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BAOBAB - It's Entertainment (1984)

Electronic, Hip Hop
Electro, Break Dance

Felix Felixine (born 25-11-1960 in Martinique)
Jose Thimonga (born 22-10-1956 in the Caribbean)
Patrice Ayivi (born 10-3-1958 in Bordeaux, France)

Produced and arranged by Claus Zundel · Theo Werdin

Tracklist :

01 Let's Break (ghettoblaster version) 6:29
02 N.O. J.O.B. 5:36
03 We Love To Love 5:17
04 Boxing Fight 5:25
05 Charmaine 3:38
06 It's Party Time 5:21
07 Let's Break (street dub version) 5:42
08 N.O. J.O.B. (special disco re-mix dub version) 6:32

Link to download:


N.O. J.O.B. Vinyl, 12" (1983)

01 N.O. J.O.B. (5:35)
02 N.O. J.O.B. (Special Disco Re-Mix Dub Version) (6:33)

LET'S BREAK Vinyl, 12" (1984)

01 Let's Break (Ghettoblaster-Version) (6:27)
02 Let's Break (Street-Dub-Version) (5:40)

Link to download for both 12 ":

It is very hard to find info about my favourite break band ("Let's Break" and "N.O.J.O.B" were international break dance hits), so i was very happy ,when i found Felix,who was so nice to answer my questions few weeks ago:)

So here is my short interview with Felix Felixine about Baobab :

How did you decided to start Baobab ?
In the late 70´s, we were hanging Patrice and me in a big discothec call The Palace ( it was the french Studio 54 ) there i start the band with Patrice , we start first with dancing then the music , i was DJ in Paris at the time and i did also some music produced in Italy .

Why didnt you release more albums?
Because we split in 1988, we have been at that time already 10 years together, when we started we were 18-20 years old but a decade later with 28-30 years everyone wanted to do something different.

How do you remeber your Baobab's period?
It was really really fun, we have had a funky good time.We were one of the first group straight from the street and urban culture in France and i think in Germany.Sometimes it was not easy because people were thinking that we were breakdancers straight from the USA but in fact we were street dancers with acrobatics elements from France, we are not americans we were not from the Bronx, we had our own style from Paris ( at that time were the best in France ) and it was not breakdance , in fact really different from the USA style, to follow the beat and the groove were really important for us , the B-Boys in N-Y did not care really if their moves were on the beat . We learnt Breakdance because the people expect this from us ,our style was a mix between french acrobatic street dance and breakdance, it tell you it was not easy at that time to learn it, no internet, no MTV, nothing .....if you wanted to learn something in Breakdance back in 1980-1982 you had to go to N-Y City (Bronx)...but all became different after Movies like Beat street, Breakin´ and Wildstyle ...everybody starts to dance Hip Hop..Breakdance..Locking..Poping..electric boogie...and so on..... but before nothing Man.

What was the philosophy/conception of the band?
We were in the first place dancers , then singers , rappers and comedians , we love differents types of music , we have been trying to bring them together : street attitude, funk, hiphop, afro-caribean but comedy as well specially when we were on stage( did you ever see our BOXE FIGHT...funny ) .

Where can i watch a video with Baobab?
That it is difficult because we were in the 80´s and not everydody had a video camera like today that was not a easy thing to organize, for example WE never seen our original video made by our record company for N.O. J.O.B. , so you see , i have few video footage from shows but in quite bad quality.

Are you planning to create a page dedicated to the band (myspace or so) ?
Maybe one day if i find the time then i let you know.

Id like to know what happened to you and the other two the membersafter the Baobab's years.Are you still playing/dancing together?
No we are no more Together since 1988, José is back in Martinique (Caribbean) , Patrice is living in Italy still doing HIP HOP and dancing with his Brother Fred and i´m in Germany doing Choreography for Dance Shows and Fashion Shows and directed also 2 Hip Hop musicals in Germany call TAM TAM (1996) and GHETTOBLASTER (2000) with the South Side Rockers .But i see Patrice not so long ago and we plan to do music again together but not under the name Baobab.i let you know when we get started.

More info: site of Patrice Ayivi


Blogger RObert POland said...


Don`t - Stop! - Bao - bab.

It was fantastic years for me (1984 and 1985:))

Thanks for this album.


3:21 PM  
Anonymous Closerbo said...

HEY Saltyka,

You DID it again :)!
Great post
I didn't remember this band but I was curious about it
this is nice sound from that era

do you have by any chance the song
Sidney " Let's break" from the same year ?
Infos here


2:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for Baobab album.


8:19 PM  
Anonymous aiR^_^ said...

Pleeeeeeease could you reupload th album?I mean It's Entertainment....thank you very much:)

7:55 AM  
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I can't believe how much of this I just wasn't aware of. Thank you for bringing more information to this topic for me. I'm truly grateful and really impressed.

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