Friday, March 30, 2007


Synth / disco music in the style of Space


QUARTZ (1978)

Tracklist :

01 Quartz
02 Beyond The Clouds
03 For Geromine
04 Chaos

Link to download:

"Beyond the Clouds" was regarded as a bit of an anthem in the disco / very early dance music scene late 70's early 80's, and was played to death in both the New York gay clubs around Fire Island, San Francisco in clubs such as Trocadero Transfer and the Sandpiper, and over in Detroit along side Italo and Euro imports during the high school party scene with nights thrown by the Charevari and Gables clan etc. Ken Collier was said to have played it along side Kraftwerk "Robots", Liasions Dangereuses "Los Ninos" etc, and i can just imagine the scene. Still played these days by the likes of Juan Atkins and Carl Craig, its really worth tracking down a copy for the lovely dark jazzy piano stabs. "


Tracklist :

01 Camel In The City
02 Discoland
03 Antigua
04 Walking On The Floor
05 After Love
06 Casablanca

Link to download:

"When it comes to music the name Quartz is relatively common. While researching for this page I found many groups with the name Quartz, particularly a rock outfit from England. This album and all those associated with it rank up there as one of the more obscure and unknown. Besides having a nice hit with "Beyond The Clouds" and the epic "Quartz," the self-titled album gives no information on who were the players on this 1978 French release. Production and writer credits go to C. Quartz, now we don't know if this an actual person or a nom de plume? The fact that there is no singers or musicians listed on it makes honoring Quartz a near impossible task. A second album in 1979, released on Polydor (first was on T.K./Marlin), yielded no disco hits. "Camel In The City" failed to chart and is nearly impossible to find. "

There's nothing wrong with the second album to my mind.The sound is similar to their first album.So worth to try it!:)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks. more classic synth disco please. and more classic 70s and early 80s Italo-Disco with lots of synths please!!!

your truly,
the disco synth freak

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Bowie said...

I would very much like to know if anyone can help me with the lyrics (the few lines of it) of the song "Quartz". thx

9:18 PM  
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