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SELENA - Timebomb (1989)

Downtempo, Synth-pop, Disco

Producer - Marko Roosink , Nico Verrips

Tracklist :

01 Timebomb (3:35)
02 Blue By You (3:56)
03 Strange Love (3:35)
04 So Far Away (3:55)
05 It Must Be Love (1:56)
06 Cry Baby Cry (3:43)
07 Shotgun (3:44)
08 Eyes On You (4:15)
09 And My Heart Beats (3:53)
10 Missing You (4:31)

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Biography :
For a short moment in time, in the latter part of the 1980’s, Selena was a big Dutch export. She released various dance singles all around the world, from the United Kingdom to Australia, though sadly her biggest success was limited to Europe. In Finland, for example, she was greeted with a Madonna-like hysteria. Selena was BIG!!! Soon many other countries followed: Greece, Portugal, Norway, Sweden; in all those countries she made the top 10 and was a huge star...for a short while. With sexy video-clips to promote her first few singles she could do no wrong!! In contrast with her success there, success in her home country of Holland was really quite minimal. Yes, she did have some hit songs there, but with her biggest hit ‘Shotgun’ only reaching the disappointing heights of #17, you can’t really say she ‘made it big’.Her first three singles did make the top 40, and her first (and only) album made its entrance in the top 100 at #62. The album was produced mainly by the duo Nico Verrips and Marco Roosink (who later went on to have HUGE hits as the ‘people behind’ Mad House, who had big worldwide hits with covers of Madonna tracks in the 1990´s). The album was mainly filled with dance tracks, but also had a few ballads, like Selena’s last single of the 1980’s ‘And My Heart Beats’ which did make the Dutch tip parade (a kind of pre top 40 chart). Selena would say that releasing `And My Heart Beats´ would be the second chapter in her career. She was fed up with the ‘Dance Artist’ label that was given to her, and though Marco and Nico did write new songs for her, she thought they were too similar to the songs on her Timebomb album. Selena wanted to show that she could do more so she changed producers, which, sadly, would be the beginning of the end for her career.A new single was released in 1990 called ´Time After Time´. It was written by Evert K Abbing and Jan Tekstra, and produced by Walter Samuel and Evert. They had previously had success with Dutch group `Lois Lane´. The single was greeted with favourable reviews by the press, but really didn’t succeed in the charts and didn’t even have a video-clip. At that time you could not have a hit without a video to boot!! MTV was in full force! Selena said the money for a video-clip would be better spent on a back-up band for a tour and that if other countries would be interested in the single, a video-clip could always still be made. The single did make the Dutch top 100 (which was a different chart to the official top 40 chart) but got stuck at #78, though the single didn’t get a release in other parts of Europe. Another single was released called `Hit Me with Your Loving` but at that time it really was the end. The single was released on 7inch and 2-track CD single. No remixes were ever made and, again, no video clip. It was doomed to fail and didn’t even make the top 100. In an interview during the release of Time after Time, Selena said that she was almost finished recording her new album and that it would be released in October of that year (1990). Sadly the album never saw the light of day, and that seemed to signal the end for Selena.Beginning of the 90's Selena met her then soon to be husband.Music was not a number one priority for her anymore.Soon after she quit being a singer and these days she's taking care of her 3 childeren, 3 dogs and cat and her husband.I hope she is happy and who knows one day she will give singing a go again, we can only dream....!!!This site is in honour of Selena and the great time she and her music gave me in my youth (and still today)!!!Thank you Selena!!!!

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