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Electronic, Rock
New Wave, Pop Rock, Synth-pop

Crispin Akerman, John Bennetts, Ron Francois (also with Lene Lovich) , Grace Knight, Bernie Lynch, Amanda Vincent (She was with the Thompson Twins briefly before joining Billy Bragg )

Drum Programming - Mark Moffatt (tracks: 02, 04, 09, 10, 12) /Engineer - David Nicholas , Jim Ebdon , Nigel Gray , Pete Buhlman /Producer - Nigel Gray (tracks: 01, 02, 04 to 12) /Remix - Jon Mathias (tracks: 01 to 03, 10, 12) , Mark Moffatt (tracks: 04, 09, 11) Written-By - Bernie Lynch


01 Heaven (3:42)
02 Someone (3:31)
03 No Action (3:31) Producer - Mark Opitz
04 Never Say (3:38)
05 Maybe Only I Dream (3:34)
06 Cold Comfort (3:37)
07 Keep It Quiet (2:51)
08 Nothing To Say (3:41) 0
9 Another Day In The Big World (4:31)
10 Judy's World (3:36)
11 Waiting For You (3:40)
12 It's The Way (4:10)

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"This is pop music but it's really very, very smart, with excellent funky arty arrangements, a wide open mix with plenty of space for clean guitar sounds, plucked bass, bluesy singing from Grace Knight with lots of backing vocal refrains and catchy as fleabites choruses, wet wet wet drums and keyboards adding all sorts of interesting bits, and some cooking horn parts. "No Action" is a pop song but it really rocks, with a great bassline and searing brief electric guitar, shooting up to a really catchy poppy chorus with keyboards and melody perfectly juxtaposed. "Another Day in the Big World" same, boppy, boppy, but just listen to those rockin' dabs of rythym guitar! The last three tracks take the album to another level again, reaching a rivetting climax with "It's The Way", a truly wierd, shimmering masterpiece of strange pop. Australia really was producing some of the best albums in the world in those halcyon days! Their next album was to take the band into some sort of sophisticated, smooth adult pop, where I lost them completely, but I recommend this album. Pop/rock funk/art."


Amanda Vincent - Keyboards/Bernie Lynch - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals/Crispin Akerman - Guitar/Eurogliders - Main Performer/Grace Knight - Vocals/Ron Francois - Bass


01 Can't Wait to See You
02 City of Soul
03 What Kind of Fool
04 So Tough
05 We Will Together
06 Absolutely
07 Jesse
08 Moving Away
09 Enough Love
10 I Like to Hear It

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"Another one of those ebay deals, where you bid the minimum and you win! The only major problem this LP has, is, unfortunately, reasonably major - i.e. Side 2. Absolutely is not too bad, but the rest veers way too much into Cher-like easy listening for me. The sort of album that you might think, hmm, can't be arsed turning this over. However, side 1 is very good, from the start. I had forgotten just how cooooolll The City Of Soul was, an excellent track. So Tough is a bit more of a rock number, and We Will Together is good pop that highlights the strength of Grace Knight's voice."



01 Without You
02 No Action
03 Another Day In The Big World
04 Heaven (Must Be There)
05 Maybe Only I Dream (US Remix)
06 Absolutely
07 We Will Togehter
08 The City Of Soul (The Absolutley Mix)
09 So Touch
10 Can't Wait To See You
11 It Must Be Love
12 Listen
13 Groove
14 Precious
15 Rescue Me
16 Dreaming

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The Eurogliders consisted of six members: Grace Knight (vocals), Crispin Akerman (guitars), Bernie Lynch (guitars), Amanda Vincent (keyboards), Geoff Rosenberg (bass), and John Bennetts (drums). As a teenager, Knight used to perform in folk clubs. Searching for a career boost, she traveled to Australia where she met Lynch, a friend of her sister's. As Knight developed her vocal style, Lynch began assembling the pieces for a band. In 1982, the Eurogliders released their first album, Pink Suit Blue Day, and had their first hit in 1982 with "Without You". Pink Suit, Blue Day was unusual in that the Eurogliders took the step of travelling to Manila, capital city of the Philippines, to record it. The album was produced by Englishman Len Lubin.It wasn't until the release of the single "Heaven" from their second album This Island, which reached No.2 on the Australian singles charts in 1984, that the band received national and international attention. This Island was recorded in England and Australia.That then started off a domino effect of hits, with "We Will Together" (No.7, 1985), "The City of Soul" (No.19, 1985), "Can’t Wait To See You" (No.8, 1985), "Absolutely" (No. 29, 1986) and "Groove" (No. 13, 1988).The album Absolutely! spent 47 weeks in the Australian charts.Grace Knight and Bernie Lynch were married briefly in 1985 and despite their marital separation stayed together in the band. In 1986 the Eurogliders signed a sponsorship deal with the Faberge Company. The single "Absolutely" was used in a television commercial for Faberge jeans, and the band also made an appearance in the commercial.Recording of their fourth album, Groove, commenced while Grace Knight was pregnant and was completed after she gave birth. Grace brought her son into the Sony Recording studio and would sing while nursing. In 1989 unable to achieve their earlier successes the Eurogliders disbanded.In 1990, Knight appeared in the TV miniseries "Come In Spinner", where she also covered 1940s torch songs on the soundtrack. Knight recorded her first solo album, Stormy Weather, in 1991. Leaving behind the new wave synthesizers and folksy harmonies of the Eurogliders, Knight switched to jazz and soul with Stormy Weather. A year later, Stormy Weather and the Come In Spinner soundtrack both landed in the Top Ten of Australia's jazz charts. In 1993, Knight released another album Gracious.At the same time Lynch became involved in theatre, fashion and writing film music scores.Founding members Grace Knight and Bernie Lynch reformed and in October 2005 released their fifth album called Eurogliders.The Eurogliders started touring again in Australia in April of 2006Their 6th album Blue Kiss was recorded during the same sessions and will be released in 2007. (


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Anonymous Tony said...


Thank you for the Eurogliders material. Much appreciated.

Do you happen to have any of Grace Knight's solo material? ie
'Stormy Weather' (1991),

'Come In Spinner' (1990)

'Gracious' (1993)

'Double Live Album' (1996)

'Willow' (2008)
I would also be grateful if you have any of her material, if you could post it.
Thanks for a fabulous blog and keep up the good work.

6:53 PM  
Blogger Christopher King said...

OMG man can you please please help me find Amanda Vincent? I've lost track of her over the years trust me I'm not some whack job nutso (well maybe a little LOL) but if you have a way of contacting her please tell her to email or call Chris from Ohio.

I met her on tour with Gang of Four in '92 in Cleveland, she will remember, trust me. You might be my only hope......

Christopher King, J.D.


4:39 PM  
Blogger Matracas said...

Thanks so much for Eurogliders. I only remember "Heaven" because they played the video one or twice here in mexico thanks to the Rockamerica service. Never heard it on radio at all.

I am one of the Ultimate 80's partners (Radio ELM) keep up the good work.

11:22 AM  

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