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Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Glam

Patrick Briggs/Tommy Salmorin/Ena Kostabi/Enrique Tiru Velez/Reeka/Buz

some VIDEO of Pat Briggs


Mixed By - Don Fury (tracks: 1, 5, 7)/ Producer - Don Fury , Psychotica /Producer [Additional], Mixed By - Doug De Angelis (tracks: 2 to 4, 6, 8 to 15, 17, 18)

All songs mixed with additional production by Doug DeAngelis except: Ice Planet Hell, Stop and Freedom Of Choice mixed by Don Fury at Platinum Island. Cybernation mixed by Moby at Platinum Island.

Tracklist :

01 Ice Planet Hell (2:56)
02 The Worship (0:52)
03 Starfucker Love (4:00)
04 Little Prince (4:42)
05 Stop (3:02)
06 The Call (1:08)
07 Freedom Of Choice (3:26)
08 180° (3:54)
09 The Sleep (1:22)
10 Flesh & Bone (3:04)
11 Blue Fear (4:30)
12 What Is God (4:10)
13 La Chocha (0:20)
14 Barcelona (3:46)
15 The Future (0:57)
16 Cybernation (3:51) Mixed By - Moby
17 New Man (5:27)
18 The Awakening (3:12)

Link to download:

"Space oddity Pat Briggs, and the glam-era Bowie that he and his bandmates offer on this debut, could thrill the kidz. The theatrical overkill and heavy feel (more Man Who Sold the World than Ziggy Stardust) is balanced by the accessibility of "Little Prince" and Devo's "Freedom of Choice." Sigue Sigue Sputnik aficionados will approve." --Jeff Bateman

"This is an amazing record that I have no idea why it wasn't a bigger success. This is pre-Mechanical Animals era by Marilyn Manson, who after hearing this album and seeing the cover to this album, one might wonder if Manson grabbed his ideas from this album. Perhaps a coincidence, perhaps not. All I can say is that this is definitly a glam rock-space goth album and if you liked Manson's "Mechanical Animals" album than your shure to like Psychotica."

"This is another case of an underrated band that should have been much bigger. I saw Psychotica play live in Dallas on the tour for this album. Pat was amazing and was also a very nice guy when I spoke with him after the show. The songs are electrifying, wild, insane and free. Their cover of Devo's "Freedom of Choice," is fantastic. My favorites on the album are "Ice Planet Hell", about tough breaks in life and some of his friends dying of AIDS, "Stop," which is about someone doing him very wrong, "Freedom of Choice" and "What is God?", which questions religion and religious values. Unfortunately, Psychotica's second album was weak. They then recorded a third album which was great but never got released due to Red Ant records going bankrupt and not releasing the master tapes. Psychotic broke up shortly after. This album is excellent if you have liberal tastes and like wild glam rock."

ESPINA (1998)

Bagpipes - Dr. Richard Markoff/ Cello - Enrique Tiru Velez /Drums - Tom Brayton (tracks: 2, 4, 6) /Guitar, Bass - Ena Paul Kostabi/ Koto - Mark Stanley (tracks: 5) /Mastered By - Joe Lambert /Piano - Bette Sussman (tracks: 7, 9) /Programmed By - Doug DeAngelis /Vocals - Pat Briggs

Tracklist :

01 Ding Dong Dead (5:34)
02 Bleeding (3:37)
03 Too Late (4:18)
04 Blind (8:20)
05 Breakable (2:19) Written-By - Glampire
06 Psychopharmacologist (1:50)
07 MacArthur Park (4:52) Written-By - Jimmy Webb
08 February 14th, 1979 (3:20)
09 Soldier Of War (6:29)

Link to download:

"It is an absolute shame that Psychotica no longer exists, and that vocalist Patrick Briggs has eased back into Nightclub ownership. What an amazing vocal talent! Wild and weird, with a Marilyn Manson like gothic undertone and David Bowie Glam, I just don't understand why Psychotica never went further. They performed at Lollapalooza in '97, and that was pretty much the end. Patrick had a tendency to perform almost naked, though at Lollapalooza he wore a silver jumpsuit a'la Devo. He was on the edge of acceptable behavior, but so very talented, bringing in Pianists and Bagpipes and symphonies behind his unique music. After Espina, they recorded one more album, `Pandemic', that never got released. There are MP3's out on the internet from Pandemic, and I strongly urge you to find them and get them before they disappear. Pandemic has a Georgio Morodor (Cat People Soundtrack) remix of MacArthur Park, along with three not-to-be-missed ballads that Patrick's vocals just make you want to cry on. Valentino, Euthanasia, and Monsoon. FIND PANDEMIC! You won't be sorry. As for Espina, I think it is even better than Psychotica's self titled first CD. `Ding Dong Dead' is just good ol' goth fun, `Feb 14th 1979' is an oddball song with fun lyrics and changing melodies. But with Patrick's voice, I tend to lean towards his ballads (and I'm not a ballad lover), `Too Late' and `Soldier Of War'. Amazing CD, amazing vocals. If you like goth/glam/odd rock, don't miss this soon-to-be-gone treasure."

"Compared to their self-titled debut, Espina is a Porsche compared to a Ford Pinto. Although I love the debut album, Espina expands Psychotica's musical talents in various ways. I love the use of piano and keyboards on this album, which adds some melody to this album. I also am glad that Psychotica decided to drop the female rap vocalist. Excellent songs on this album include Bleeding, Soldier of War, Blind, and the cover of MacArthur Park. I would recomend this album to anyone who likes to listen to music that you just don't hear every day. It's a shame the band broke up."

"i love this cd! it's one the few cds i own that i can play the whole way through..pat briggs has and amazing voice that i wish more people would have the chance to hear. he sounds like a mix between jizzy pearl and marilyn manson/or rozz williams? but in a very unique way! i love this cd it's my first psychotica album but i will certainly buy more soon!"


Originally scheduled for release by Red Ant in 1999 but pulled due to their bankruptcy. Future release unknown.

Tracklist :

01 Intro
02 Fools Gold
03 Oceans Of HUnger
04 Cross That YoU Bear
05 Euthanasia
06 Contradiction
07 Harlow
08 Modern Utopia
09 Monsoon
10 Pandemic
11 Valentino

Link to download:

"After several label changes and finally settling on Red Ant, Psychotica recorded what was to be their landmark album. “Pandemic,” only to have it never be released.Pandemic opens with a melodic guitar/violin which shifts quickly into high gear with the open notes of the first song, “Fool’s Gold.” This song swings between frantic electric guitars and synthesized string ambience. Angelic voices back Briggs’ often brash voice. The album floats through deep swells and decrescendos having no defiantly climax or closing. In fact, the album cycles. The beginning of the first song, “Into,” picks up right where the last song, “Valentino” leaves off.Not only does the music take the listener through the gamut of human emotions, so do the lyrics. In “Oceans of Hunger,” Pat croons to the listeners, “And I wish you were the conscience lost forever in the war/Wish you were my spirit what went out with the storm/Wish you were the air that feeds the fire,” he brags in “Euthanasia,” “You were a slave in heaven/And now a superstar in hell” and assures him/her in “Contradiction,” “I used to be a feather in your headdress/But it beats the fucking loneliness /And I'm happy now.” The only disappointment was the song “Valentino,” where Briggs and band over-dramatize a refrain. It feels like a rough jolt from the serene sadness of the rest of the piece. It feels like a Broadway musical gone sour. This being said, Pandemic is a must for new listeners and hard-core Psychotica fans alike. Who knows what could have been, with this possible break-though album left in the vaults. Everyone should check it out because you sure can’t beat the price."

Psychotica, formed in 1994 by Paul "ENA" Kostabi and NYC Club Owner Pat Briggs, were a seminal influence in Industrial Goth, releasing 3 albums to mixed reviews and varied success. Lead singer Pat Briggs, with outrageous costumes and antics, paved the way for the mainstream acceptance of androgynous musicians in bands like Orgy and Placebo. Psychotica's fame reached its pinnacle of popularity in 1996, as a result of being on the bill at Lollapalooza with Soundgarden, Ramones, Screaming Trees and Metallica. In 1998 they released the album Espina and added guitarist Clint Walsh to the line-up. The new manifestation hit the road on a national tour with Jack Off Jill, joined along the way by Switchblade Symphony. Shortly after the tour was finished Briggs move to Los Angeles, he and Kostabi went in very different directions and eventually Psychotica was no more.

Self Titled (1996)
Espina (1998)
Pandemic (Unrealeased in 1999 until 2003)

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REUPS (05.2008)


Espina (1998)

Pandemic (1999)

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PSYCHOTICA - Psychotica


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From the deep of my heart, I thank you so much for the upload of these three jewels. I wih I could buy them.Actually, I CAN buy Pandemic today since it's available thru' Amazon downloadable MP3 and I will do.
From Barcelona,best wishes!

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