Friday, July 27, 2007

GIANT STEPS - The Book Of Pride (1988)

Electronic ,Pop

"Another Lover"

"Into You"

Colin Campsie - vocals
George McFarlane - Keyboards, Guitars

Gardner Cole - Keyboards
Edie Lehmann - Backgrounds
Bruce Gaitsch - Guitars
David Boruff - Sax


01 Steamy
02 (The World Don't Need) Another Lover
03 Into You
04 Golden Hours (Bone)
05 Do You Still Care
06 Same Planet Different World
07 The Book of Pride
08 The End of the War
09 Dance Away
10 Dream Wonderful

Link to download:

"The Song "Another Lover" is on this which redeems the cd to a degree. IMHO, "Another Lover" is one catchy, infectious, and well crafted pop song. Definitely one of the best 80s mainstream pop tunes around. There is the more familiar radio edit of this tune floating around (and I actually prefer that most) but the album version here is decent enough. Other than that, nothing else on the album really stands apart except for the follow up single to "Another Lover", "Into You" which is also a winner. Since this cd is next to impossible to find, I would advise it on the merits of pop appeal to anyone with a penchant for 80s synth laced top 40. Again - "Another Lover" is well worth the find and "Into You" is respectable enough as far as pop goes."

If you are a fan of Go West,you will like this album

Giant Steps was a dance pop duo from England that consisted of vocalist Colin "Col" Campsie and bassist/keyboardist George McFarlane. They previously recorded as The Quick (Ive posted before the albums of Quick).Giant Steps's only album, Book of Pride, was released in 1988, and the single, "Another Lover," from the album became a huge hit in America, peaking at #11 in the Billboard Hot 100. The follow-up single, "Into You" was a modest U.S. chart success, reaching the top 50 in early 1989.
Lately, Campsie has turned his talents to songwriting, including the spoof Chantelle Houghton "hit" "I Want It Right Now" (originally slated for Kylie Minogue) via the spoof group Kandy Floss. He has also written tracks for Natalie Imbruglia ("Don't You Think?" and "Wishing I Was There" on Imbruglia's debut album "Left of the Middle"), and the top-ten hit by Hepburn "I Quit" (a song which Natalie rejected for her album).
In 2006, Campsie became infamous for writing the Kandy Floss record and was mistakenly credited as being a famous member of Go West by Mr Holy Moly in Metro's 25 February edition. (Campsie was closely involved with, but was not a member of, the pop band Go West)
Debut album of the synth pop band Endgames produced by Colin Campsie and George McFarland (aka The Quick) and a song of Haywoode - Roses too


Anonymous Genkuro said...

I have been looking for this album.

Thank you very much for sharing your link

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This has been out of print for so long. I am glad you posted it and such a nice quality copy. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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