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Real Name:
Peter Dachert

Experimental, Ambient



01 The Anvil Chorus
02 Pandemonium - Spring
03 Friends Of The Extinction
04 Tippi Rider
05 The Eleventh Race
06 Werewolves At The Gate
07 Dawn
08 Noon - Ain't Superstitious
09 Dnieper
10 Before The Wind

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"The first solo project by Tuxedomoon 's bass & guitar player. Peter Principle uses weird guitar noises and stacked layers of sounds to create a psychedelic soundtrack described as "made against measure"... the revolt of drum machines against metronomic tempos... Peter Principle discovered the magic of noise by listening to the sound of lawn-mowers in his native New-York suburb, and consequently reinvented musique concrète (which he didn't know already existed). This album is often cited by ambient DJs in their list of favourite MTM records."

"Peter Principle - Sedimental Journey and Tone Poems: I've been so impressed with this guy, the guitarist and bassist for Tuxedomoon, who I discovered on my quest to hear everything from Crammed's Made to Measure series (I have not been disappointed yet). The thing about these albums is, it's exactly the kind of music I want to make. It has samples, drum machines beating out weird time signatures, early Philip Glass-style minimalism, song changes that make no sense at first, but start to make perfect sense once you become acquainted the albums' idiosyncracies. Sedimental Journey is almost impossible to find on CD unless you order directly from the site, but, I've found Tone Poems for relatively cheap on CD."


Artwork By - Saskia Lupini /Engineer - Frankie Lievaart /Flugelhorn, Trumpet - Luc Van Lieshout/ Guitar [Pedal Steel] - Vincent Kenis/ Tape, Guitar [Acoustic, Electric], Synthesizer [Short Wave, Micro Moog], Clavinet, Organ, Percussion [Found Object], Xylophone, Zither, Composed By - Peter Principle

Adapted from the scores of "Parelmoer", a stage production, and "Innocence", a videotape, both by Saskia Lupini.Recorded in a tent between The Lion & The Eagle, summer 1987, and in The Ivory Tower Brocceliande. Completed at Daylight, July 1988.


01 Le Maka (9:05)
01-1 Le Maka Part 1. 28 Day Snake
01-2 Le Maka Part 2. Theme
01-3 Le Maka Part 3. Sgt Rock In The Ardennes
02 Sphinx (6:12)
03 Sub-Lunar Folly (0:54)
04 The Observatory (4:36)
05 Independance Day (4:36)
06 Pillar Of Salt (2:09)
07 Orval (2:10)
08 Orion's Shadow (4:43)
09 Dolphins (1:28)
10 Riding The Silver Chord (2:48)

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"Tuxedomoon's bass player on his second solo-venture: 10 mysterious observations, recorded in the studio, at home, and in the dark forests of the Ardennes by Peter Principle, who is once again inspired by his affection for psychedelic sounds, sound processing techniques derived from musique concrete, and surreal atmospheres."(



01 Choc Mol 1746 (2:34)
02 Day One (5:05)
03 Day Two (2:00)
Bass - Joan Miro
04 Sphinx Variations (6:55)
05 The Evening Country (2:15)
06 Realm Of Shades (12:10)
07 The Pavillion (4:17)
08 Maya (4:33)
09 Ceremonial Polka (7:30)
10 Le Feu Vert (5:20)
11 Jean-Louis And The Prodzj Gang (1:26)
12 A Walk On Dinosaur Hill (7:36)
13 Choc Mol Rotterdämmerung (5:37

Link to download:

"Conjunction combines psychedelic soundscapes and symbolist harmonics to deliver 13 scenic sonic sculptures. In addition to improv-based material, Peter further refined the compositional techniques developed with the aim of "describing tonic forms observed in some of my better dreams." Ranging from ambient to atonal, Conjunction marks a bold instrumental exploration of "the alchemy of environmental and temporal musical glyphs as well as musique concrete."

"An ambitious aural dervish of moods and images" (Alternative Press, USA); "Might best be compared with Holgar Czukay's Movies or John Cage's HPSCHD. Clearly branching off from Tuxedomoon, this is bristling with references: Clair de Lune, movie dialogue snippets, ambient electronics, percussive marches, mechanical repetitions, Durutti-like drifts, sly allusions to 20th Century atonalism, even mutant disco" (The Wire, 7/05); "Several layers deep - invites careful listening" (Option, USA); "Fluent and wide-ranging, his tastes run to psychedelia, ambient sound, improv, musique concrete and New Wave electronica with a confident indifference to niche creation" (Whisperin' & Hollerin', 12/05)

Peter Principle (born :1954) is guitarist and bass wizard in the group Tuxedomoon. His first two solo albums appeared on Crammed Discs' acclaimed Made to Measure imprint, being Sedimental Journey (1986) and Tone Poems (1988). Conjunction followed on LTM in 1990, and Idyllatry in 2005.
Aged 11, Peter Principle spent an entire summer in his native Queens (NYC) mowing an old woman's lawn, the agreed reward being an ancient reel-to-reel tape recorder. Peter then secreted himself away with his new toy and quickly discovered just how many wonderful things he could achieve with it, such as creating feedback with speakers, or inserting a plectrum and erase-head to create primitive sound-on-sound recording.Before long Peter was playing in a rock band, and realised that there were countless seruious composers (with impressive academic credentials) making music by employing the same techniques. Thus Peter had re-invented musique concrete without even knowing that it existed.In San Francisco in 1977 Peter joined forces with Steven Brown and Blaine L. Reininger in the cult band Tuxedomoon. The group relocated to Europe in 1981 and remained there for the next decade, releasing some ten albums as well as a slew of singles, collaborations and solo projects. The most recent Tuxedomoon album, Cabin in the Sky, was released in 2004.
Peter's first solo album, Sedimental Journey, appeared in 1985, and represents a reaction against mathematical rhythms in music. here the beats are purposefully set at different distances from the rhythms, so corrupting the listener's expectations.Tone Poems followed in 1988, the soundtrack to several audio-visual performances with Saskia Lupini, supplying an undercurrent of surreal impressionism beneath the hynotic images.On Conjunction (1990) Peter combined psychedelic music and symbolist harmonics to create 13 sonic sculptures, ranging from environmental to his trademark concrete

Peter has one more released album from 2005 "Idyllatry" still doesen't have, if you can help me out with this ,thanks in advance!


Anonymous cabe said...

I love TUXEDOMOON and I want the PP solo works...
Do you knou Cudu?

6:13 PM  
Anonymous metal guru said...

this is a great series, hopefully you have the soundtrack to
"fuck your dreams, this is reality"
minimal compact and tuxedomoon members do covers

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Salty!
I was on vacation for a pretty long time, so I missed the part 2. I have downloaded files from RapidShare, but other files were deleted. Can you upload (repost) these files, please? It's a great collection, so it would be pity to miss anything of it. Thanks in advance! :-))

4:59 AM  
Blogger Slobodan Burgher said...

yes that would be lovely! or am I totally too late again?


3:55 AM  
Anonymous Pit Prieto said...

I like a lot Tuxedomoon, and your site, i am a kind of new in this, I like repost the albums Peter Dachert if you want. I apleciate so much.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please , please reupload Peter Principle...I like Tuxedomoon for many many years but I havn't had ony PP solo album...thanx for Winston Tong...
Greetings from Serbia

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, reupload Peter Principle !

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

REPOST (10.2009) enjoy!

Sedimental Journey (1985)

Tone Poems (1988)

Conjunction (1990)

4:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can you re-upload pandemonium please..the rapidshare link wont work..excellent work btw..ty very much m8 :)

4:02 AM  
Anonymous Health News said...

This is a wonderful site. The things mentioned are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone.

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Blogger edlorado said...

great thanks!

12:16 PM  
Anonymous ookpik said...

thanks so much for posting (and reposting (this). I have PP on vinyl but could never find it digitally. I think it's out of print entirely. Really nice to see his music being covered as well; it is quite under-rated and was very ahead of its time in many ways. :-)

12:52 PM  

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