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IPPU DO Part 2.- solo works


"Starlight Shower"

"Tokyo Ballet"


Masami Tsuchiya-Guitars/Vocals/Synthesizers/Drums/Bass/Electric Percussions etc.
Mick Karn-Bass
Percy Jones-Bass
Steve Jansen-Drums
Bill Nelson-Guitar
Ryuichi Sakamoto-Vocals/Synthesiserz/Drums/Bass etc.(track 05)
Hideki Matsutake-Computer Programming
Toshio Nakanishi-Kiyomiko Semba-Percusions


01 Rice Music
02 Se! Se! Se!
03 Haina-Haila
04 Tao-Tao
05 Neo-Rice Music
06 Kafka
07 Rice Dog Jam
08 Secret Party
09 Silent Object
10 Night In The Park

Link to download:

"Includes a Sakamoto performed track, Kafka. also Matsutake, Toshio Nakanishi, Bill Nelson, Percy Jones, Jansen and Karn. Very impressive very hyper. The drums have a Japan sound to them (as to be expected). Tsuchia was in Ippu-Do. He seems to be wearing a stewardess outfit on the cover. Unless someone stole it, the U.K. pressing had no lyrics inside. Again, I have the UK lp pressing, not exactaly a definitive way to judge sound quality, but I felt it had a sort of Japan (the band) sound, but inferior engineering (vocals kind of burried, instruments bunched together) compared to say later Japan albums. Still, very, very reccomended. (and cheap on CD)"

"Featuring members of the British group Japan and Percy Jones on some tracks this album marked the start of the solo career of the ex-Ippu Do songwriter. Featuring great funky bass lines with some English lyrics, Tsuchiya shows off his guitar virtuosity to perfection. Aided by some of J-Pops greatest artists as well as a plethora of Western musicians this is a good starting point for the high-point of J-Pop, with tremendous crossover appeal."

"Rice Music is Masami Tsuchiya's (ex-Ippu Do) debut solo album.A multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, bass, drums,synthesizers, percussion, koto, yokin and sings on this album.The cover might be misleading because Masami is male.(In a stewardess costume ?) But anyway this kind of look wasn'tstrange in the 80's. Just remember David Sylvian's Wave band"Japan" whose members Mick Karn (bass) and Steve Jansen (drums)appear as guest musicians on this record. Just as Bill Nelson(guitars) and Percy Jones (bass). Also remarkable: a young RyuichiSakamoto performing all instruments (besides the guitars, whichis played by Masami himself) on the track "Kafka".This album has lots of traditional Japanese elements mixed withelectronics.The lyrics are mainly in Japanese, but also some english passagesor even songs.Oh and Masami Tsuchiya is not to be confused with the person ofthe same name, who was sentenced to death due his role in the Saringas attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995."



Bass - Hitoshi Watanabe (tracks: 04, 08 to 10) , Morio Watanabe (tracks: 01 to 03, 06, 07) Computer [Programming] - Takeshi Fuji /Drums - Jun Aoyama (tracks: 06, 08, 09) /Executive Producer - Shigeo Maruyama, Yukitaka Mashimo Keyboards, Piano - Akira Inoue /Percussion [African Traditional] - Akira Ishikawa (tracks: 04, 05, 07, 10) , Babe Hanna (tracks: 04, 05, 07, 10) /Producer, Arranged By - Masami Tsuchiya /Saxophone - Satoshi Nakamura (tracks: 03, 06/) Strings - Joe Strings (tracks: 04, 06, 09)


01 Suddenly
02 Silent Hunters
03 Like A Foreigner
04 The Forever Hour
05 Night In The Babylon
06 Tokyo Ballet
07 Alien
08 Mannequin Accordion - Mari Fukuhara/Saxophone [Alto] - Seiji Toda
09 Saijokai No Butterfly
10 Unknown Soldier

Link to download:

"Not star-studded like Rice Music or anywhere as avant. With Akira Inoue playing synths and Takeshi Fuji on Fairlight. Shi-Shonen seems to be the backing band according to RK."



01 Stay In Heaven
02 Don't Stop Loving
03 Khaos Town (Hizashi No Tsumibito)
04 Mizu No Naka No Hotel (Hotel Atlantis)
05 Perfect Days
06 Daydreams Of You
07 Ichinichi Senya (One Day A Thousand Nights)
08 Lapis
09 Because
10 Planet Mirrors

Link to download:

David Highly writes: Overall this is a more pop sounding release than the Rice Music era recordings. The production values are very good, Masami writing arranging and producing all songs himself. Nigel Walker handles the recording with Matsato Ohmori and Tetsuya Morioka with Nigel handling the mix as well. The recording was done at Air Recording Studios.There several prominent guest artists on the recording, including David Sylvian, Mick Karn, Andy Mackay and John Taylor. Sylvian does not sing, but contributes guitar and piano. The songs are mainly comprised of ballads with Perfect Days, Day Dreams Of You and Because the standout tracks in my opinion. The mostinteresting track on the recording is Lapis a incredibly beautiful piece that has layers of acoustic guitar, atmospheric harmonic bass notes, delicate percussive accents and clarinet. The acoustic guitar runs are like a classical spanish piece. Mick Karn plays the fretless bass and clarinet.
nk: Its currently out of print

HORIZON (1988)


01 Mask
02 Forbidden Flowers
03 Horizon
04 Wind,Sand,Water
05 Hummingbirds
06 Silhouette
07 Rose
08 Bird's eye
09 Too Many Tears
10 Diamond

Link to download:

Charles & Natalia Lehmann write: Co-produced and engineered by Nigel Walker. Appearances by Mick Karn and David Palmer. Seems to have more of a direction and continuity than other post- Rice Music releases. Nicely arranged songs and good production make this one of Tsuchiya-san's best. (out of print)



01 Mind Friction
02 Lady Roxy
03 Rising Sun
04 Water Mirror
05 Love Love Love
06 Under The Bad Sign
07 Blood Of A Poet
08 Time Passenger
09 Velvet Flower

Link to download:

More memorable than say Tokyo Ballet. out of print.

MOD' FISH (1997)

with Mick Karn (track 01)


01 Sea Monster
02 Frank
03 Mod' Fish
04 Welcome
05 Alexis

Link to download:

5 songs. A whole new ambient style.


With Mick Karn (track 04,09)


01 Prelude
02 A Mid Summer's Night Forest
03 Forest Angel
04 Rain Forest People
05 Glass Forest
06 In A Tropical Forest
07 Mr. Beaujolais Forest
08 Night Creatures In Black Forest
09 The Day I Became Forest
10 Goblin Forest
11 Rosemary
12 A Fairie's Message

Link to download:


AKIRA MITAKE - Out Of Reach (1983)


01 Violation
02 Can't Touch Even Watch
03 Lonely man
04 Modern System
05 Circus
06 Tokyo Great Town
07 Glass Talk
08 Hold On Me
09 Mr. Junk

Link to download:

""Out of Reach" by Akira Mitake was produced by Richard Barbieri and is a lost gem, with a lovely smooth pop production - something later continued on the Dolphin Brothers album."


Normal [1980]
Real [1980]
Radio Fantasy [1981]
Lunatic Menu[1982]
Compilation Some-Times [1982]
Compilation Night Mirrage [1983]
Live And Zen [1984] Live; LP+12" Single
Very Best ~ Sumire September Love [1998] Ippu-Do & Masami Tsuchiya Best Compilation

ALBUMS-Masamy Tsuchiya

Rice Music [1982]
Tokyo Ballet [1985]
Life In Mirrors [1987]
Horizon [1988]
Time Passenger [1989]
Mod' Fish [1997]
Mini Album Forest People [1998]

More info: site of Masami Tsuchiya


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Can You reup Red Flag - Fear Series Cd04 - this link has been deleted (others: 01-10 are ok)
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Thanks for the great music and insightful reviews/history -- wondeerful resource!

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