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STRICTLY Inc. - Strictly Inc. (1995) posted by Svabdos

Genre :
Electronic, Pop
Style :
Synth-Pop, Soft Rock

Credits & Notes :
Label: Virgin UK (CDV2790)
Released: October, 1995
produced by Tony Banks & Nick Davis/Engineered by Nick Davis
Recorded at The Farm, Surrey, England
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Studios, Portland, Maine, USA
Artwork by Hills Archer Ink./Illustrations by John Challis

TONY BANKS (Genesis): KEYBOARDS (Including synth guitar, bass, and percussion)
JOHN ROBINSON: DRUMS {famous session musician appeared with Herbie Hancock,Pointer Sisters,Chaka Khan,M.Jackson,Patti Austin etc.)
DARYL STUERMER: GUITAR (Wall of Sound, Solo on Island In The Darkness) {Jean-Luc Ponty (1975-1978) and Genesis (1978-1992),Phil Collins' band since 1982}
NATHAN EAST: BASS (Don't Turn Your Back On Me, Never Let Me Know, Charity Balls, Something To Live For) {Jazz bassist who was born in Philadelphia in 1955 and raised on in San Diego. In his long career he has recorded with a wide variety of artists including Anita Baker, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones and Elton John.}

Tracklist :

01 Don't Turn Your Back On Me
02 Walls Of Sound
03 Only Seventeen
04 The Serpent Said
05 Never Let Me Know
06 Charity Balls
07 Something To Live For
08 A Piece Of You
09 Strictly Incognito
10 An Island In The Darkness

Link to download :

Tony Banks latest project is called Strictly Inc, and features the vocal talents of Jack Hues, formerly of Wang Chung. Virtually all the music was written by Banks, lyrics were added later by Hues, and the whole album was recorded at Genesis' comfortable studio in the Surrey countryside, where we now sit... (

"When this album was released in 1995, it sank without a trace and didn't even see a US release. Though Tony Banks' solo output away fom Genesis has never been successful, the music has always, always been good. Everything you would want from a good Genesis album is here- strong songs, emotional vocals and cinematic, atmospheric keyboards. This album beats the pants off of Calling All Stations, released a couple years later. Though Phil Collins was the face of Genesis, Tony was without a doubt the musical soul of that band. Strictly Inc. teams Tony with Wang Chung singer Jack Hues, possibly the best vocalist on a Banks solo album. His voice adds a bit of 'New Romantic' suave to the material, giving it an 80's sound while sounding timeless at the same time. Highlights include emotional balads 'A Piece Of You' and sadness-tinged 'Never Let Me Know', slight techno-ish 'Only Seventeen', 'Strictly Incognito' a song about an ice cream truck driver who falls for a schizophrenic minor, and Tony's finest solo moment, the 17-minute 'Island In The Darkness', in which Tony seems to have been channeling 1977-80 era Genesis with that piano sound we know from albums like 'And Then There Were Three'. A powerful and melodramatic track, 'Island' goes through many moods and 'movements' and also features a soulful guitar solo from Daryl Stuermer.
One thing that sank this album was the 'band' moniker of 'Strictly Inc.'- most people probably didn't even know it was a Banks album, not that it would have sold much better. But still, Tony should have learned his lesson with 'Bankstatement', his 1989 'band'/duo/project thing which met a similar fate, so 'Strictly Inc.' was dead before it was even out of the box. It really should have been called Tony Banks/Jack Hues. The cover gives no indication as to who is on the album, just 'Strictly Inc.' with a couple cartoon characters on it on a white background(what is it with these Genesis people with albums with white backgrounds?).The music however is well worth checking out, and special mention must be made for Wang Chung's Jack Hues who's vocals fit Tony's music like a glove. 80's/Wang Chung fans should check this out too. Well crafted, great songs, great keyboards, great atmosphere, great vocals, bad band name. I can't praise this album enough."

"There is simply not enough to say about this album. This album has it all...great vocals, a great story with every song and hypnotizing musical (Tony's keyboard genius) elements that will make you wear out your music system. Tony Banks has proven to be THE core of Genesis. As you listen, you'll be "hooked" on the very refreshingly original sound that Mr.Banks offers. Obviously from this album, Mr. Tony Banks prides himself on absolute originality, a quality extinct just as the dinosaurs are today. Mr.Banks keyboard talent features a brilliant mixture of modern synthesizer and classical piano. You'll rob yourself of pure music pleasure if you don't buy this album. Go get it now, it'll sound great in any music system you own. Experience music as it should be!!!!! You'll be happy you did!"

Lot of thanks Svabdos for this and Deborah !!


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I'd like to find the B-side "Back to You".

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Blogger John Sposato said...

Got it now but I'd like to get this on CD.

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