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Alternative Pop-Rock/Power Pop/Jangle Pop

GAWK (1985)

Tracklist :

01 Numbers
02 All in the Family
03 Feeling Around
04 Academia
05 Faith in Love
06 Bus Stop
07 Neil Young
08 500 Miles
09 Typical World
10 Like Laughing
11 Dear Alex
12 Walking Alone
13 Even the Wheelville
14 She's No Angel

Link to download:


Tracklist :

01 house of mirrors
02 Book Of Love
03 Typical Word
04 Blow Me Up
05 500 Miles
06 Kimberly Stews
07 Three Girls From Detroit
08 Doubts
09 It's Gonna Be Allright
10 Like Laughing

Link to download:

Will & The Bushmen ruled the Southern college and small venue circuits in the mid- to late-'80s. Their live shows were thrillers full of screaming guitars and smart, well-crafted pop songs. Many times a great live band will disappoint in the studio, somehow trying to bottle the lightning. That's not the case on this first Will & The Bushmen album, Gawk. Maybe they were too young to know how to screw it up, or maybe they just got it right. Remastered and resequensed for CD, with never-released bonus tracks added, Gawk remains one of the coolest rock records made during a pretty creative time in Southern music.
After releasing Gawk, and with new interest and some great reviews, the band were persuaded to move to Nashville to be a little closer to the pulse of what was going on in the publishing/production world. Their new manager was also in Nashville, and the band was soon signed to SBK who released their first major label record at about the same time they released records by Vanilla Ice and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Needless to say, views of the band and those of the label were quite divergent. SBK was convinced to pay for the next album, but license it away to a smaller label to hopefully get a little better marketing effort.
Although the band's third effort sold better, the band was soon released from their contract and soon after broke-up, just in time for their initial vinyl release and their two later CDs to become sought-after used record store items, in some cases fetching more than the original retail price.
In the several years since, between rare Will & The Bushmen reunion shows -usually around Mardi Gras in Mobile-Mark Pfaff and Sam Baylor have been more or less out of sight. Sam works in Nashville, and Mark formed a band, IGMO, that plays around the Nashville area. IGMO is working on a second album. Mark also plays around the South with the Lucky Mother Truckers (with Eric Dover of Imperial Drag) and Rollin' in the Hay and others. Mark works as a session harmonica player too--most recently for Patti Griffin, Imperial Drag, and Abra Moore. Will Kimbrough, though, has since been involved in another band, The Bis-quits, who recorded for Oh Boy Records, and has writing, recording and touring credits with Todd Snider; has toured extensively and recorded with Kim Richey and Matthew Ryan, and toured with Josh Rouse. He is also just now completing a solo record for Waxy Silver which will be out in the early Spring.


Anonymous Will Kimbrough said...

Will and the Bushmen's "Gawk" is back in print and available at my website:

The SBK Records album---the red one with "Blow Me Up" on it---is long out of print and SBK's parent company, EMI Records, has no plans for its rerelease.

I have made five solo records since The Bis-Quits, and stay quite busy producing artists like Todd Snider and others

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello and welcome here Will!!

Thanks for the great news!
Im going to show your message with my coming post within few days

all the best

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Will and Saltyka. I am the biggest fan of W&B, i tried to download the 1989 album named Will and The Bushmen and unfortunatelly didnt suceed on rapiddhare source while everythg is OK with Gawk album, can u pls kindly help me and give an advise where can i download fo free above mentioned album. I am the drummer from latest 80s rockopop band in Russia, Thanks so much)) Marc.

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi enjoy!

WILL & BUSHMEN - Self titled (1989)

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Health News said...

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Blogger Maximum Jack said...

Hi just stumbled on this blog looking for the self-titled Will & the Bushmen LP. I can't find it anywhere-- as WK states above it is long out of print. Any chance you could re-up this? It would be much appreciated.

6:50 PM  
Blogger Maximum Jack said...

I see now that this blog has been inactive for quite some time. If anyone else in blogland stumbles upon this page and reads the comments, and happens to have a handy link, post it here, please. I should get an email letting me know, thanks!

6:52 PM  
Anonymous cleananglingpledge said...

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