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Country :

New Wave ,Synth-pop

Members :
Gordon Deppe (guitar, vocals)
Sandy Horne (bass, vocals)
"Sandy Horne was not only a striking visual presence on stage, she proved without a doubt that she is one of the best bass guitarists in Canada"(Lethbridge Meliorist)
Brett Wickens (keyboards)
Derrick Ross (drums)


Bass - Sandy Horne/ Drums, Percussion - Derrick Ross/ Engineer - Mike Jones /Engineer [Assistant] - Carey Gurden/ Robert DiGioia Guitar - Gordon Deppe/ Keyboards [Jupiter Iv, Sh-2000] - Rob Preuss/Photography - P.L. Noble /Producer, Mixed By - John Punter/ Vocals - Gordon Deppe , Sandy Horne/ Written By - Gordon Deppe , Rob Preuss (tracks: 3, 5, 8) , Sandy Horne (tracks: 2, 5, 8, 9)

Tracklist :

01 Trade Winds (2:15)
02 Smiling In Winter (4:05)
03 One In Ten Words (4:10)
04 No Electrons (5:12)
05 No More Growing Up (3:25)
06 Arias & Symphonies (4:47)
07 Nova Heart (5:46)
08 South American Vacation (4:12)
09 A Girl In Two Pieces (4:27)
10 Walk The Plank (4:26)
11 Blow Away (5:59)

Link to download:

"Finally reissued on CD, this classic synthpop album by this Canadian new romantic band is by far their best. ARIAS & SYMPHONIES sounds something like early Duran Duran of the same era (1981-82), but unlike Duran Duran, this album has been sorely lost to obscurity. At times, lead vocalist Gordon Deppe sounds uncannily like Julian Cope of then Teardrop Explodes. The musicianship from this youthful band (mostly in their teens at the time) is a stunning blend of tight guitar, bass, synthesizers and a whirlwind of synth drums. Above all, this album contains one of the greatest synthpop songs of the day, "Nova Heart", which managed to get some airplay back in the day. "Smiling in Winter", "No More Growing Up", "South American Vacation" and the title track are also outstanding."

"A gem of 'New Romantic' early 80s music: melodic, suave, clever songs. Vintage acoustic electronics (i.e. electronic but played rather than programmed). If you are interested in the fact that a Toronto band was pushing the envelope in 1982 or you like songs from this band you heard on a compilation CD (or MTV circa 1984), then this is a very reasonable value.
The last star was withheld because some of the songs tend to sound alike, and you need to appreciate this genre in order to fully enjoy this album."

TALK BACK (1983)

Artwork By [Concept] - Dale Heslip , P.L. Noble , Spoons Artwork By [Design] - Dale Heslip
Bass - Sandy Horne/ Drums - Derrick Ross /Engineer - Jason Corsaro/ Guitar, Written-By - Gordon Deppe /Keyboards, Piano - Rob Preuss / Mastered By - Bob Ludwig /Photography - P.L. Noble /Producer - Nile Rodgers (from Chic)/ Vocals - Gordon Deppe , Sandy Horne/ Written By [Music] - Gordon Deppe , Sandy Horne (tracks: 06, 07, 10)

Tracklist :

01 Talk Back (4:36)
Written By [Music] - Rob Preuss
02 Camera Shy (4:06)
03 My Favourite Page (3:58)
04 Don't Shoot The Messenger (3:16)
Written By [Music] - Rob Preuss
05 Time Stands Still (5:01)
06 Old Emotions (3:40)
07 Stop (3:08)
08 Out Of My Hands (3:46)
09 Quiet World (4:35)
10 The Rhythm (4:20)

Link to download :


Tracklist :

01 Sooner Or Later
02 When Time Turns Around
03 Shaking The Fear
04 Waterline
05 Vertigo Tango
06 Bed Of Nails
07 Opening Curtain
08 I`ve Been Here Before
09 Through The Hazy
10 Game Above Your Head

Link to download :

"You may have only heard of The Spoons from hearing Nova Heart, one of the most popular new wave songs to be authored by Canadians in the 80's. They did come out with Romantic Traffic which got a lot of airplay, as well. The foundation of the band, high school sweethearts Gordon Deppe (vocals, guitars) and Sandy Horne (bass, vocals) saw changes in the band's line-up a few times, but Deppe's musical genius rings true in Vertigo Tango. The last album for the band before calling it quits in the mid-late 90's, Vertigo Tango is a polished album making virtually every song a veritable hit. The radio-friendly production certainly blended well with their masterful songwriting. The single "Waterline" was an important comeback hit in the late 80's; however, the other nine tracks didn't get much airplay, which was a shame, considering Deppe's songwriting abilities. The songs have a pop-oriented feel, which may or may not appeal to you, but they get under your skin. After a couple of listens, this was one of my favourite albums of 1988. This band had the opportunity of opening up for big headliner names in the early 80's, David Bowie, The Smiths, to mention just a couple. After several years on the retro circuit in the 90's, the now defunct band has seen a couple of reunions, namely in the Toronto area, from where they hail. Deppe joined other talented musicians to form Fluid, a three-member alt-rock album titled "5 Star Fall" in the late 90's. It's quite a departure from Vertigo Tango, which may or may not offer Spoons fans a musical snack. "


Anthology of tracks selected from the band's three albums & one EP originally released between 1981-1983 on Ready Records.

Tracklist :

01 Trade Winds
02 Nova Heart
03 Arias & Symphonies
04 Smiling In Winter
05 Romantic Traffic
06 Tell No Lies
07 Talk Back
08 Old Emotions
09 The Rhythm
10 Red Light
Engineer - Daniel Lanois/Producer - Graeme Pole
11 Conventional Beliefs
Engineer - Daniel Lanois/Producer - Graeme Pole
12 One In Ten Words
13 Blow Away
14 Nova Heart (Extended Mix)

Link to download :

" super CD, containing all of the early Spoons gems. I was lucky enough to catch them live in 1994, reunited and touring in support of this collection (Sandy Horne = wow!). The only quibble I have with "Collectible Spoons" is that it excludes material from their very good 1988 album, "Vertigo Tango". I would have liked to see "When Time Turns Around" and the superb "Waterline" included on the collection. I know those later songs didn't match the popularity of the Spoons' earlier work, but they still deserved to be present on this career retrospective. Notwithstanding that small flaw, "Collectible Spoons" is well worth the money for any serious fan of early-eighties music. It even includes what I believe is the best New Wave song of all time: "Nova Heart"."

"I never really appreciated the Spoons when they were at their peak of popularity in Toronto. I mean, really, Thrifty's Jeans? And that "Tell No Lies" track always drove me nuts. Of course, everything else they did was brilliant, and this compilation CD is really something special. Go buy it."

"Those minor key fluid synth lines, passionate lyrics and drum machine sounding drums are all here! Good solid riffs!"

NOVA HEART (Vinyl, 12") (2004)

Progressive House, House

Disc 1 :

01 Nova Heart (Lee Cabrera Vocal Mix)
02 Nova Heart (Redanka Unplugged Mix)
03 Nova Heart (Kinnder Mix)

Disc 2 :

01 Nova Heart (Redanka Plugged Mix)
02 Nova Heart (Lee Cabrera Dub Mix)

Link to download :

Biography :
The Spoons. Pop group, formed in 1979 in Burlington, Ont, west of Toronto. Original members were Gordon Deppe (guitar, vocals), Sandy Horne (bass, vocals), Brett Wickens (keyboards) and Derrick Ross (drums). Wickens was replaced by Rob Preuss in 1981, and Preuss and Ross were replaced by Scott MacDonald and Steve Kendry respectively in 1986. The Spoons enjoyed early success with teenaged audiences on the basis of the debut LP Stick Figure Neighbourhood (Ready LR-012) in 1981 and the 12-inch single 'Nova Heart' in 1982, both of which were in the synthesizer-based 'electro-pop' style of the day.
Developing a tougher rock style in the course of the 1980s, The Spoons made little impact on record outside of Canada but maintained a national profile with such songs (and corresponding videos) as 'Arias & Symphonies' (from an LP of the same title, Ready LR-022) in 1982, 'Old Emotions' (from Talkback, Ready LR-039) in 1983, 'Tell No Lies' and 'Romantic Traffic' in 1984, 'Bridge Over Borders' (from an album of the same title, Anthem ANR-1-1050) in 1986, and 'When Time Turns Around' (from Vertigo Tango, Anthem ANR-1-1054) in 1988. Canadian sales of both Arias & Symphonies and Talkback exceeded 50,000 copies. The Spoons have toured extensively in Canada and occasionally - eg, in 1983 opening for Culture Club and in 1987 opening for Survivor and Human League - in the USA. The band was still active in 1990 when Deppe and MacDonald introduced Punch House, and Horne and Kendry formed Hurricane Jane. The Spoons toured and opened for acts such as Culture Club, The Police, and Survivor and were pioneers on the pop video scene.

About Sandy Horne:
Slowing down a bit to raise a family, Sandy has formed her own all-female "alternative classical" group calle
d "Amaris", and last year she started working with James, wandering across the street to help him record his double-CD retrospective Mining For Gold. This year her musical input was a major part of the sound behind the folk legend James Gordon's new release "One Timeless Moment".Sandy adds bass, vocals, and hair to the proceedings, and sings a couple of her own songs in the process. James Gordon and Sandy Horne cover a lot of musical territory in their new duo, with original songs ranging from the historical to the hysterical. They have discovered that their combined experiences with touring and recording in the folk and rock genres...

Stick Figure Neighbourhood (1981)
Arias & Symphonies (1982)
Talkback (1983)
Listen to the City (1984) [O.S.T.]
Bridges Over Borders (1986)
Vertigo Tango (1988)
Collectible Spoons (1994, greatest hits)

"Spoons live in Concert [Toronto 1982 & Montreal 1984]" (Sept 12, 2006)

More info :
http://www.galaxie.ca/en/1/dj_fs.php?id=13 about Gordon Deppe

http://www.myspace.com/5starfall about the new band (5 Star Fall) of Gordon Deppe (Gordon Deppe - Lead vocals, guitars, amplification devices, pedals, batteries...)


The Flirts :

question of the heart

blondes brunetts

calling all boy

Born To Flirt

Gary's Gang :

cd 1. -http://www.filesend.net/download.php?f=22d813370c52a83a838fd3a1f03e91bc

cd 2. -http://www.filesend.net/download.php?f=8cd26cb578804889aba758e9b4940f07


all mixed up (volume 4)

Enjoy !!


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Hi Salty,
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Great work as always ...
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Welcome ! Your blog is full of unexpected surprises and past memories. I'm looking for some songs from synth band called Dial M and this is no1 on my most wanted list... Maybe you can help me ? Steve PS If you wanna some synth or alternative records just give me a sign - my collection is yours.

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Thanks for the tracks. But who recorded/encoded Talkback? It's in mono.

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Holy crap. These Nova Heart mixes are great! I wasn't expecting much, but I'm well impressed. Thanks for sharing.

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thank you so much!

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Saltyka et al. - you guys are amazing! I have been searching for anything by the Spoons for months (I remember their "Arias and Symphonies" album from way back when...), and your posting with several of their albums and EPs is a wonderful find. Thank you!

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Maybe someday you can re-post links to the Spoons (except Arias....) ?

Thanks for all you do.


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Saltyka, is there a chance you re-up the Spoons albums?

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updated (20.11.2008)


Arias & Symphonies (1982) (from http://crap-u-lence.blogspot.com/)

Talk Back (1983)

Vertigo Tango (1988)

Stick Figure Neighbourhood

Collectible Spoons

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Thank you so very much for taking the time to up those again, I know how time consuming this is and I appreciate it. Thanks again.

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thanks for talk back been looking for quiet world a long time

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I have a question,I'm looking for Dial M too,
Could you send me them, pleeease?
Thank you!

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yes Daria, if you share your email i will send you:)

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Re-Up, please, The Spoons - Vertigo Tango. File not Found!

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please reupload the spoons. thanks

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a reup of vertigo tango would be much appreciated!

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