 Live Studio Take) (4:35)
13 A Tea Cup Falls (1992 Live Improvisation) (2:02)
14 World Without Love (1992 Live Acoustic With Friends) (3:33)
Keyboards - Keith Milo
15 Because (1995 Remix By Claude S.) (3:10)

Link to download:

ELEKTRODELICA (An Exhibition For A Time Capsule) (1997)


01 Automators (2:44)
02 Emitter (2:17)
03 Doubt (3:38)
04 Mine (1:49)
05 V.C.F. (2:02)
06 Negaverse (3:25)
07 Sense 5.5 (2:40)
08 Conscious (4:12)
09 Small (1:56)
10 Heaven 60 (5:25)
11 Dirt (3:41)
12 45 (0:46)
13 Popsong (1:50)
14 Autumn (2:52)
15 Need (4:07)
16 Telemetry (4:18)
17 Summer (1:22)
18 Stillness (4:03)
19 Ending 2 (3:40)
20 9/6/64 (2:23)

Link to download:

"I picked up this album after having only heard the Peace release, and there is quite a bit of difference in styles. I think the vocals have become more polished as the band matures. The bouncy pop sound has been transmuted into a more trancy - space feel, and yet it still works well. My favorite tracks on this album are "Automatons & Emitter" (Two tracks that are blended into one), the instrumental "V C F" which is exceptionally simple and deep at the same time, and "Conscious" which seems like a tribute to the Beetles. Many of the tracks are short, at around 2 minutes in length. In a way it reminds me of a buffet meal where you take small portions of lots of great food. In this case its small songs that each have a different flavor. I don't think it's necessary to draw out a song to get the feel, and I respect an artist able to put so much variety on one disc. This is one of the few albums where every track makes it onto my portable music player."

"I must say, I bought the first A-Box album only for Living in Oblivion, and I never really felt much for any of the other songs but Lady in Waiting and All These Hours Undone. And I never really liked Hope or Worth... But then came Elektrodelica. Sure, I didn't know it existed for the longest time (the US Army PX being the only media outlet in the area), but once I heard the songs, I was blown away. Gone are the sappy, sophomoric lyrics. You actually have to think about what the songs mean. And the music is amazing. Not the clean synth sound that they used to have; DM's Violator album sounded the death knell for that style. This is new, and at the same time, older than the 80's, hearkening back to the 60's and 70's. I love it."



01 Particle Beam (0:46)
02 Welcome To The End (4:26)
03 Clean (5:35)
04 Space Age Blues (3:48)
05 Identify Yourself (3:28)
06 Constellations (3:43)
07 I'm On My Way (4:41)
08 Relics (6:38)
09 Best Friend (4:23)
10 Robotnik (1:26)
11 Isolation 99 (2:28)
12 Nervous (2:16)
13 65 Million Miles (3:30)
14 Space (6:53)
15 Debris (1:26)

Link to download:

"This maybe the prettiest, sweetest album I own. You have to dig the soft, romantic, and catchy sound...but if you do, this will be one of your all time favorites. By far the best Anything Box/Dairy album made. All you have to do is listen to this album to understand that the music industry in America is screwed up. If groups like 96 degrees, Ace of Base, Kid Rock, etc. etc. can make it big, and groups like Anything Box, The Beautiful South, and Belle and Sebastian can go vitually unheard of is a testiment to the corruption that runs from the radiostations to MTV to record companies to the cemented minds of the jaded listeners. Anything Box's talent in creating beautiful music goes virtually matched. Get this album and get in touch with your sensitive side. And screw the American Music scene! "

"In my opinion "The Universe is Expanding" is the best electronic pop album in several years. Unlike other bands that were successful in the 80s and early 90s but haven't updated their sound, Anything Box has. The result is their previous album, "Elektrodelica", and this album. While the electronic sound is definitely still there, the songs don't sound 10 or 15 years old, but actually futuristic, like electronic pop used to sound 15 years ago...."

BINAURAL REPEATS : 1993-2002 (2002)


01 Anything Box-Answer Me
02 Anything Box-Blue Little Rose
03 Anything Box-Faith
04 Diary, The-Simpleton
05 Diary, The-Because
06 Anything Box-Heaven60
07 Anything Box-Negaverse
08 Anything Box-Radio Static
09 Anything Box-Clean
10 Anything Box-Welcome To The End
11 Anything Box-Ending 2

Link to download:


Pop Rock


01 Led
02 Madelyne
03 Neuropathic Halos
04 It's My Time / Everything Will Be Alright
05 Lucy
06 Love Is Lo-Fi
07 Molly's Lips
08 Vile
09 Atlantis
10 One Minute 40 Seconds
11 You Will Never Die
12 Untitled

Link to download:

THE DIARY - Page One (1995) solo record of Claude Strillo



01 Simpleton
02 Interleave
03 Because
04 Degenerate
05 Love Will Tear Us Apart
06 Changes
07 Promises
08 All Dreams Must End
09 Contempt
10 Sadness
11 Remember Me
12 Final
13 Dusk

Link to download:

About The Diary:

Page One is a 1995 solo project from Anything Box member Claude S. Using the moniker the Diary, Claude S. ( who produced and performed every instrument on Page One) has crafted an album of material considerably darker than the Erasure-style synth-pop of Anything Box. Inspired by the detached, brooding style of bands like Joy Division and New Order, Page One could have been shamefully derivative, but the album is surprisingly easy to digest and often quite beautiful.While Page One doesn't exactly reach the melodic heights of excellent Anything Box releases like Worth or Hope, it is a true showcase for the talent of Claude S.


Anything Box gets their name from a Sci-Fi book from the 60's. The story is about a little girl who sees the world as she wishes it to be between her cupped hands.
Early, the music was completely electronic, and as their releases grew adventurous, so did the experimentation. The creative force behind Abox, Claude S., describes himself as a "noisician", using anything he can connect to his computer to create songs.
Formed in 1986 by Claude S with two friends, Dania Morales and Paul Rijnders (New Jersey). The act signed with Epic and released their debut album, Peace, in 1990, notching a hit with the upbeat "Living in Oblivion." The song crossed over from clubs and managed to climb onto the pop charts (reaching a less-than-dizzying number 65). They returned a year later with the Gareth Jones-produced Worth. Although it failed to produce any mainstream hits, "World Without Love" managed to receive attention from alternative stations and "Beat of Life" was a success in clubs. 1993's Hope was also ignored by more mainstream outlets, but, again, found more favor among the dance crowd with cuts like "Answer Me," "Every Single Day," and "Where Is Love & Happiness." The band was temporarily on hiatus in the mid-'90s as Claude S. recorded a solo album, Page One, under the moniker of the Diary. When they reunited with Elektrodelica (sans Morales) in 1999, Anything Box continued to incorporate more and more influences into their electronic pop framework with their most experimental effort yet. Recovered followed a year later.

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