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TUXEDOMOON - Discography part 2.



01 The Door/Viaje en la Sierra Madre
02 Brad's Loop
03 Les Six
04 Shipwreck
05 Zombie Paradise I
06 Zombie Paradise II
07 Bitter Bark
08 El Popo
09 Hindi Loop
10 Ambient Popo
11 Keredwin's Reel

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"This record has something for everyone. Alot of "ambient" in the true sense of the word. Some minimalist a la satie; bass and clarinet as opposed to bass and drum, some groove-trance and a bit of imaginary a great cover of colored engravings."

"So close your eyes and cross the threshold with members from Tuxedomoon, a passage to and through a Mexico both ancient and po-mo, a soundscape where an electric guitar can appear to be a waterfall and the sounds of waterfalls can resemble winds rushing through Aztec pyramids...where a serene clarinet and bass guitar piece can go down like a smooth sip of tequila, but as so often with Tuxedomoon, watch out for the haunting quality which can cause a catch in the throat...move to the undulating jauntiness of saxophones, slinky guitars and rhythm tracks by the light of the luminerias, and pass through the shadows and fog of aural dimensions.
Cross all musical borders with "Joeboy in Mexico," from world music to ambient and beyond, and listen to the sound-trek from the best film you'll "see" this year."



01 The Funeral Of A Friend (1:09)
02 The Ghost Sonata (5:36)
03 Catalyst (0:42)
04 An Affair At The Soiree (3:39)
05 Music Number Two (2:56)
06 A Drowning (2:07)
07 The Cascade (3:02)
08 A Mystic Death (2:16)
09 Basso Pomade (Dogs Lickin' My Heart) (2:36)
10 Licorice Stick Ostinato (2:19)
11 The Laboratory (Parts 1 & 2) (5:08)
12 Les Odalisques (4:10)
13 An Unsigned Postcard (3:06)
14 Music Number Two (Reprise) (4:18)

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"Ghost Sonata is a peculiar symphony of, inter alia, violin, woodwind, classical strings, cascades of electronics, piano, tape loops and snatches of vocals fed through a vocoder. Eerie in places, jazzy in others, their songs? never fail to amaze for ingenuity. The Sonata is held together by bits of dialogue from what seems to be a film soundtrack. Beside the atmospheric, orchestral Music Number Two, other interesting pieces include The Funeral Of A Friend, An Affair At The Soiree, Licorice Stick Ostinato and Les Odalisques. But The Sonata should really be appreciated as one movement. Try it for something vastly different if you have an intrepid ear."

"Probably the finest masterpiece i ever heard, could well go for a defition of "sonata". Wonderful. I'd say it's a gotta-listen for anyone wanting to hear the 20th century innermost screams, portrayed in an exquisite (neo)classical language."

URBAN LEISURE -Soundtrack (2002)

contains :
Plan Delta (1986): tracks 1-4
Urban Leisure Suite (1980) : track 5
The Field Of Honour (Het Veld Van Eer) (1983) : tracks 6-8
The Ghost Sonata (1983) : tracks 9-11
Tracks 1-8 produced by Tuxedomoon. Tracks 9-11 recorded together with The Flemish Chambre Orchestra, conducted by Arie Van Liesbeth. Track 12 recorded in Den Haag (Netherlands), 1986. Previously released as "Burning Trompet" on Ten Years In One Night (Live) .This album was compiled by James Nice and digitally mastered in April 2002.


01 The Bridge (5:53)
02 Celebration Futur De La Divine (7:27)
03 Nimrod (3:47)
04 Lop Lop's People (5:35)
05 Urban Leisure Parts 1 - 4 (11:33)
06 Fanfare (4:37)
07 No One Expects The Spanish Inquisition (4:49)
08 Driving To Verdun (2:33)
09 Basso Pomade (2:31)
10 Licorice Stick Ostinato (1:44)
11 Music #2 (Reprise) (3:41)
12 Celebration Futur De La Divine (Live) (6:55)

Link to download:

"New collection of vintage Tuxedomoon material recorded for films and staged performances, some previously unreleased on any format. The film soundtracks are Plan Delta (1986) and Fields of Honour (1983), as well as the legendary Urban Leisure Suite from 1980, and the full BRT orchestrations of three tracks from the Ghost Sonata (1982). "

"Maintains its tension very well. With its spiralling electronica, austere strings, wailing guitars and mournful saxes, you imagine it's going to collapse under the weight of its own portentiousness, but it's forever shape-shifting and stimulating" (Uncut, 9/02); "Impressionistic in ways both broodingly martial and woozily arch, layered onomatopoeic orchestrals and absurdist horns vie with minimalist piano and primitive electronics" (Glasgow Herald, 6/02); "The Ghost Sonata is intense, dramatic, chilling - as ambient as a knife in your back" (Select, 3/91); "Ghost Sonata is a tiny masterpiece of sorts, and captures Tuxedomoon's rarified, quixotic melancholy at its peak" (Q Magazine, 5/91)"

NO TEARS /WHAT USE : Remixes & Originals (2003)


01 No Tears [H. Platzgumer Remix]
02 No Tears [Continous Mode Remix]
03 No Tears [Adult Remix]
04 What Use [Heinrich Mueller Technik Mix]
05 What Use [Ectomorph Remix]
06 No Tears [Original Version]
07 What Use [Original Version]

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Additional Mixing - Marc Hollander , Vincent Kenis /Bass, Programming, Electric Guitar, White Noises, Percussion, River Stones, Backing Vocals - Peter Principle /Mise En Scène, Backing Vocals - Bruce Geduldig /Recorded By - Coti K. , Peter Principle /Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Harmonica - Luc van Lieshout /Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Alto & Soprano Sax, Clarinet, River Stones - Steven Brown/ Vocals, Violin, Viola, Guitar, Synthesizers, Programming, Street Recordings - Blaine Reininger


01 A Home Away (03:22)
02 Baron Brown (04:37)
03 Annuncialto (05:26)
04 Diario Di Un Egoista (04:11)
05 La Più Bella (01:23)
06 Cagli Five-O (07:14)
07 Here 'Til X-Mas (05:01)
08 Chinese Mike (06:04)

Mixed By - Ian Simmonds
09 La Più Bella Reprise (02:31)
10 The Island (03:33)
11 Misty Blue (05:26)
12 Luther Blisset (04:43)

Mixed By - John McEntire
13 Annuncialto Redux (04:55)
Mixed By - Tarwater

Link to download:

"Tuxedomoon returns stronger than ever. As far as I know this is the first Tuxedomoon album with both Blaine Reininger (who's violin and vocals dominate Half Mute and Desire) and Luc van Lieshout (the Belgian trumpet and harmonica player who joined on Holy Wars, Ship Of Fools, You). Annuncialto and Cagli Five-O have the same kind of vibe as The Waltz (Holy Wars). Dario Di Un Egoista, with Reininger on lead vocal, sounds like Paolo Conti on acid. The Island is a violin/piano piece a la Ghost Sonata. But Here 'Til X-Mas ('I'm just a carefree guy, with a song in my heart', Steven Brown croons and whistles) harks back to Half Mute or Desire, vaguely reminding me of '59 to 1'. The only element missing is Winston Tong, who is alledgedly a heroin junkie. Sad... He does get co-credits for Baron Brown."



01 Hurry Up and Wait (Flying Sequence)
02 Effervescing in the Nether Sphere
03 Soup du Jour
04 Flying Again
05 Triptych
06 I'm Real Stupid

07 Airport Blues
08 Needles Prelude
09 Prometheus Bound
10 The Show Goes on: Baron Brown
11 The Show Goes on: Jinx
12 The Show Goes on: Loneliness
13 Remote (Pralaya)
14 Dream Flight
15 More Flying
16 Vulcanic, Combustible
17 Mr. Comfort
18 Another Flight
19 Invocation Of
20 Carry on Circles

Link to download:


SOLVE ET COAGULA - The Best Of (1993)


01 What Use (4:01)
02 No Tears (5:40)
03 The Cage (4:10)
04 Some Guys (4:53)
05 Dark Companion (3:57)
Remix - Jamie Mecenes , Peter Principle
06 In A Manner Of Speaking (3:28)
07 Atlantis (4:58)
08 The Waltz (5:09)
09 L'Etranger (5:42)
10 Tritone (Musica Diabolo) (2:48)
11 East / Jinx (9:59)
12 Desire (7:05)
13 59 To 1 (3:55)
Remix - Jamie Mecenes , Peter Principle
14 You (Christmas Mix) (4:59)
Remix - Luc Van Lieshout , Nikolas Klau , Vincent Kenis

Link to download:

"Solve et Coagula" is the first compilation covering Tuxedomoon's career. It invites us to discover or rediscover the multiple aspects of their music. The choice of the tracks was made by all band members. Included are "No Tears", "Desire", "Some Guys", a new remix of "You", and "Dark Companion", a single from their Ralph period, so far unavailable on CD, and especially remixed for this compilation."


performed by Steven Brown, Peter Principle, Blaine R. Reiniger, Bruce Geduldig, Paul Zahl, Ivan Georgiev, Luc Van Lieshout and Winston Tong.
Live recordings from the period 1985-88.

CD 1.

01 Michael's Theme (2:10)
02 Burning Trumpet (6:55)
03 Reedin' - Rightin' - Rhythmatic (4:36)
04 The Waltz (5:23)
05 In A Manner Of Speaking (3:23)

06 The Cage (4:43)
07 Everything You Want (6:03)
08 Dark Companion (4:19)
09 Courante Marocaine (7:07)

CD 2.

01 Litebulb Overkill (2:54)
02 Desire (7:16)
03 In The Name Of Talent (Italian Western II) (9:18)
04 Nervous Guy (4:15)
05 Pinheads On The Move (6:34)
06 No Tears (8:43)
07 In Heaven (3:35)
08 Nazca (5:05)

Link to download:



01 M/Seeding the Clouds
02 Desire
03 Fifth Column
04 Tritone
05 James Whale
06 Again
07 Nite and Day
08 Volo Vivace
09 Loneline
10 Nazca
11 59 to 1
12 Nazca II
13 The Cage
14 Litebulb Overkill
15 Waterfront Seat
16 What Use

Link to download:

"Dear friends,We are new music label Neo Acustica glad to present now our new release -double CD live album from the legendary Tuxedomoon band.On autumn 2000 Steven Brown, Blaine Reininger and Peter Principle left theirabodes respectively in Mexico City, Athens & New York and joined togetherwith an idea to perform the music on stage as Tuxedomoon again.Last years the members of the group were more concentrated on the studiorecording works than on live shows activity; they made only few performancesat music festivals in Italy, Greece and Israel in 1997.The musicians found themselves together in a common creative process whichhas risen to their highly acclaimed European "Half-Mute Tour 2000" whenwithin two months the musicians made great shows in Germany, Austria, Italy,Serbia and Russia. During this tour Tuxedomoon has demonstrated its bestform; better than ever before.In the middle of that tour journey the group came to St. Petersburg for thefirst time. They have never been in Russia before and played there the onlyone show. A sounding document about that unique event now is ready to comeas a limited double CD set entitled Tuxedomoon.
For Tuxedomoon this is their first full-length live official album, unliketheir previous one, the only live official release "Ten Years in One Night"which is, in fact, a compilation of recordings made on concerts in pastyears."

Coming up next : Part 3 ,Part 4 , Part 5 ,Part 6 (solo records)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this follow-up of Tuxedomoon.

The announcement of their solo works is like also.

herr k.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you greatly, i love tuxedomoon and look forward to parts 3 & 4

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes,it's great music from Tuxedomoon!
And it is a great group for many years.

But one problem i have:

I missing one Track from the Album
Ten Years in One Night (Live)
Disk 01:
On this file missing the

Track 7:Everything You Want
When you can,post this new for me!

Many thanks,and i was looking for the next parts over this famous group from San Francisco.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always wander if there was someody inside the net, to post the Tuxedomoon music.
And what a collection.
I'm looking forward to Steven Brown's solo works. I've got a few of Blaine's works (I do live in Athens you see)

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another song is missing, from urban leisure,No 7, The Spanish Inquisition...Please if you Have it,And thank you for the beautiful music sharing

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice collection of a nice band;
pitty it's not complete :(

What "Re1" does means?


6:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


1.NO TEARS /WHAT USE : Remixes & Originals (2003)
2.TEN YEARS IN ONE NIGHT - Live (1989)

Please Re up

thanks for your work.

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Tara said...

This is great music. A pity some of the sendspace archives (see above) are no longer available. Could these be reposted?

4:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW, Thanks!
Please post Blaine L. Reininger - Live in Brussel

7:53 AM  
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thanks for the 2 that stills works!

Its a shame with the inactivity shit - I lost many uploads this way too - wish I had seen your blog before...oh well!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi folks!

Updated links (30.01.2008)

Half-mute (1980) / Scream With a View (1979) (1985)

Joeboy In Rotterdam (1981)

Desire (1981) / No Tears (1978) (1987)

Divine (1981)

Holy Wars (1984)

Ship Of Fools (1986)

Suite En Sous_Sol /Time To Loose/Short Stories (1987)

You (1987)

Joeyboy In Mexico (1988)

The Ghost Sonata (1990)

Urban Leisure -Soundtrack (2002)

No Tears /What Use: Remixes & Originals (2003)

Cabin In The Sky (2004)

Bardo Hotel Soundtrack (2006)

Live In St.Petersburg (2002)

10:04 AM  
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please can you fix the link of "solve et coagula" PLEASEEEEE


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Blogger georgelouk said...

Many thanks for your tribute to Tuxedomoon and the great photos. I was wondering, it it possible to scan some more photos from the booklet of "TEN YEARS IN ONE NIGHT"? There are great photos of Steven, Blaine etc. (like the photo of Peter that you have uploaded already) and this 2xCD release is very hard to find these days. Thanks.

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