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RICHARD WRIGHT - Discography

Rock ,Electronic
Pop Rock, Prog Rock, Classic Rock

WET DREAM (1978)


Richard Wright – Keyboards, Vocals, Oberheim Synthesizer
Snowy White – Guitars
Larry Steele – Bass Guitar
Reg Isadore – Drums and Percussion
Mel Collins – Saxophone and Flute

All songs by Rick Wright, except :09


01 Mediterranean C
02 Against the Odds
03 Cat Cruise
04 Summer Elegy
05 Waves
06 Holiday
07 Mad Yannis Dance
08 Drop In From the Top
09 Pink's Song" (Rick & Juliette Wright)
10 Funky Deux

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"Yes, it sounds like Pink Floyd and no, Wright never did have the greatest singing voice in the world. The album is mostly instrumental, though, and lugubriously so. Not that the vocal tracks aren't lugubrious; I just hope they're not autobiographical as Wright's wife seems to have had a hand or two in the lyrics. And Snowy White sounds as if he is trying to emulate David Gilmour Lite, at which he succeeds quite handily. Mel Collins' sax slithers, too."

"Rick Wright maintains much of the mood and musicality of the classic Floyd era on this his first solo album. Crimson fans take note of Mel Collins brilliant sax, adding an additional jazzy edge to the stew. Sometimes Floyd sideman Snowy White does an admirable job doing his best David Gilmour. If you are one of the Floyd faithful you will love this pleasant listening experience and have an additional respect for a great keyboardist and the element he brings to this group's sound."

"This is one of the best instrumental cd i ever came across. Not just becoz i'm a die hard PF fan, but it is really a Grade A piece! Richard Wrights later album "Broken China" didn't impress me as much as this one. If you can get your hand on it, get it! "

ZEE - Identity (1984)

Produced by Richard Wright and Dave Harris/Co-production: Tim Palmer/Engineered by Tim Palmer/Recorded in Rectory Studio (Cambrigde)/Overdubs and Mixdown by Utopia (London)All titles by Harris/Wright /Lyrics by Harris /Artwork by Harris /Photography by Paul Cox
Richard Wright: Keyboards, backing vox, percussion, fairlight
Dave Harris: Guitars, lead vox, keyboards, fairlight


01 Confusion
02 Voices
03 Private Person
04 Strange Rhythm
05 Cuts Like a Diamond
06 By Touching
07 How do you do it?
08 Seems we were Dreaming

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Zee was formed in 1983, with Richard Wright and Dave Harris. The band signed a record deal with Atlantic Records and released only one album, Identity. The album flopped terribly and Richard Wright left in 1986 to rejoin Pink Floyd.


I think it's not a wrong album-Fashion and Pink Floyd run together- i like it! If you want to know how sounds Wright as a new waver, try it!



Richard Wright - Keyboards, piano, vocals.
Tim Renwick - Guitars, flute.
Dominic Miller - Guitars.
Steven Bolton - Guitars.
Pino Palladino - Bass guitar.
Manu Katché - Drums.
Sian Bell - Cello.
Kate St. John - Oboe, English Horn.
Maz Palladino - Backing vocals.
Sinéad O'Connor - Vocals.
Anthony Moore - Arrangements.


01 Breaking Water
02 Night of a Thousand Furry Toys
03 Hidden Fear (Rick Wright/Gerry Gordon)
04 Runaway (Anthony Moore)
05 Unfair Ground (Rick Wright)
06 Satellite (Rick Wright)
07 Woman of Custom (Rick Wright)
08 Interlude (Anthony Moore)
09 Black Cloud (Anthony Moore)
10 Far from the Harbour Wall (Rick Wright)
11 Drowning
12 Reaching for the Rail
13 Blue Room in Venice" (Rick Wright/Gerry Gordon)
14 Sweet July (Rick Wright)
15 Along the Shoreline
16 Breakthrough

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It documents his wife's battle with depression, and is very much like a classic Pink Floyd concept album in its structure and overall feel. Three songs, "Breaking Water", "Reaching for the Rail" and "Breakthrough" feature Sinead O'Connor on lead vocals.

"As if Pink Floyd keyboard virtuoso Richard Wright hadn't already made himself a "mystery musician" with his complex dazzling music and one-sided empty grin, his 1996 solo fare "Broken China" firmly established that enigmatic tone his music has always seemed to take.Perhaps the most fulfilling thing about Wright's "Broken China" is that the keyboardist is found back in tune with himself, his purpose, and his music. Wright is often known to be unsatisfied with a lot of his work, and a bad case of writer's block in the late 1970s resulted in his exodus from Pink Floyd and two less than perfect solo projects. However, with "Broken China," the confidence which Wright regained from his reunion with Floyd has obviously paid off as he goes solo once more. This 16-song cycle is a semi-conceptual piece dealing with the state of depression, something Wright's music expresses without flaws; his glistening musical arrangements blend together in a surreal flow, with the classic electronic touch. Former Pink Floyd session-contributor Anthony Moore's assistance is worthwhile on such great tracks as 'Night Of a Thousand Furry Toys,' 'Woman Of Custom,' and especially 'Reaching For the Rail' and 'Breakthrough' (both of which see Sinead O'Connor in guest spots). But Wright's work alone in the musical value makes "Broken China" the great work it is, evident on 'Satellite' and 'Sweet July.'"Broken China" may very well be Richard Wright's masterpiece so far, even if the "new age" label is a bit far fetched. The confidence of a great musician is back and gleaming, and the album's ultimate result is above satisfactory."

Interview Broken china:

Richard William "Rick" Wright (born July 28, 1943 in Hatch End, London, England) is a classically trained British pianist and keyboard player best known for his long career with Pink Floyd (a founding member)
Wright frequently sang background and occasionally lead vocals onstage and in the studio with Pink Floyd and played on piano,organ,synthesizers etc. ,moreover made essential contributions to Pink Floyd's long, epic compositions such as "A Saucerful of Secrets", "Echoes", and "Shine on You Crazy Diamond". His most commercially popular compositions are "The Great Gig in the Sky" and "Us and Them" from 1973's The Dark Side of the Moon.
Wright recorded his first solo project, Wet Dream, and released it in September 1978 with little fanfare. Battling both personal problems and an increasingly rocky relationship with Roger Waters, he was fired from Pink Floyd during recording sessions for The Wall in 1979. However, he was retained as a salaried session musician during the subsequent live concerts to promote that album in 1980 and 1981.In 1983, Pink Floyd released the only album on which Richard Wright does not appear: The Final Cut.
During 1984, Wright formed a new musical duo with Dave Harris (from the band Fashion) called Zee. They released only one album, Identity, which was a commercial and critical flop. Wright left Zee in 1986, following Waters' departure from Pink Floyd, and Gilmour re-hired him as a session musician for a few songs on the 1987 album A Momentary Lapse of Reason.Later Wright was reinstated as a full band member.

In 1996, Wright released his second solo album, Broken China, including contributions from Sinead O'Connor, Pino Palladino and Tim Renwick.
On July 2, 2005, Wright joined Gilmour, Mason, and Waters on stage for the first time since the Wall concerts for a short set at the Live 8 concert in London. Wright contributed keyboards and background vocals to David Gilmour's most recent solo album, On An Island, and performed with Gilmour's touring band in 2006. He declined an offer to join Roger Waters and Nick Mason on Waters' The Dark Side of the Moon Live tour in order to spend more time working on an upcoming solo project (which may be released in 2007).

more info:
http://www.richardwright.net/ unofficial page

http://www.pinkfloydstyle.com/richardwrightinglese.htm a pink floyd site

Solo albums
Wet Dream (1978)
Identity under the band name Zee with Dave Harris. (1984)
Broken China (1996)
Title TBA (2007)


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We lost him on Monday. He didn't tell the press about his condition sooner. He had been more like the silent member. We now have these to remember him by.
If he had enough new material to release a solo album, it may come out in future, but now, he has to be laid to rest (whatever happens).
Thank you for having these here.

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