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RONI GRIFFITH - Roni Griffith (1982) for Igilna

Synth-pop, Disco
All tracks written by Bobby Orlando except track 02 by Pete Andreoli, Vince Poncia Jr. & Phil Spector (Special Remix by Raul A. Rodriguez) and track 03 by Eric Carmen.

Produced by Bobby Orlando.
Executive producer: Danny Weiss.
All instruments, synthesizers & computers: Bobby Orlando.


01 Love Is The Drug (4:51)
02 (The Best Part Of) Breakin' Up (5:38)
03 That's Rock and Roll (3:15)
04 Desire (3:57)
05 Voodoo Man (5:20)
06 Spys (4:24)
07 Heart On The Line (3:13)
08 Take Me Out (4:53)

Link to download:

"This is not just another disco album. Originally released in 1982, it contains very tuneful songs embellished by the famous Bobby O's excellent production, as he conjures exciting new sounds out of the synth that still sounds fresh after all these years. Little baroque flourishes in all the right places, while the beautiful Roni's melodious voice fits the songs like a glove. Also, the lyrics are fairly intelligent for a disco release and makes sense in their context. My favorite tracks are the opus magnum (The Best Part Of) Breaking Up, Love Is The Drug (NOT Roxy Music or Grace Jones' version) and That's Rock And Roll, but every single track has something worthwhile."

"I found out about Roni when I heard "Desire" a couple of years ago. She somewaht sounds like Kim Wilde, but Kim Wilde never made it out of "Kids In America." I thought Roni was in the group The Flirts. I knew, however, that the singer of the song had a much more sensuous voice than that of the Flirts. Then I heard "The Best part of Breaking up" and I was hooked. The songs in this album are truly 80's jewels. "Your love is the drug," "Take me out" are just hypnotizing. As for her new religious material, I don't care about it much. Another of her best material is "Hot Lover," "Heart on the Line" and " Spyes". Check this cd out, you wont regret it."

"&criteriaExcellent Bobby O album accompanying the Phil Spector written "Breakin' Up" single release, which incidentally got to no 63 in the UK charts and was her only UK hit. Still sounding fresh today. Best tracks are the fantastic Moroderesque "Spys" (I especially love the screams at the beginning), "Love is the drug" with it's "Funkytown" riffs, "Desire" & "Voodoo Man". I've seen this LP changing hands for ridiculous sums of money and it's understandable to see why. This album has been huge in influencing the electroclash scene here in the UK. Listen to Felix Da Housecats' 2003 "Kitten & Thee Glitz" if you want a more up to date version of it. While Roni Griffith was no great vocalist she was a sure forerunner to the wonderful deadpan Miss Kitten on Felix's LP. Does anyone know what Ms Griffith is up to these days?"

The original Lp covers:

more info: the official website


Anonymous boris said...

Thanks for sharing this!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, any chance of a repost for this one?


5:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iam sad to think that my old music that has no redemptive qualites is in your opinion better than my new material, which has reached far more people. I appreciate your comments yet my vocals and production are so much better in my new material. I would hope that you would take some time and really listen to my new material. Kind Regards Roni Griffith

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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