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BONNIE HAYES for Chubby Luv

New Wave, Pop/Rock

"girls like me"


Bonnie Hayes, Kevin Hayes, Paul Davis, Hank Manninger, Steve Cameron, Miles Corbin


01 Girls Like Me
02 Shelly's Boyfriend
03 Separating
04 Dum Fun
05 Coverage
06 Inside Doubt
07 Joyride
08 Loverboy
09 Raylene
10 The Last Word

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Product Description
Bonnie Hayes was a pop singer out of San Francisco, who appeared in the early 1980's with a few bouncy albums. The first of which was originally on the coveted Slash label with her band, The Wild Combo. This album has been regarded as one of the best girl new wave albums of its genre, and is making its worldwide CD debut with this release.

"Much more so than the contemporary New York or London scenes, California punk was very open to female singer/songwriters. From Penelope Houston of the Avengers to Exene Cervenka of X, the San Francisco and Los Angeles punk scenes were emphatically female-friendly, treating women as active, leading participants rather than novelties or pretty faces. It was no accident that the Go-Go's and the Bangles, from Los Angeles, succeeded where so many New York- and London-based female-fronted bands failed. Singer/songwriter and keyboardist Bonnie Hayes was the leader of the Punts, one of San Francisco's best punk bands, but Hayes had more on her mind than the usual three-chord ramalama. Coming from a musical family well-steeped in jazz, blues, and soul (Bonnie's brother Kevin, the Punts' drummer, later joined Robert Cray's band; another sibling, Chris, was lead guitarist and a major songwriter in the R&B-laced pop powerhouse Huey Lewis & the News) and clearly fond of Spector-style '60s girl groups, Hayes took the Punts in a more melodic and musically varied direction; renaming themselves Bonnie Hayes & the Wild Combo, the group signed with LA's Slash Records and released 1982's Good Clean Fun, probably the finest album of the entire early-'80s California girl pop scene. Yes, even better than Beauty and the Beat or All Over the Place. First and foremost, the songs on Good Clean Fun are almost embarrassingly catchy. The first two tracks, "Girls Like Me" and "Shelly's Boyfriend" (both used to fine effect in Martha Coolidge's 1983 cult film Valley Girl), are three-minute classics with more vocal and musical hooks than many whole albums. While the other eight tracks are slightly less immediate, every single one of them has a catchy chorus or appealing riff that imprints itself in the listener's memory. The Hayes siblings, along with guitarist Paul Davis and bassist Hank Maninger, also have the instrumental chops to pull off considerably more sophisticated tunes than anyone was likely to find on, say, a Josie Cotton album. Able to slip from the restrained turmoil of the surprisingly non-whiny indie band lament "Coverage" to the impassioned hard rock of the devastating closer "The Last Word," Bonnie Hayes & the Wild Combo also reveal an unexpectedly jazz-influenced bent on the extended instrumental sections of "Dum Fun" and "Raylene." Aside from the musical heft of the album, Hayes is an acute lyricist with a knack for both clever Elvis Costello-style wordplay and vividly realistic imagery. "Shelly's Boyfriend" is a sympathetic portrait of the frustrations of teenage love, but the immediacy of the lyrics lifts it above similar tunes. Other songs, like "Inside Doubt" and "Separating," deal with more complex emotions without losing the power pop bounce that makes the album so instantly appealing. Good Clean Fun works brilliantly on every level, and only Slash Records' limited distribution muscle -- and possibly the unfortunately cheesy cover art -- kept it from being a hit. As it stands, Good Clean Fun is a neglected '80s pop masterpiece

"Finally! One of the very best "lost albums" of the early 80's arrives on CD!!!!!
Many of you will recognize the tracks "Girls Like Me" and "Shelly's Boyfriend" from the movie Valley Girl. But there's MUCH more to this CD than those two tracks, and not a single dud to be found!
This is an amazing album that should have had HUGE SUCCESS when it was originally released in 1982. Unfortunately, because it was released on the upstart "Slash" label, it didn't have the same backing as other similar efforts by artists on major/mainstream labels. Fans of the Go-Go's, Josie Cotton and 80's "New Wave" will LOVE this CD! "Good Clean Fun" perfectly captures the magic and fun of the early 80's new wave era. In fact, I would choose it as one of the top 5 albums of 1982 and one of the VERY BEST ALBUMS of the 80's, period!
Bonnie Hayes is a sister of Chris Hayes (lead guitarist - Huey Lewis and The News).
The follow-up release to "Good Clean Fun" was "Brave New Girl" (a six song EP in 1984). While it contained a couple of decent tracks, it lacked the magic of her debut. Bonnie went solo in 1987 with a very ordinary and over-produced effort. She has continued to record and has always managed to deliver a few great tracks on each album. Good Clean Fun still remains her best effort and is an amazing tribute to a wonderful time and place, known as the "early 80's" :)
My only complaint about this release; they could have perhaps included the six tracks from 1984's "Brave New Girl" as an extra.
Get this CD... you'll absolutely LOVE IT! Guaranteed!"

"Yes, finally here it is...I personally never thought this would ever get a CD release-god bless Wounded Bird records. This is a new wave classic from start to finish, "Girls Like Me" & "Shelly's Boyfriend" are the one's most people remember, but "Coverage", "Loverboy", & "Inside Doubt" are also terrific pop anthems. Well that's my 2 cents."


Bonnie Hayes, Kevin Hayes, Paul Davis, Hank Manninger, Bill Engel


01 Brave New Girl
02 Incommunicado
03 After Hours
04 Wild Heart
05 Maria
06 Night Baseball

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Musicians: Bonnie Hayes, Kevin Hayes, Nick Milo, Paul Davis, Teresa Trull, Annie Stocking, Benny Reitveld, Jolie Jones, Lenny Castro, Jerry Hey, Mark Russo, Kim Hutchcraft, Gary Grant, David Lasley, Charlotte Crossley, Arnold McCuller, Jo Harris
The quality is not too good,sorry!


01 Some Guys
02 To See You Again
03 The Real Thing
04 Coax Me Chad
05 Time Stands Still
06 Soul Love
07 Skeletons Dancing
08 Chance On You
09 Whole Wide World
10 Joyful Noise

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"Bonnie Hayes' sole major-label release, after two indie albums, has two major strikes against it. One is the absolutely wretched state-of-1987 production, all MIDI synths and way-too-slick arrangements. Another is the obvious corporate meddling in the album's sound, from the way Hayes plays almost none of the album's many keyboards herself even though her piano and organ were the main focus of her former band the Wild Combo's sound, to the suspicious number of outside names on the songwriting credits, most notably that of noted hack Franne Golde, perpetrator of offenses by Faith Hill and Christina Aguilera, among others. The result is that this is by far the worst of Bonnie Hayes' albums. That said, it's not entirely useless. If nothing else, Bonnie Hayes is interesting for its place in Hayes' career; this is the transitional album between Hayes' early power pop days and her later career as an in-demand songwriter, penning hits for Bonnie Raitt and Robert Cray, among others. That more R&B-oriented direction is clear from this album's slinky title track, "Some Guys," onwards. Indeed, the few songs Hayes writes by herself, particularly the warm "The Real Thing," are very good. And after tuning out the gloppy computerized arrangements, it's clear that Hayes is actually singing better than ever. Still, Bonnie Hayes can't help but sound like a misguided bid for commercial acceptance, and it's something of an embarrassment compared to what Hayes did before and after it." ~ Stewart Mason, All Music Guide

Bonnie's career started approximatley 1980 with her band 'The Punts', who evolved into 'Bonnie Hayes and the Wild Combo'. Bonnie's first album 'Good Clean Fun' featured the single "Shelly's Boyfriend", which has been in a few movies. The single was released on Bondage Records in 1981 with Kevin Hayes (drums), Paul Davis (guitar), and Hank Maninger (bass) as Bonnie's band.On her second album 'Brave New Girl' Bill Engel (guitar) joined the band (one time only). Also, the self titled album included Benny Reitveld on bass and Nick Milo on keys along with two backup singers, Annie Stocking and Teresa Trull. Benny went on to play with Miles Davis and is now with Carlos Santana. Nick Milo became a member of Tower Of Power. Bonnie is quite proud that her band has gone on to do so well.While the Wild Combo was still together they toured on the US leg of a Huey Lewis and the News tour. That was the only large tour the band ever did. Bonnie has gone on to be a renowned songwriter. She has written for artists such as: Huey Lewis and the News, Robert Cray, Bonnie Raitt, Cher, and Bette Midler. "Bed of Roses" and "Bottomless" from Bonnie's album 'Empty Sky' can also be found on one of Bette Midler's albums. "Have a Heart" and "Love Letter" were released on Bonnie Raitt's album "Nick of Time" awhile ago.In 1990 Bonnie Hayes toured world wide with Billy Idol as keyboardist and choreographer. Around that time she also moved to Los Angeles, CA with her husband, David, and daughter Lily. She is also an alumni of San Francisco's legendary Blue Bear School of Music where musicans such as Carlos Santana, Clarence Clemons, Bobby McFerrin, and Bonnie Raitt (to name a few) are also alumni's. She was also teaching songwriting at that school and thus stepped into her brother Chris' shoes who used to teach guitar at that school.In 1996 Bonnie's brothers Chris and Kevin joined her on 'Empty Sky'. Chris (then lead guitarist with Huey Lewis) played some guitar parts. Kevin, who played drums on all tracks on her first 3 albums - because busy working with the Robert Cray Band - could only play drums on one track on the album. For some time it looked like 'Empty Sky' would find a re-release with the additon of another new song. A song where Bonnie's youngest brother, Jonathan, plays guitar on.Jonathan Hayes also released an album. His music focuses more on hard rock but he's got the Hayes talent which is amazing to hear. BigFoot Records released his album "Open Your Eyes" in 1996. The band - Walking Giant - is currently taking time off but hoping to get more music recorded soon. Jonathan is the singer/rhythm guitarist.The new century sees Bonnie busy as ever. She and her daughter have moved back north, where they purchased a place in the Bay Area again. She's teaching songwriting classes at a local college as well as getting her carrer back on track. Mainly playing live concerts and working on new material. She also build her own website - link underneath.March 2003: 'Love In The Ruins' is Bonnie's new album on Bondage Records

1982 Good Clean Fun (Slash Records)
1984 Brave New Girl (Bondage Records BR 102)
1987 Bonnie Hayes (Chrysalis BFV 41609)
1996 Empty Sky (Beacon Records BEA-51562)
2003 Love In The Ruins (Bondage Records)
Ive just uploaded two samplers ,you can listen them on the mediaplayer.Please id them for Osetrik! Thanks in adavnce!:)
Next uploads will be between 10-15 november : Sandii & The Sunsetz or some more Flexipoop (i haven't decided yet) and the extremly rare Neeva and maybe more...


Blogger Chubby Luv said...

Good stuff!!! Thanks much for the posts. You are da'bomb!

6:50 PM  
Anonymous 80s Trivia said...

Thank you so much "id champion" Salty :)

I apreciated your help

Then, you win the trivia! Your reward? Our eternal friendship and greatfull.


Request: Please friend, you had a Tracey Thorn first band "Marine Girls" (1980-1983) albums to post?
The band released two albums: "Beach Party" in 1981 and "Lazy Ways" in 1982.

Rare stuff!

Thanks :)

4:05 AM  
Anonymous 80s Trivia said...

"Marine Girls" music video:

So nostalgic!

4:09 AM  
Blogger Chubby Luv said...

Looking for some Modern English:
Mesh and Lace (1981)
Ricochet Days (1984)
Stop Start (1986)

Thanks again for keeping this blog together.

3:34 AM  
Anonymous Electro Boy said...

Hi Salty, thank you for this wonderful Blog & music!

Request; Please can you repost the Music For Pleasure + Bonus Tracks that you originally had here:

As the link is now dead. One of my favourite bands & I can find this nowhere else.

Thanks again.

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@chubby luv
Modern English is a really geat band i love them,im planning to upload but not now ,please be patient and you will get more than these three albums:)

@80s trivia

with one my next posts will be here:)
and thanks for the video link!

@electro boy

ok with my next post:)


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Blogger Jason Rerun said...

Great post! I always loved the first Bonnie Hayes album. I picked it up after the first time I saw Valley Girl. I found the Punts 45 and the 2nd 12" years later in San Francisco.

If you need the Punts 45, let me know and I will rip it as MP3 and upload it. I've never done it before...but it's high time I learn. I already have the vinyl ripped to CDR.

Keep up the great work! Looking forward to those Flexipop comps at some point. No rush, but they will be appreciated when you get around to them.


11:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saltyka !
Please - help me. I remember french song " Jour de neige" Elsa. I know this song is on album "L'essentiel 86-93".

12:46 PM  
Blogger ddt said...

hi saltika,
could you revive, please, the links to bergendy's 1983 'rések a falon' and 'rádio bábel' from 1994
thank you

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Jason!

Yes i need Punts if you have send me please!Thanks in advance for it!
Flexipop will be here as i promised:)


OK within 2 weeks:)


I dont have but trying to get and post to you:)


7:32 AM  
Blogger Todd said...

re: the punts

Someone already did the hard work.

re-check the cueburn site, specifically...

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks a lot todd!!!:)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Salty,please,don´t you know why "robert poland" closed his blog?Could you ask him,if exists some way to be "visitor of his blog" and what do I have to do for it? MANY THANKS!!! I like your and his blog very much.Thanks for your answer! My e-mail

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Anonymous Evan said...

What is Chris Hayes up to these days? He's dropped off the scene. What's up with that?? Any info?

9:57 AM  

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