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Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: New Wave, Synth-pop
Graham Lee -Rhodes Chroma,Precision Bass,Piano,Simmonds Drums,Drumulator
Lee Walsh-Vocals

"Tear You Down (12" version)"



01 Tear You Down
02 Touch
03 I Will Return
04 Shoot Shoot
05 I Still Love You
06 English Evenings
07 Winter Feelings
08 What's The Matter With Helen
09 Keep It To Myself
10 Circle Round Your Number
11 I Will Return (extended)
12 White Mask
13 Tear You Down (extended)
14 Gave You My Heart

Link to download:

Its never released on Cd format,the covers are homemade.


Tracklist :

01 Touch (extended)
02 Touch (after dark mix)
03 The Final Supper (b side)
04 Englisgh Evenings (club remix)
05 English Evenings (12'' Version)
06 What's The Matter With Helen
07 Tear You Down (extended)
08 Tear You Down (G.C.B. mix)
09 Gave U My Heart(b side)
10 I WIll Return (midnight maneuvers mix)
11 White Mask (b side)

Link to download:

English Evenings,this not a well known synth-pop band formed in 1983 and released only one album in 1985.Their music follows the sounds of that time.There are some quite good songs on this album as the first song (is a bit similar to "Relax" from FGTH) .Their album released by Safari Records was a UK based label releasing Synth-pop, Indie and New Wave during the 70's and 80's.This was the label of Toyah too. Although the producer was the famous Phil Harding (Toyah, Nitzer Ebb, Pet Shop Boys etc.) they didnt get too much succes(More info about Phil Harding

Graham Lee and Lee Walsh later produced one song for Leeds United :
"an exremely catchy pop dance song, "We are Leeds", early 1990. When you hear it for the first time, you perhaps think that it is influenced by "World in Motion" from New Orders"
( )

The Crew - We Are Leeds
Produced by Graham Lee & Lee Walsh 1990

was a member of Sly FOx which soon changed its name to One Adult (1979-80) as "Lee Valone - vocals (later to form pop duo ENGLISH EVENINGS)"
One Adult disbanded due to Rob the drummer "had taken up the offer of a job in Kuwait later that year and Lee believed he could further his musical career elsewhere. To his credit he did, quite succesfully, obtaining a record deal under his duo's name of English Evenings, releasing two singles and appearing in the studio on Saturday mornings kids telly of the day along with an airing of the video of their single 'I will return'."

Lot of stories about Lee Walsh and the band is here:

He is currently a member of The Durbervilles: Lee Walsh – vocals, 12 string guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, mouth organ; "talents of three locally based musicians who all have an established track record (variously key members of Fiat Lux, The Parachute Men, English Evenings and This"

More info on The Durbervilles:

The Durbervilles released an excellent album in 2006 (this was their third CD) where "the excellence of Lee Walsh's voice gets proper representation in the recording.". Though i have never heard it unfortunatelly, but it got very good critics: and

More info about Lee Walsh:

I found in an article belong to Lee Walsh' band The Durbervilles:
"the whole thing (The Durbevilles album) was mixed in London by sound engineer Graham Lee"
So perhaps i found Graham ? I have to ask now Lee Walsh about it.

More info:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hej Salty :)
Its another GREAT & "mystery" band from the '80s.
I like this sounds (another unknown precious pearl for me:)
Thank You VERY MUCH Saltyka(!)
Best regards

12:25 PM  
Blogger Paul F. said...

I just posted a great track by English Evenings in my new mix, "Those Brilliant Teens (demo)":

Paul F

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when i was young remember a beautyful video of this group. But i could't buy the disk. I have searched for them but i never found something. I think they are not much different from ABC...but with a very different fortune!!! Thank u very much


11:08 AM  
Blogger Leedurb said...

Hi Salty

Thanks for making our album available to all the 80's music lovers out there, good to see people are enjoying it, I really had a good time writing and making it, sorry there's not much more but i still have a few cassettes of demo's of songs that never made the light of day.....thanks again mate

Lee Walsh (vocals)

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Health News said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

please please re upload ths link is down, please please re upload!!!

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