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WIN (The Fire Engines related)

Synth-pop, Pop Rock

Davey Henderson (from The Fire Engines)-vocals, guitars, keyboards
Russell Burn (from The Fire Engines)- keyboards, percussion, vocals, samples
Ian Stoddart -drums, vocals, percussion, keyboards
Emanuel Shoniwa -guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals

Simon Smeeton -guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals
William Perry -keyboards, vocals

"You've Got The Power"

...UH! TEARS BABY (1987)

Engineer - Brad Davis , Trigger /Mixed By - Michael Brauer /Producer - David Motion


01 Super Popoid Groove
02 Shampoo Tears
03 Binding Love Spell
04 Un-American Broadcasting
05 Hollywood Baby Too
06 Empty Holsters
07 You've Got The Power
08 Charms Of Powerful Trouble
09 It May Be A Beautiful Sky Tonight But It's Only A Shelter For A World At Risk
10 Charms (Reprise)
11 Baby Cutting

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"Formed by ex-Fire Engines stalwarts Davey Henderson and Russell Burn, Win was a quite different proposition to its predecessor. Superficially similar to the quicksilver pop of Heaven 17, they attempted subversion through lyrical content. Two funk-oriented singles, Super Popoid Groove and UnAmerican Broadcasting, prefaced Uh! Tears Baby, which mischievously twisted between Marc Bolan and Prince. Another stellar song, You've Got The Power was featured in a McEwan's Lager TV advert, although the company obviously missed the punchlines "to censor what's real" and "to generate fear". Win split up after a second album, Trigger Finger, after which Henderson formed the Nectarine No 9."

"The debut, Uh! Tears Baby (A Trash Icon), featured danceable rhythms, sunny vocal harmonies, glossy synths. This record actually grooved"

"After Davey Henderson was punk (The Fire Engines) and before he went ramshackle indie (The Nectarine No.9) he was part of this brief foray into powerful twisted pop with killer hooks and devil may care attitude to singing nonsense lyrics with the commitment of a football crowd. ‘You’ve Got The Power’, used in a famous McEwans lager advert, was my introduction to Win and the album’s total unflinching commitment to the cause of pop in the dark days of Stock, Aitken & Waterman was highly admirable. Beach Boy-esque harmonies combined with T-Rex hollering over clattering beats and unapologetic synths failed to generate big sales predicted, but the world was apparently not ready for songs entitled ‘Shampoo Tears’, ‘Super Popoid Groove’ and ‘Baby Cutting’.This album gave me faith in the idea that commercial sounding music didn’t have to be a bland continuation of a well-worn path."


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Engineer - Stephen Chase /Mixed By - Bryan "Chuck" New / Producer - Zeus B. Held (Gina X Performance)


01 What’ll You Do Til’ Sunday Baby
02 Taboo
03 Love Units
04 Rainbow
05 Truckee River
06 How Do You Do
07 What’s Love If You Can Kill For Chocolate
08 Mind the Gravy09 Dusty Heartfelt
10 We Could Cover Up The ‘C’
11 Love Units (12” Mix) – CD only
12 What’s Love If You Can Kill For Chocolate (12” Mix) – CD only

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"It is very difficult to rate this album becaues it is essentially shallow music, because it is pure fun throughout. Also, it is difficult to rate because it reminds one of so many other bands although the overall mix sounds fresh and invigorating. Finally, there are one or two tracks that don´t sound quite as convincing as the rest just when the album needed a slight contrast. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic eighties pop album in the most extreme sense of the term. Synthesizers abound with occasional flashes of strangled guitars. It it so filled with inspiration and excitement the album feels almost claustrophobic. One of its songs, Trucky River, has to be one of the best songs of the eighties, if not all time. Believe me. The rest (apart from one or two tracks) are almost there as well, an none of them is less than interesting. Actually, the album is so filled with hooks and catchy melodies, infectious singing and blasting sound that you feel drained after its all done. For a perfect experience, listen to the first five songs, climaxing with Truckee River.The sound production is excellent. More than that, it makes the album what it is. It is a pure masterclass in eighties production and as such a joy to hear. It is accessible and weird at the same time. It easily evokes Prince (Sign o´the Times), Bowie (Scary Monsters), latter-day Pulp as well as Womack & Womack. Soulful, incredibly melodic and wilfully eccentric this is the pop album Bowie always wanted to make in the eighties (but only got half-way there). If you found Pulp´s His´n Hers too straightforward and Different Class to dark - this might be the one for you. Soulful retro sound with a blasting "authentic" eigthies production. It works best when your hands are unfettered and you have a whole summer to look forward to."

"It's unbelievable how this album got little attention when it was given out. Very rememberable record with great tunes. Sad they have gone so unnoticed because they were quite good."

Win were a Scottish pop band from the 1980s.After the dissolution of The Fire Engines, Davey Henderson formed Win with Ian Stoddart (Bass), ex-Fire Engine Russell Burn (Drums/Keyboards), Emmanuel Shoniwa (Guitar/Bass), Simon Smeeton (Guitar/Bass) and William Perry (Keyboards) in 1983. A more determinedly pop act than The Fire Engines, Win were soon being critically praised. Despite being extremely popular in Scotland, partly due to their single You've Got The Power being used in a lager advertising campaign for Scottish brewers McEwans, they were unable to translate that into more widespread success and break through further afield. They released two albums and disbanded in 1990. Henderson is now recording as The Nectarine no.9.

Uh! Tears Baby (A Trash Icon) (London, 1987)
Freaky Trigger (Virgin, 1989)


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