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Photo of Carter Burwell

1981 in New York City/Disbanded:1986

Electronic, Rock
Style: New Wave, Downtempo, Minimal

Real Name:
Stanton Miranda - bass, vocals
Carter Burwell - percussion, effects, vocals

"cult, minimalist, oblique pop-art genius"

SUBWAY 7" (1982)

Tracklist :

01 Subway (4:52)
02 Sudan (4:55)

Link to download:

TOO CRAZY COWBOYS (2003 remastered version of their 1984 Lp)

Arranged By - Carter Burwell Engineer - Chris Nagle (tracks: 1 to 11) , Nigel Beverley (tracks: 1 to 11) /Mixed By - John Robie (tracks: 12 to 13) /Performer - Carter Burwell , Gillian Gilbert (alson in Be Music, New Order, The Other Two) (tracks: 1 to 13) , John Robie (also in Planet Patrol, Quadrant Six, Arthur Baker) (tracks: 12 to 13) , Karen Brown (tracks: 1 to 11) , Kim Gilbert (tracks: 1 to 13) , Stanton Miranda , Steve Morris (tracks: 1 to 13) /Producer - Gillian Gilbert (tracks: 1 to 11) , Michael Finlayson (tracks: 12 to 13) , Michael Shamberg (tracks: 12 to 13) , Steve Morris (tracks: 1 to 11)/ Written-By - Stanton Miranda


01 Troglodytes (3:16)
02 Sudan (4:16)
03 Crime (3:39)
04 Help (2:48)
Written-By - Billy Swan
05 Fred + Andy (6:19)
Written-By - Arthur Blake , Henry Mancini , Johnny Mercer
06 Misuse (3:36)
07 Nuns + Soldiers (3:16)
08 DB (3:33)
09 Babcock + Wilcox (3:43)
10 Jess + Bart (4:50)
11 Hank (3:11)
12 Wheels Over Indian Trails (5:13)
13 Wheels Over Indian Trails (Version) (4:59)
14 Pope (4:26)
Performer - Nick Cash , Thurston Moore/Producer - Hood, The

Link to download:

Product Description
LTM are pleased to announce the digital return of the debut album by unclassifiable New York art minimalists Thick Pigeon, originally released in October 1984 on Factory Records. The two members hooked up with New Order duo Steven Morris and Gillian Gilbert for this album. Digitally remastered.

"The decidely unattractively-named Thick Pigeon were a little-known minimalist duo who operated on the fringes of synth music and art rock. Yet the two protagonists have developed extremely impressive CVs over time. Instrumentalist Carter Burwell has gone on to provide soundtrack work for around 50 motion pictures whilst singer Stanton Miranda has worked with Durutti Column and Sonic Youth not to mention being a fully-fledged actress. The 1984 debut album, 'Too Crazy Cowboys' was no mere side-project either; recorded with Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert of New Order fame (one listen to the instrumental 'Nuns + Soldiers' proves this), it tells the story of a fascinating off-the-wall act. Billy Swan's hitherto uptempo 'I Can Help' is reworked into a glacial, nightmarish soundscape which bears little in common with the original. Furthermore, 'Fred + Andy' suddenly moves from eerie minimalism into a cover of 'Moon River'. Throughout a mood of unsettling drama is present with the excellent 'Jess + Bart' perhaps being their defining moment. Oddly, this album is a considerably less dated affair than many of today's current crop of electro-clash revivalists. "

"1983's Too Crazy Cowboys is particularly arresting, not least because of the time that has elapsed since its making. Working with New Order's Gillian Gilbert and Steve Morris, their use of studio-generated effects, concussed vocals and techno rhythms are like ghostly suggestions of today's electronica scene, whispered down the decades from a more spartan age." (Uncut, June 2004)

"Two unexpectedly rewarding albums which put much of today's alternative music to shame, and still capable of pointing in new directions" (The Wire, April 2004)

More review:


Artwork By - Jean-Paul Goude/ Engineer [Mix] - Scott Ansell (tracks: 1 to 10)/ Guitar - Carey Brutt (tracks: 1, 6, 9) /Producer - Carter Burwell (tracks: 1 to 10)

1-10: reissue of Les Disques Du Crepuscule TWI 938-2 "Miranda Dali" album (then issued under the artist name of Miranda Dali, too), originally released in 1991.
11 & 12: from Les Disques Du Crepuscule 7" - TWI 038
13 & 14: from Les Disques Du Crepuscule 7" - TWI 108
15 & 19: previously unreleased, from cancelled Les Disques Du Crepuscule 12" - TWI 350
16: from The Ghosts Of Christmas Past (1981 vinyl edition) - TWI 058
17: from the Crepuscule France compilation "A Day In October" - RAD 005
18: from an Operation Twilight 7" - OPT 020, and The Ghosts Of Christmas Past (1988 CD reissue) - TWI 058-2
20: from The Fruit Of The Original Sin - TWI 035

Tracklist :

01 Miranda Dali-Riding (3:22)
02 Miranda Dali-Amerika (3:44)
Accordion - Carter Burwell
03 Miranda Dali-One (2:01)
04 Miranda Dali-Breathe (3:52)
Backing Vocals - Amy Sledd/Guitar - Chris Cunningham/Written By - Maria McKee
05 Miranda Dali-Bird (2:06)
06 Miranda Dali-Gerty (3:34)
07 Miranda Dali-L.D. (3:43)
Bass - Nick Elevitch/Tabla - Carter Burwell
08 Miranda Dali-Angels (4:54)
09 Miranda Dali-Wrong (3:03)
10 Miranda Dali-St. G. (5:06)
11 Thick Pigeon-Subway (4:57)
12 Thick Pigeon-Sudan (5:00)
Featuring [Treated Rhythms] - Fred Szymanski
13 Thick Pigeon-Tracy + Pansy (2:10)
Drums - Nick Cash/Vocals - Ikue Mori
14 Thick Pigeon-Dog (2:21)
Backing Vocals - Alice Weiner,Catherine Queloz,Douglas Beer,Eva Stauffer,Jean-Paul Goude,Maura Moynihan,Valerie Hart Drums - Nick Cash/Vocals - Ikue Mori
15 Thick Pigeon-Jess + Bart (4:42)
Backing Vocals - Karen Brown/Drums - Stephen Morris/Keyboards,Guitar - Gillian Gilbert/ Producer - Be Music
16 Thick Pigeon-Silhouettes (3:25)
17 Thick Pigeon-Woodentop Talk (4:40)
18 Thick Pigeon-Jingle Bell Rock (1:32)
19 Thick Pigeon-Jess + Bart (Mix) (3:14)
Backing Vocals - Karen Brown/Drums - Stephen Morris/Keyboards, Guitar - Gillian Gilbert Producer - Be Music
20 Thick Pigeon-Sudan (Acoustic) (2:39)
Cello - Arthur Russell Drums - Ikue Mori

Link to download:

Product Description
2004 reissue for the cult album by arty duo from New York that consisted of Stanton Miranda (bass & vocals) & Carter Burwell (percussion, effects & vocals), originally released in 1991, features 20 tracks including 10 bonus tracks taken from singles & compilations recorded between 1981-1984, 'Subway', 'Sudan', 'Tracy + Pansy', 'Dog', 'Jess + Bart', 'Silhouettes', 'Woodentop Talk', 'Jingle Bell Rock', 'Jess + Bart' (Mix) & 'Sudan' (Acoustic). LTM.

"The duo of actress Stanton Miranda and soundtrack composer Carter Burwell probably wasn't meant to work on paper. Happily the expected clash of egos did not materialise on record and 1991's 'Mirandadali' represented another fine album's worth of material. Despite seven years passing since the 'Too Many Cowboys' debut, the follow-up plotted a similar course. For a man used to scoring film music, Carter Burwell avoided big cinematic gestures; eerie minimalist electronica dominates whilst Miranda Stanton trills, whispers and - of course - sings her heart out like a particularly intelligent schoolgirl, even recalling Kate Bush's 'Army Dreamers' on the tabla-enhanced 'L.D.'. What is on show here is essentially a collection of cute pop songs with the "less is more" approach contributing to the timeless feel with 'Angels' recalling the Shangri La's on a tight budget. Backed up by some weird but extremely listenable earlier bonus tracks, art pop doesn't get much better than this. "

"... more technically 'finished' [than Too Crazy Cowboys] and consequently less remarkable (and includes a cover of Maria McKee's ('Breathe'). Still, it's sad that pop, unlike other media, is so scornful of this sort of talent." (Uncut, June 2004)

"Art pop doesn't get much better than this. For a man used to scoring film music, Carter Burwell avoided big cinematic gestures; eerie minimalist electronica dominates whilst Miranda trills, whispers and - of course - sings her heart out like a particularly intelligent schoolgirl" (Leonard's Lair, 1/04)

More review:

CARTER BURWELL - Raising Arizona/Blood Simple (Original Motion Picture Soundtracks)

Electronic, Rock
Folk Rock, Synth-pop, Experimental, Ambient

2 soundtracks for Coen brothers movies. Tracks 1-10: Raising Arizona (1987) Tracks 11-17: Blood Simple (1984) All music composed and produced by Carter Burwell.


01 Introduction - A Hole In The Ground
02 Way Out There (Main Title)
03 He Was Horrible
04 Just Business
05 The Letter
06 Hail Lenny
07 Rasing Ukeleles
08 Dream Of The Future
09 Shopping Arizona
10 Return To The Nursery
11 Crash And Burn
12 Blood Simple
13 Chain Gang
14 The March
15 Monkey Chant
16 The Shooting
17 Blood Simpler

Link to download:
"This CD is not bad at all for the music that Carter composed. He borrowed quite a bit from other sources and you can find them right here on Amazon. The banjo music and yodel is by Pete Seeger from the CD "Darling Corey And Goofing-Off Suite". The wonderful Monkey Chant is the Balinese Ramayana Monkey Chant and can be found on the CD "Bali: Golden Rain" in its original 22 minute version. "

"Junque music. Sorry I bought it. There are two songs off of the Raising Arizona tracks that I do like, however... I'm really not happy with this one at all. Maybe I can go up to a pawn shop and trade it for something listenable. Sorry Carter. "

" still think Blood Simple is one of Carter Burwell's best scores, and to get that along with Raising Arizona - a completely different style and mood - on one CD is a great deal. "

"I bought this for the fantastic Raising Arizona music (my favorite movie) and was a little disappointed. The music has been slightly redone, some of it pretty inexplicably (the main theme is done calypso style). And "Ode to Joy" on banjo, the music I most wanted from the film, is missing. But the dream sequence music is here, and it's all still enjoyable.
I was surprised to find I enjoy the "Blood Simple" music more. I've only seen the movie once, so I can't say whether it's intact. But it's very creepy, a strange contrast to the goofy fun of the Raising Arizona music.
All in all, a great CD, but lacking some of what I expected. "

"If you love the movie Raising Arizona, then you will love the soundtrack. It has all the goofy and even the not so goofy songs that are played through out the movie.You even get the sondtrack to another movie which is also great. "


One of the more mysterious artists to record for the stylish Crepuscule/Factory axis, Thick Pigeon was essentially a vehicle for songwriter Stanton Miranda and arranger Carter Burwell. Based in New York, the duo recorded a brace of oblique, minimalist singles for Crepuscule in 1981-82 before moving sideways to Factory for their first album in 1984. The second TP album, Miranda Dali, appeared on Crepuscule in 1991. Read more :

One of the forgotten links in the story of Manchester, England's Factory label, Thick Pigeon was an arty duo from New York that consisted of Stanton Miranda (bass, vocals) and Carter Burwell (percussion, effects, vocals). Prior to forming the group, Miranda was a background member in the New York music scene, having played with Kim Gordon in CKM and with Rhys Chatham's Arsenal. A series of three 1982 singles -- two for Crepuscule and one for Operation Twilight -- predated their debut album. Miranda and Burwell recorded the album, Too Crazy Cowboys, for Factory in 1983, with key assistance from New Order's Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris. After the album's late-1984 release, Burwell went into a successful career as a soundtrack composer, starting with the Coen Brothers' Blood Simple. Though they never used the Thick Pigeon name again, Miranda and Burwell worked together on a 1991 album for Crepuscule, which was released under the name Miranda Dali. Miranda continued to record sporadically (including a version of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" for the Joy Division tribute A Means to an End), but she also became involved with Hollywood as an actor, with roles in The Silence of the Lambs, Souvenir, Married to the Mob, and Something Wild. In 2003, the LTM label reissued Too Crazy Cowboys with several bonus tracks appended. ~ Andy Kellman, All Music Guide

More info: the official page of Carter Burwell with every info you need


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One thing, can you upload two songs by Durutti Column that featured Stanton Miranda from Thick Pigeon (if you them)?

1. Red Shoes
2. When The World

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Can you re-up the Miranda Dali disk?!

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Miranda Dali

Raising Arizona & Blood Simple OST

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