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Real Name:
Bodo Staiger - Guitar,Vocal
Lothar Manteuffel- Text
Brigitte Kunze - Keyboards

Country :
City :

RHEINGOLD - Rheingold (1980)

Tracklist :

01 Rein (1:09)
02 Fluss (4:50)
03 Graffitis (3:44)
04 Himmelgeist (5:02)
05 Dreiklangsdimensionen (5:54)
06 Pirata (4:21)
07 International (3:53)
08 Rendezvous (4:01)
09 Rheingold Extra (4:21)
10 'Raus (1:30)

bonus tracks:
11 River (Englische Version) (4:52)
12 Triad Dimensions (Englische Version) (6:27)
13 Rheingold (Single) (4:09)
14 Staiger Walzer (Single B-Seite) (3:40)
15 Dreiklangsdimensionen (Single) (3:41)

Links to download : LP 192 kbs Bonus 192 kbs

"Brilliant dance track from 1982 which has been remixed and rereleased. A hit then and still sounding good 20 years later."

R -'der Fan'-soundtrack(1982)

Tracklist :

01 Fan Fan Fanatisch (3:54)
02 Das Steht Dir Gut (4:36)
03 Augenblick (4:31)
04 F.A.N. (5:20)
05 Abfahrt (4:42)
06 Überblendung (2:21)
07 Stahlherz (11:30)
08 Fan Fan Fanatic (3:55)
09 Looks Good On You (4:35)
10 A Moment's Glance (4:30)
11 Stahlherz (Single) (4:20)
12 Das Steht Dir Gut (Alternative Version) (4:35)
13 Fluss ('82 Version) (4:51)
14 Dreiklangsdimensionen ('82 Version) (6:27)

Link to download : 192 kbs

The second album released as a soundtrack for the scandal film- one of the few serious NDW films "Der Fan"(also on DVD appeared!). Bodo played the main roll beside Desirée.Musically the album similar to their first one,but in contrast to the debut album here the electronic portion in the music outweighs, particularly on the instrumental second side - "abfahrt" and "stahlherz" are absolutely typical for the German music of this time.The sound on the first side is less dark and minimalistic,as it was in their first album
There were two hits on it :"fan fan Fanatisch" and "da steht dir gut"( two more good NDW songs : "augenblick" and "Fan")

DISTANZ (1984)

Tracklist :

01 Via Satellit (5:47)
02 Fantasie (5:34)
03 Nur Ein Wort (4:10)
04 Computerbeat (4:55)
05 Der Ton Macht Die Musik (1:26)
06 Distanz (4:28)
07 Strahlende Zukunft (9:00)
08 Digital (2:54)

Link to download : 192 kbs

After the second album,the most people lost sight of the band,who they connected with two songs :„Dreiklangsdimensionen“ und „Fan Fan Fanatisch“.The German hitmakers dominated the NDW with such bands like Relax, Spider Murphy Gang and other projects.Just few people knew that the band released their third Lp,that disappeared undeservedly, as we can realize by hearing it.However it couldn't reach the standard of the previous albums,because they didn't develop,but they became more superficial.Obviously Bodo and the other musicians tried to follow the sound of 1984.Looking back it seems to be a mistake.In spite of that it contains several real hits,especially the song „Nur ein Wort“ sung by Brigitte Kunze from Ideal,and „Computerbeat“. How ever the album wasn't a great succes.

" Distanz is according to my opinion the weakest of the three albums, but nevertheless good NDW music."

Biography :
Rheingold was a top synth-pop band in the german new wave era from 1980 to 1986.The leader of the band was Bodo Staiger,who played together with Marius Müller-Westernhagen in Harakiri for two years before founded Rheingold.Their goal was making simply good music. The name of the band comes from the opera of Richard Wagner -Das Rheingold. Today Bodo Staiger works as a producer and sound engineer. Lothar Manteuffel has his own publishing house.

Bodo Staiger produced the solo project of Wolgang Flür ( Kraftwerk) : Yamo - Time Pie (1997)

Lothar Manteuffel with Karl Bartos "have formed Elektric Music to experiment with new ways to make the computer sing." : Esperanto (1993) .Later Lother left this project.


Blogger anvilscepe said...

Thanks for the Rheingold. But I think it may not be working (the self titled and the bonus tracks aren't able to be downloaded). Thaks for this an hopefully I can download it soon. Cheers for all the great music and the fantastic Josef K! Now if someone had the Comsat Angels remastered Discs!!!That would be like the best thing ever. Thanks again.

7:34 AM  
Anonymous synwave said...

Joining to anvilscepe! Thanks for a long-searched item!
But unfortunately the s/t still unavailable to download ((
Is it possible to reup on an other file host? Would appreciate it!!

10:57 PM  
Blogger Kikis Music Blog said...

I like the song "Distanz" very much.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous synwave said...

Hi, Saltyka!

Forced to write to you once again...
Alas, filesend`s links still don`t work for me!((
Hoping that you will have an opportunity to reupload Rheingold stuff on an other file hosting.

Many thanks for efforts made by you which I highly appreciate!!!

11:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could you please re-up the Rheingold albums? Thank you very much!

5:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

REUPS (2008)




Der Fan


11:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


4:24 PM  
Blogger StellaVista said...


I just wanted to inform you of a small error: "Nur ein Wort" was in fact sung by Brigitte Kunze, but she was not from "Ideal". She is actually the third full time member of Rheingold.
She also appeared in the videos and is still a member of the re-formed Rheingold, who released new stuff in 2007.

11:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Thanks a lot for the re-ups. These are amazing old gems - as are indeed many of the things you post on your amazing blog.

2:29 PM  

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