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Electronic, Funk / Soul

"The Visitors"

KEBEKELEKTRIK - Kebekektrik (1977)

Mastered By - José Rodriguez Mixed By - Tom Moulton Percussion [Additional Percussion] - Moto Producer - Pat Deserio


01 Bolero (Tom Moulton Mix) (14:02) Remix - Tom Moulton
02 Magic Fly (Tom Moulton Mix) (6:25) Remix - Tom Moulton
03 Mirage (Tom Moulton Mix) (6:23) Remix - Tom Moulton
04 War Dance (Tom Moulton Mix) (9:03) Remix - Tom Moulton
05 Magic Fly (4:10) 0
6 Mirage (6:14)
07 War Dance (8:06)
08 Bolero (15:43)
09 War Dance (12" Mix) (7:22

Link to download:

The group name Kebekelektrik is purported to come from "Quebec Electric." They were best known for "War Dance. Kebekelektric disco work from this spacey Canadian project -- Quebec's answer to the electronics of the German scene! The group have a great sound that mixes Kraftwerk-like keys and synth with the livelier disco grooves of the Prelude scene -- going for a mix of uptempo styles that's all instrumental, and which really lets the keyboards do some wonderful work! The set features the group's stunning classic "Magic Fly", plus "Mirage", "War Dance", and a great version of "Bolero". CD also features 4 bonus Tom Moulton mixes!
"This instrumental disco album was first released in 1978 with Bolero (Ravel) 14 minutes, Magic Fly (Ecama) 6 minutes +, Mirage (Deserio) 6 minutes + and War Dance (Soccio/Deserio) just short of 8 minutes. It was produced by Pat Deserio with inputs by Gino Soccio, at various studios in Montreal.
Added recording and mixing was done at Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia. With this CD release, the album has been substantially enhanced by the addition of the 12" mix of War Dance and the four Tom Moulton remixes of the original tracks.
The record did very well on the disco charts back then. The style is a form of synth-driven hypnotic trance, not unlike Oxygene by Jean Michel Jarre, especially War Dance. Mirage is the most instrumentally varied track with distinctive guitar and infusions of jungle drums.
The original version of Magic Fly was a huge hit for the French band Magic Fly in 1977. Those into disco nostalgia, especially the electrodisco variety, will also remember Supernature by Cerrone and From Here to Eternity by Giorgio Moroder."

"I love this CD for it's electronic,futuristic fast tempo sound especially in "WAR DANCE"!Tom Moulton did a fantastic job mixing 9 minutes of this upbeat danceable disco track."WAR DANCE" was the only song that I knew from Kebekelektrik until I purchased the CD.I was instantly drawn to "MAGIC FLY"!The 6 min version is better than the 4 min one.It's smooth,easy listening yet a dance- able track!"BOLERO" is okay and "Mirage" is better than average. If you like computeristic songs with outstanding synthesizers you will enjoy this CD(especially WAR DANCE)!!!"

OUTLINE (1979)

Artwork By [Album Design, Illustration] - Greg Porto
Bass - Al McNeil , Busta Jones
Drums - Mark Hygden , Terry Martell
Engineer - Lindsay Kidd
Engineer [Assistant] - Jose Bunting , Pierre Groulx
Engineer [Mastering Engineer] - Robert Matichak
Flute - Carlyle Miller
Guitar - Walter Rossi Horns - Carlyle Miller , Richard Mortimer , Roger Walls , Yoram Levy
Other [Album Coordinator] - Bob Siegel , Ray Caviano
Percussion - Luc Boivin
Producer, Arranged By, Mixed By, Acoustic Guitar, Composed By, Drums, Keyboards, Lyrics By, Vocals - Gino Soccio
Programmed By [Synthesizer] - Stanley Brown
Vocals - Busta Jones , Heather Gauthier , Julia Gilmore , Laurie Niedzielzki , Sharon Lee Williams


01 Dancer
02 Visitors [Remix]
03 So Lonely
04 Dance to Dance
05 Visitors [Original Version]
06 There's a Woman 07 Visiteurs [Remix]
08 Visiteurs [Original Version][Mix]
09 Visitors [Instrumental]
10 Dancer [Radio Mix][Version]

Link to download:

"Outline is one of the quintessential albums from the disco age. It coheres as a whole very well, providing both listening and dancing pleasure with its throbbing basslines, stabbing keyboards, and spare, sometimes chanted vocals. When it arrived on the scene in 1979 it created a sensation for its taut production and unique artistic point of view. "Dancer" is the standout track and one of the best of the many releases during the late 70's. "Dance to Dance" is also very good. Actually, all of the tracks are great. This disc contains several added features, remixes and radio edits of several songs. This is a mixed blessing, as it is for any remastered lp's. The bonus features are great for the interest they add, but they also interfere with the organic whole of these vinyl projects, especially in a case like this where the original tracks are out of order, interspersed with remixes from a later time. I suppose the added tracks are desirable, as I always burn a copy of the original album for nostalgia's sake. Great dance music! Along with C'est Chic, Sylvester's Stars, Ashford & Simpson's Stay Free, Inner Life's second album, First Choice's Hold Your Horses, Sister Sledge's We Are Family, Linda Clifford's I'm Yours, Don Ray's Graden of Love, Donna Summer's Four Seasons of Love and Bad Girls, Outline is a must-have lp from the disco years."

"What else can be said about this...*THE* album that introduced Gino Soccio to the world! If you're looking for classic and classy disco music (even the critics liked his stuff!), get this album. The songs DANCER and DANCE TO DANCE are worth the price alone. Excellent!"

S-BEAT (1980)

Engineer - Paul Page
Mastered By - Jack Skinner
Mixed By - Gino Soccio , Paul Page
Producer, Arranged By - Gino Soccio
Written By - Gino Soccio


01 S-Beat
02 Heartbreaker
03 Rhythm of the World
04 Steady Operator
05 Run Away
06 Running in Circles
07 Love Is
08 I Wanna Take You There (Now)

Link to download:

"I think this is one of the best albums from Gino. I can't understand someone can say this isn't a good album. For me this one of the best disco albums I have. High quality disco with very good vocals and a really nice (rock n roll-) drive.. My favourite tracks are:'S-Beat', 'the Runaway' and 'I wanna take you there (now)'.If you are into high-quality/non-cheesie Disko than this one is a must have!!"

"THE RUNAWAY is classic. Enough said. I havent heard this album in years,(have it in storage on vinyl), and the round about beat still plays in my head. RHYTHM OF THE WORLD is like a B sci-fi movie, done disco. RUNNING IN CIRCLES is disco pop, and S-BEAT is just hop-along nonsense. (But I like it). LOVE IS, is of course, the longer version mixed from previous album, which still reminds me of that little cute cartoon that appeared in newspapers some years back. I still like THE RUNAWAY best! It was M doing a freaky Pop Muzik with the La-La-la's, and then breaking into a winding down electronical beat with no vocals, and further echoing effects of electronic nature. Viola, this album or CD was not meant to gather dust on anyone's shelf. Not if you have the speakers, imagination, and ability to mix songs at home."

"It is excellent piece of musicianship - go all the way to Quincy Jones' carrier, and then come back to find Gino Soccio to be right in that quality. Great to dance and have wealth of composition at once. Can't describe how surprised I am to find undecent review here. Disco? Much more, really..."

CLOSER (1981)

Arranged By, Guitar, Keyboards, Lead Vocals, Lyrics By, Music By, Producer - Gino Soccio
Artwork By [Design] - Jacques Bourassa
Backing Vocals - Carlyle Miller , Cindy Farr , Elisabeth Smith , Erma Shaw , Heather Gauthier , Laurie Niedzielski
Bass - Peter Kisilenko
Drums - Mark Higden
Engineer - Paul Pagé
Engineer [Assistant] - Clément Croteau
Engineer [Mastering] - Jack Skinner
Guitar - Bob Cohen , Howard Foreman , John Hagopian
Horns - Carlyle Miller , Gary Nagels , Roger Walls
Other [Album Concept] - Gino Soccio , Jacques Bourassa
Other [Coordination] - Gaston Gravell
Percussion - Jimmy Tanaka
Programmed By [Sequencer], Effects [Special] - Pierre Gauthier
Vocals - Elisabeth Smith (tracks: A1, B1) , Erma Shaw (tracks: A1, B1)


01 Try It Out
02 Street Talk
03 (It's Been) Too Long
04 Hold Tight
05 Love Is
06 Closer
07 Try It Out [Edited Version]
08 Try It Out [Instrumental]
09 Try It Out [Radio Mix][Version]

Link to download:



Arranged By, Backing Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Producer, Vocals, Written-By - Gino Soccio Artwork By - Michel McGurl , Sandi Young
Backing Vocals - Elisabeth Smith , Erma Shaw , Laurie Niedzielzki , Marie-Lou Gauthier
Backing Vocals, Horns - Carolyle Miller
Bass - Harold Fisher , Peter Kisilenko
Drums - Mark Higden (tracks: A1, A3 to B3)
Engineer - Paul Page Engineer [Assistant] - Diane Leboeuf , Normand Corbeil , Robert Verebely Engineer [Mastering] - Jack Skinner
Guitar - Howard Forman Horns - Lafleche Doré
Percussion - Luc Boivin
Photography - Jacques Bourassa
Programmed By [Sequencer] - Pierre Gauthier


01 It's Alright
02 Dream On
03 You Move Me
04 Who Dunnit?
05 Remember
06 Look at Yourself
07 Remember [Remix]
08 It's Alright [Radio Edit]
09 Remember [Radio Edit]

Link to download:

"This is my favourite Gino Soccio Album. Every track is hypnotic. Mr. Soccio, your talent is undeniable!"

"Although all his albums are excellent (with the exception of "S-Beat", an ill-advised attempt at rock music with truly awful results), FACE TO FACE is *THE* Gino Soccio album to own. Every song has its own unique sound; this is not a "cookie cutter" album. And even though this is disco music, it's a far cry from the mindless "ooh, ooh, boogie" tracks of the period. The excellent remix of "Remember" is worth the price of this CD alone. A must have for any serious music collection."

"After 1981's foray into funk (Closer), Soccio returned to his dance music roots a bit with this album. It contains some very good tracks, notably "Remember," "It's Alright," and two others. It also revisits the hooks from Lipps Inc's "Funkytown" and early SOS Band. As such, it is less original than Soccio's outstanding first lp. It does, however, show beginning ventures into the New Wavish electronic music that would become prominent in dance in this and the next several years with groups such as Visage."

"Gino Soccio is one highly talented man. He's innovative and adventerous with his music. I have all the cd's of his albums, but the one that gets played the most is Face To Face. Every track is fascinating and the beats are real smooth. I have to admit, I don't always get into long dance songs. More often than not, I tend to listen to the single versions if they're available. With Mr. Soccio, it's a different story. I have no problem delving into his long tracks because they sound so amazing, especially when it comes to this particular album. I'm glad Unidisc included the remix of Remember and the single version of It's Alright as bonus tracks. I always felt that Mr. Soccio's voice was too far in the background on the original mix of Remember, but on the remix, it's more up in the front. This album is one of my very favourites, whether I'm in the mood to dance or go into a trance with my headphones on. Don't miss this one!!!"



01 Out of My Life
02 Scene [Extended Version]
03 Human Nature
04 Street Talk
05 Visitors [Remix]
06 Temptation Eyes [Re-Extended Version][Mix]
07 Remember
08 Turn It Around [Extended Version]
09 Dancer
10 Try It Out
11 Love Is
12 Think Back
13 Sauve Qui Peut
14 Camouflage
15 Turn It Around [Radio Version]

Links to download:

"The majority of tracks here come from Soccio's New Wavey, electronic 80's work rather than the clean, spare, original, and well constructed 70's numbers."



01 Dancer (8:33)
02 Try It Out (6:05)
03 The Visitors (5:29)
04 Remember (6:25)
05 Turn It Around (7:13)
06 It's Alright (7:36)
07 Human Nature (6:53)
08 S Beat (4:45)
09 Hold Tight (5:17)
10 Megamix (11:52)

Link to download:

BEST OF (1995)


01 Dancer Listen Listen
02 Try It Out Listen Listen
03 The Visitors (Remix) Listen Listen
04 Turn It Around ( Extended Mix ) Listen Listen
05 It's Alright Listen Listen
06 Human Nature Listen Listen
07 S-Beat Listen Listen
08 Hold Tight Listen Listen
09 Les Visiteurs Listen Listen
10 Remember ( Remix ) Listen Listen
11 Megamix (Edited Version): S-Beat/Try It Out/Dancer/It's Alright/Remember/Turn It Around/Human Nature

Link to download:

"What else can be said about Gino Soccio? If you're a fan, you already know about the incredibly inventive disco and dance music he wrote in the late 70's/early 80's. Even the critics liked him! And we all know how terrible they were to disco overall. The only bad track, in my opinion, is the annoying "S-Beat" which we can only attest to a momentarily lapse of good taste, when he tried (in vain) to go in a more rock-oriented direction. But the rest is A+ material that will certainly bring back memories. For those unfamiliar with his work, this is a marvelous example of good, professional quality disco music. This truly is worthy of "Best Of" status."


A solo artist, session musician and producer (known as Kebekelektrik), Gino Soccio released his first album, Outline, in 1979. It featured the number one disco smash, "Dancer." He has also released S-Beat (1980), Closer (1981), Face to Face (1982) and Remember (1984). ~ John Bush, All Music Guide

1979 Outline (Celebration/Quality)
1980 S-Beat
1981 Closer
1982 Face To Face
1984 Remember

More info:


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