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SAD LOVERS & GIANT posted by Anvilscepe

Alternative Rock, New Wave


Bass, Keyboards - Cliff Silver/ Drums, Percussion - Nigel Pollard/ Engineer - Joe Bull/ Guitar, Percussion, Backing Vocals - Tristan Garel-Funk/ Keyboards, Percussion, Saxophone - David Wood/Producer - Nick Ralph , Steve Burgess/Vocals - Garce

All tracks recorded at Spaceward in 1983 except "3 Lines", recorded live at The Brunel Rooms, Swindon, 1983. "Cow Boys" was remixed at The Twilight Zone, Berry Street, 1998.Contains the nine tracks found on the "Feeding the Flame" LP (CHIME 00.03), plus four bonus tracks: "Imagination"", "Cow Boys", "3 Lines", and "Close To The Sea".

Tracklist :

01 Imagination (7:22)
02 Cow Boys (5:34)
03 3 Lines (3:13)
04 Big Tracks Little Tracks (3:31)
05 On Another Day (5:01)
06 Sleep (Is For Everyone) (5:04)
07 Vendetta (4:37)
08 Man Of Straw (6:18)
09 Close To The Sea (4:44)
10 Strange Orchard (6:11)
11 Burning Beaches (4:12)
12 Your Skin And Mine (5:21)
13 In Flux (5:57)

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"Nearly equaling the quality of their fine debut, SLaG's sophomore effort finds them a little more focused and is a bit more consistent altogether, if maybe lacking a couple of the very strong cuts of the the prior. Like Epic Garden Music, the bonus tracks are in the beginning, and tend to as strong as the album itself, if not stronger at times. A new recording of the fine "Imagination" kicks things off on a powerful note, and the final track "In Flux" (one of their finest songs) closes things off just the same, and in between those is a collection of songs ranging from mellow to upbeat, but always emotional and well-crafted. Standouts include the aforementioned songs as well as "Cowboys", "Sleep Is For Everyone", and "On Another Day". A great follow up to a great debut by a sincerely overlooked band."


Tracks 1-3 were recorded at Pet Sounds in 1981. Tracks 4 & 5 were recorded at Surrey Sound in 1981. Tracks 6 & 7 were recorded at Silo in 1982 and were remixed at The Twilight Zone, Berry Street in 1988. Tracks 8-15 were recorded at Spaceward in 1983.
Contains the the eight tracks originally released on the "Epic Garden Music" 12-inch (CHIME 00.01), plus seven bonus tracks taken from three 7-inch releases: "Imagination", "Landslide", and "When I See You" (From "Clé"); "Colourless Dream" and "Things We Never Did" (from "Colourless Dream"); "Lost in a Moment" and "The Tightrope Touch" (from "Lost in a Moment").

Tracklist :

01 Imagination (5:40)
02 Landslide (3:00)
03 When I See You (3:16)
04 Colourless Dream (4:44)
05 Things We Never Did (4:07)
06 Lost In A Moment (4:18)
07 The Tightrope Touch (5:18)
08 Echoplay (2:55)
09 Clocktower Lodge (4:17)
10 Clint (3:27)
11 Lope (3:28)
12 Cloud 9 (3:21)
13 ART (By Me) (3:04)
14 Alice (Isn't Playing) (3:44)
15 Far From The Sea (4:45)

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"While Epic Garden Music is pretty much what its self-satiric title suggests, it also boasts several excellent crystallizations of the group's style. Feeding the Flame, after an abrasive opening, is much quieter, a less immediate and ultimately more distressing record. (Both CDs contain numerous bonus tracks.)"

Biography :
Formed in 1981 (Watford, England) by vocalist Garce Allard and guitarist Tristan Garel-Funk Sad Lovers And Giants built a bridge between 1970s English progressive/folk-rock (Strawbs, Fairport Convention, Jethro Tull, King Crimson) and 1980s American folk-rock (R.E.M.). Their albums (The original line up produced two albums) Epic Garden Music (Midnight, 1982) and Feeding the Flame (Midnight, 1984) offered a emphatic, romantic, pastoral, fairy-tales. The band split up in 1984 on the verge of commercial success .They returned with a new keyboardist and second guitarist Tony McGuinness to record The Mirror Test (Midnight, 1987). But Treehouse Poetry will be released only years later.
Their sound blends post-punk, folk and psychedelia and has seen them described as 'a pastoral Pink Floyd'.
The band's members have included Garçe (vocals), Tristan Garel-Funk (who went on to form The Snake Corps) (guitar), Tony McGuinness (now part of the trance trio Above & Beyond) (Guitar), Cliff Silver (bass), Ian Gibson (bass), David Wood (keyboards and saxophone), Juliet Sainsbury (keyboards) and Nigel Pollard (drums & percussion).
E-mail From Eternity, a 'best of' compilation was released in 1996. After Melting in the Fullness of Time (from 2002) the band seemed to have split for good, but they are currently in rehearsals with new material and live shows a possibility.

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I'm speechless...Sad Lovers & Giants...a bigger part of my musical life...
2 timeless masterpieces,for me...

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I would take one of these with me to that lonely island.

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