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DISCO DIGITALE - Computer dreams (2006)


CD 1

01 Taken To The Stars
02 Videogirl
03 Digital Love
04 Lightspeed
05 Silent Emotions
06 Another World
07 Computer Dream
08 Iscream The Body Electric
09 Lady Electricity

10 Cosmic Defender
11 Love Fever


01 Intro
02 Living In A Fantasy
03 Tokyo UFO
04 Digitalized
05 Taken To The Stars (Chinese Theatre DE Remix)
06 Videogirl (Octolab Rmx)
07 Silent Emotions (Too Many Vocals Mix by Baby Don´t Hurt Yourself)
08 I Scream The Body Electric (Funkyshit Remix by Code64)
09 Another World (Thermostatic Rmx)
10 Digital Love (Disco Digitale Extended Remix)
11 Lightspeed (Floating In The Endless Void Mix by Baby Don´t Hurt Yourself)

Link to download:

Disco Digitale is a Swedish synthpop/italo-disco band, inspired by bands such as Trans-X, Digital Emotion and Fancy they wrote their debut album "Computer Dreams".

"As I look back on my rather extensive Italo Disco collection, I can not help but feel slightly resignated, as melodically superior (though not always lyrically so gifted) songs relentlessly turned into the euro techno of the early-to-mid-nineties. Fancy, Den Harrow, Ken Laszlo, Alan Berry, Scotch, Max Him and Miko Mission were replaced by the hollow nothingness of Ice Mc, DJ Bobo, Captain Hollywood and (ahh, the horror!) Basic Element.
The uniqueness and naivety of the Italo movement has been missed by many and perhaps forgotten by even more, but it seems it still occupies a certain piece of the hearts of the synthpop crowd. Rightly so, I might add, as the above mentioned acts (among countless others) focused on music made straight from the heart as opposed to tailor made hit list packages.
Gothenburg residents Disco Digitale try to, and for the most part succeed, prolong the Italo Disco of the eighties. "Computer Dreams" has that unmistakable retro feel; the energetic sounds, extensive hand clap use and trademark octave bass are all there. As are the heavily themed lyrics. Space, computers and aliens. But this is an album of melody, happiness and nostalgia. "Taken to the Stars", "Silent Emotions" and "Another World" are perky, melodic speedsters, while "I Scream the Body Electric" overdoses on Digital Emotion-esque laser sounds.
"Computer Dreams", while not in any way groundbreaking, is a breath of fresh retro air, in an electronic world of fat bass drums and increasing rhythm orientation."(NIKLAS FORSBERG)

"We are many that have been sitting and just waited for Disco Digitale's debut CD. It feels like they have given us demos for all eternity but never been signed by a label. But then, one happy day the CD 'Computer Dream' is in my mailbox, oh happy day!And what a debut! Already on the first track "Taken to the stars" they tell people that they mean business, you can not sit still to the electronic rhythm and all of the sudden you are back in 1985. Something that made me happy is that the old demo-songs is still there, in new fresh versions.After listening to the CD a couple of times I am pretty sure that we will see alt of Disco Digitale on the clubs in the future or at least I wish. The songs are very good on a CD, but they would be so much better.11 tracks of wonderful music inspired by the 80's, it just has to be a high grade. I can't find anything at all to complain about, how much I try to find something. "(Tommy Richardsson)

It's an sensational,outstanding album!It takes you back into the early '80s !
This is my favourite synthpop album from 2006. My only wish with this post to contribute to it's reputation.

more info:
http://www.discodigitale.com The official page


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Thanks so much for this! I love it!

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have you a valid link for this cds?

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Hi, I've only just come across this, would really like to know/hear more – is there any chance of renewing the link/reuploading the files? Much appreciated if so, but totally understandable if not,



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