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some OMD collected from the web & posted by Pavelse


ARCHITECTURE & MORALITY (2007 Remastered+Bonus CD)

Artwork By [Design] - Brett Wickens , Peter Saville/ Drums, Percussion [Acoustic, Electronic], Synthesizer [Bass] - Malcolm Holmes /Engineer - Brian Tench , Howard Gray , Richard Manwaring /Mastered By [Digitally Remastered] - Simon Heyworth /Other [Dvd Footage Director] - Gordian Troeller Other [Liner Notes] - Paul Morley/ Photography [Architectural] - Robin Roddey/ Producer - OMD*/ Saxophone - Martin Cooper/ Synthesizer, Mellotron, Guitar, Bass, Programmed By [Rhythm], Percussion [Acoustic, Electronic], Horns [Reed], Organ, Vocals - Andrew McCluskey* /Synthesizer, Piano, Mellotron, Percussion [Acoustic, Electronic], Organ, Programmed By [Rhythm], Noises [Radio], Melodica, Vocals - Paul Humphreys/ Synthesizer, Piano, Organ [Electronic] - Michael Douglas

Originally released in 1981All tracks digitally re-mastered 2003 at Super Audio Remastering. DVD recorded live at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London 04/12/81.

CD 1

01 The New Stone Age (3:22)
02 She's Leaving (3:28)
03 Souvenir (3:39)
04 Sealand (7:47)
05 Joan Of Arc (3:48)
06 Joan Of Arc (Maid Of Orleans) (4:12)
07 Architecture And Morality (3:43)
08 Georgia (3:24)
09 The Beginning Of The End (3:48)
10 Souvenir (Extended) (4:16)
11 Motion And Heart (Amazon Version) (3:07)
12 Sacred Heart (3:30)
13 The Romance Of The Telescope (3:22)
14 Navigation (3:00)
15 Of All The Things We've Made (3:25)
16 Gravity Never Failed (3:24)

CD 2

01 Souvenir (Promo Video)
02 Joan Of Arc (Live Top Of The Pops Version 29/10/81)
03 Maid Of Orleans (The Waltz Joan Of Arc) (Promo Video)
04 Almost
05 Mystereality
06 Joan Of Arc
07 Motion And Heart
08 Maid Of Orleans
09 Statues
10 Souvenir
11 New Stone Age
12 Enola Gay
13 Bunker Soldiers
14 Electricity
15 She's Leaving
16 Julia's Song
17 Stanlow

Links to download:

"Returning to Architecture and Morality after a 26 year gap is quite an enlightening experience. By the time this album was released in 1981 OMD were on the way to becoming a regular chart act and this album was in effect the bands great leap forward.With an impressive three U.K. hit singles,it could be argued that Architecture And Morality was merely the latest in a long line of very impressive electronic albums released around the same time,but that would be doing the band and their music a disservice. A product of its time, Architecture And Morality has a slightly urban feel that connects well with the dark days of the early Eighties,and whilst arguably it has a cold heart the songwriting and vision has a certain charm that still resonates to this day.Classic singles like "Joan Of Arc",and the irrepressible"Souvineer" still sound great,whilst supporting tracks like"The New Stone Age" and the albums title track show that OMD would comfortably overcome any notions that they were merely a disposable chart act. An obvious reference throughout this set is Kraftwerk's "Radioactivity" album,but fortunately OMD were shrewed enough to avoid being completely overcome by the German's influence,and this album sounds more like a northern British relation rather than a carbon copy.Consequently the real strength of Architecture And Morality lies in its willingness to acknowledge its influences,not replicate them. Now expanded to include lost 'b'sides [although i am finding it difficult to tell the difference between the two versions of "Souvineer" on this set!] and a very impressive dvd[including tv appearances and a live concert from 1981],this is a brilliant package that offers a full insight into OMD at the most crucial time in their career. Ultimately this is a great example to other artists on how to reissue their most important albums, breathing new life into established work,whilst offering the punter enough value and reasons to buy the album again. "

"Despite the tragic association with the second series of Alan Partridge, which has helped assist a snobbish response to O.M.D. by default, I feel the need to defend the band mostly known as Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. 'A&M' took its title from a book entitled 'Morality & Architecture', the title suggested by Martha Ladly once of Martha & the Muffins and later associated with the Associates. The title fits perfectly the brilliant cover from Peter Saville Associates, who designed the majority of their sleeves (many of these are in an excellent book on Saville, well worth tracking down). This version of 'A&M' is an extension of the extended/remaster from a few years ago, the major addition being the second disc which has DVD elements (video/live), mostly culled from a performance at Drury Lane. This is the deluxe version of the best-selling OMD album, one the fan's will have to get - if you're less certain, plump for the single disc remastered version which has all the b-sides/bonus tracks. I am one of the few who are hoping their masterpiece, 1983's 'Dazzle Ships' gets the same treatment. The original nine-track LP is pretty perfect, advancing on the promise of the previous two albums and proving that the perfect pop of 'Enola Gay' was no one-off (which some might think when hearing the bleak electronic soundscapes of 'Organisation'). There is subversive pop, akin to 'Enola Gay', the subject this time being Joan of Arc, a figure who has been read in many ways (perhaps they had just overdosed on 'The Passion of Joan of Arc'?). 'Joan of Arc' is a gorgeous pop single, though it is the relative 'Joan of Arc (Maid of Orleans)' that seems more powerful, taking the ambient synths that are also found on 'Souvenir' and 'Sealand', prior to a huge classical synth motif and military drums whacked out by robots. The other single was the huge hit 'Souvenir', sung not by Andy McCluskey, but by Paul Humphreys who wrote it with Martin Cooper - more sublime pop perfection, the 'Extended Souvenir' is pretty similar, just a few extra words you might not require... Things start more oddly with 'The New Stone Age', which has a minimal guitar sound (like Joy Division with banjos!), a metronomic drum machine and whoozy ambient drones as McCluskey sounds possessed, barking out the words: "Oh my god, what have we done this time?" The song goes into overload at the end, feeling like an advance on the Joy Division inflections of 'Organisation.' Following the dark opener, we get some more gorgeous electronic pop in the form of 'She's Leaving', which probably should have been a single - amusingly enough it would be ripped-off for 'Number One' by Goldfrapp, a band who are hip where OMD definitely aren't... The centrepiece of the LP remains 'Sealand', which may or may not be a nod towards 'Seeland' by Neu! (OMD paid tribute to the Krautrock gods with b-side '4 Neu' a few years later), but advances on the 'Organisation'-epic 'Stanlow.' Just under eight-minutes in duration, it's a fan favourite and OMD at their most ambient, this direction would conclude with Dazzle-joys like 'International', 'The Romance of the Telescope', & 'Silent Running.' The title track predicts large aspects of the follow-up album, leading the way to the concluding tracks 'Georgia' (industrial electronic pop about a state of the Soviet Union, which like 'Enola Gay' sounds perky!) and 'The Beginning and the End' which blends Philip Glass-style minimal elements with guitar and percussion. Still great stuff, a definite perky LP and the choice OMD album (though I remain a 'Dazzle Ships' fellow myself). The bonus tracks are another reason to buy this reissue, including a re-recorded 'Motion and Heart', tracks that would appear on 'Dazzle Ships' ('Romance of the Telescope', 'Of All the Things We Made'), and the fantastic 'Navigation', which would later give its title to a b-side collection of OMD works - one cd well worth tracking down. Despite the later descent into stock 80s pop, session musicians and John Hughes soundtracks, OMD were once a great band, like Simple Minds, I tend to plump for the early stuff, picking only a handful of tracks after 1983. A key LP of the era, 'Architecture & Morality' feels as significant as 'Big Science', 'Dare!', 'Music for Parties', 'Non Stop Erotic Cabaret', & 'Penthouse & Pavement.' A key electronic album, even if Alan Partridge digs it! "


Backing Vocals - Brian Tench /Producer - Brian Tench


01 Junk Culture
02 Tesla Girls
03 Locomotion
04 Apollo
05 Never Turn Away
06 Love And Violence
07 Hard Day
08 All Wrapped Up
09 White Trash
10 Talking Loud And Clear

Link to download:

"Released in the summer of 1984, this was OMD's more commercial sequel to 83's Dazzle Ships (see review). Packed full of cracking songs and hit singles, the album is an exuberant joy of a record and shows the band at the peak of their powers.
There's the quirky pop of Tesla Girls, complete with the sampled vocals of Paul Humpreys' wife Maureen, the rolling bass of Locomotion and even brass bursts on All Wrapped Up. Every track is a corker really: the New York electro influence coming to the fore on Apollo and McCluskey really giving it some on the subtle Hard Day.
It's a belting album and one that could teach today's band of bedroom synthesists a thing or two about melody (whasthat?) and structure.
By the way, they had as much fun explaining the significance of the album's title as they did for Dazzle Ships or the classic Architecture & Morality!"

"what an album? you have got classic tracks such as tesla girls talking loud and clear and then the album does a u turn and you get steel drums caribbean music on the tracks all wrapped up locomotion what a fabulous album it makes you happy listening to this album because the songs are so vibrant and bursting with energy brilliant go out and bye it everyone? "

BEST OF (1988)


01 Electricity (3:29)
02 Messages (4:44)
03 Enola Gay (3:31)
04 Souvenir (3:34)
05 Joan Of Arc (3:47)
06 Maid Of Orleans (4:09)
07 Tesla Girls (3:33)
08 Locomotion (3:53)
09 Talking Loud And Clear (3:53)
10 So In Love (3:28)
11 Secret (3:56)
12 If You Leave (4:28)
13 Forever Live And Die (3:34)
14 Dreaming (3:54)
15 We Love You (12" Version) (6:14)
16 La Femme Accident (12" Version) (6:15)

Link to download:
Pass :
!forever DM!



"Out of print in the U.S. UK reissue of this 1988 compilation from the Liverpudlian Synthpopsters featuring two tracks not available on the original U.S. pressing: 'Telegraph' and 'Genetic Engineering'. Released at the height of their success, this collection spanned their career up to 1988, beginning with the 1980 single 'Electricity' and ending with 'Dreaming', a track recorded specifically for this collection (and the final track released from the original duo since they split up shortly after this album was released). 18 tracks including 'Messages', 'If You Leave', 'Tesla Girls', 'Enola Gay' plus bonus extended mixes of 'We Love You' and 'La Femme Accident'. Disky"

"There's not much difference between OMD's Best Of and their Singles collection. All the real classics like Maid Of Orleans, Joan Of Arc, Electricity, Souvenir and Tesla Girls appear on both and those few tracks that are different are not their best. So if you prefer We Love You, La Femme Accident and Genetic Engineering to Sailing On The Seven Seas, Dream Of Me and Walking On The Milky Way, go for this one! You will still get their more experimental first outings like Electricity plus their spacey, magnificent later work from Architecture And Morality. OMD was one of a slew of original UK synth-duo's that emerged in the early 1980s, along with Yazoo, Eurythmics and Soft Cell. OMD's mark of distinction is their elegant, almost classical structures and mournful moods, best demonstrated by Joan Of Arc and Maid Of Orleans. They were the architects of some truly remarkable and timeless sonic sculptures. "

"Greatest Hits compilations always fall short. I even find if I make one a year or so later it needs to be changed. I have to say this one is really good. I can listen to it straight through and both the early material and the late material stands up. I remember a review of their early work commenting that the reviewer hated synths, but recognized the quality of OMD'S so the album was OK, but they also hated their voices and made a joke about them not being blessed with good ones. Of course the thing I always loved about OMD besides their synth work was their voices. It is tough for me to understand others opinions many times. So even though I understand the song selection here, mine would be quite different. I would stick with "Electricity" and "Messages" from the debut. I like almost everything on the debut, but can't argue here. I always found "Enola Gay" to be flat. Great subject, but just can't get into it. I may have to pick this one for the fans, but to me "The Misunderstanding" is my favorite song off their second CD. I love this song. The next release has "Joan Of Arc", "Souvenir" and "The New Stone Age". I don't find the add on "Maid Of Orleans" that exciting and love the Stone Age song. It would be nice to substitute. Dazzle Ships has the obvious "Telegraph", and " Genetic Engineering(favorite song, standing above collection)", two obvious choices and I would also pick "Radio Waves". All the true pop songs from this under rated CD. Off Junk Culture I would go in the opposite direction. The pop songs may define the CD, but the memorable songs for me are "Love And Violence", and "Hard Day". I would leave it at that because the other favorite is "Never Turn Away", and to me it is too slow to include here. Crush is tough. My favorites are, "88 Seconds" and "Native Daughters Of The Golden West". I would pick these and "So In love". It is a brilliant pop song and does fit here. I would not pick "Secret" because to me it is too much like so in love. There are also some other favorites I would pass on here. As for the rest I agree "Forever Live And Die", "Dreaming", and "We Love You" are automatic. Since "If You Leave" is their only real hit that has to be included. Finally some B-Sides should be included that may be hidden gems. This is my collection. I wonder if anybody else would favor this one. "

PANDORA'S BOX (Maxi-Single) (1991)


01 Pandora's Box (Steve Anderson mix)
02 All She Wants Is Everything (Alan Meyerson mix)
03 Pandora's Box (Constant Pressure 12" Mix)
04 Pandora's Box (Diesel Fingers 12" Mix)

Link to download:

SAILING ON THE SEVEN SEAS (Maxi-Single) (1991)


01 Sailing On The Seven Seas
02 Floating On The Seven Seas
03 Sailing On The Seven Seas (Larrabee Mix)
04 Sugartax (Guy Forrester mix)

Link to download:



01 Then You Turn Away (Edit)
02 Sugar Tax
03 Area
04 Then You Turn Away (Infinite Repeat Mix)

Link to download:

WALKING ON THE MILKY WAY (Maxi-Single) (1996)


01 Walking On The Milky Way
02 Mathew Street
03 The New Dark Age

Link to download:
ENOLA GAY'98 (Maxi-Single) (1998)


01 Enola Gay [omd vs. sash!]
02 Souvenir [moby edit]
03 Electricity [the micronauts remix edit]

Link to download:

"The song "Souvenir" should be a love theme in a major motion picture about love and war. The intro of nostalgic virtuosic piano playing is romantic and is the best I ever heard. The violin playing is sweet and sad; it remind me of a lost love. The song is that great and deserve much more playing time on the radio stations. "Electricity" in track 3 is the worst remix and is not musical. Track 1 "Enola Gay" is a memorable remix because of the information from the "narrator"; it has a disco and upbeat sound to it. "

"this is brilliant enola gay /sash very similar but moving, souvenir 7am catchy and similar to original me and you also good more like original and very omd.hard house version interesting. electricity not keen at all nothing like or similar to omd, apollo xi very good song to listen to exellent covers all round must for omd fans. "

"Important information you should know before ordering this cd single. Firstly, the "Enola Gay" Sash remix is not the same as the one on the vinyl remix album released at the same time. Important differences include -- playing time. The cd remix runs at 4.04, while the vinyl mix runs more smoothly at 6.11. The worst thing about the cd remix is the hideous addition of narration at the beginning and end of the song to tell all the idiots out there what the song is about, ruining the integrity of the song!! The next cd remix is "Souvenir" by Moby which was not included on the vinyl edition at all. This version blows all the vinyl mixes away! It is the best track on the cd. Running time is 4.41 with piano intro and drum outro. Vinyl mixes are 7am version at 6.47, and Me & Us Mix at 11.34. Finally the only track repeated on both the cd and vinyl is the boring Micronauts mix of "Electricity", sounding like a cross between Yello and Kraftwerk (on a really bad day). Running time is a very long 8.44. Extra vinyl remixes are the Hard House Version at 5.47, and Apollo XI/@440 Northern Electronic Soul Remix at 6.15. Overall not bad, but I'm still shocked by that awful narration in Enola Gay. Lets hope they'll release the other vinyl versions on cd as well. "

Saltyka's bonus:

This session appeared on Organisation: Remastered (2003) Cd too.


01 Introducing Radios
02 Distance Fades Between Us
03 Progress
04 Once When I Was Six

Link to download:

"The first 10,000 copies of Organisation came in a grey sleeve with a sticker stating "Free Artefact - The Unreleased '78 Tapes". As well as a merchandising insert, a bonus 7" EP came with this release - omd dep 2 - which featured some previously unreleased tracks:
The tracks were actually recorded during a gig at Eric's Club, Liverpool and feature a spoken introduction by Dave Fairbairn.
These tracks reflected OMD's early collage approach in which excerpts taken from radio and TV broadcasts would be cut and edited into songs. Once When I Was Six features dialogue taken from the TV drama series The Pallisers (1974) based on the the novels of Anthony Trollope."



omd (1980)

Peel Sessions 1979 - 1983 (2000)


Many thanks to Pavelse and the original uploaders!
UPDATED (12.02.2008)
OMD - Singles Collection posted/compiled by Moroboshi
CD 1

01 Electricity (Remix '88)
02 Red Frame - White Light
03 Messages (10-Inch Remix)
04 Enola Gay
05 Extended Souvenir
06 Joan of Arc
07 Maid of Orleans
08 Genetic Engineering (312mm Version)
09 Telegraph - Extended Version
10 Locomotion (12 Inch Mix )
11 Talking Loud and Clear (Extended Version)
12 Tesla Girls (12 Version)
13 Never Turn Away (Extended)
14 So in Love (Special American Remix)
15 Secret (Extended Version)
16 La Femme Accident (12-Inch Version)

CD 2

01 If you Leave (Extended Mix)
02 Forever Live and Die (Extended Mix)
03 We Love you (12-Inch Version)
04 Shame (Extended Re-Recorded Version)
05 Dreaming (Extended Mix)
06 Sailing on the Seven Seas
07 Pandora's Box (Abstract Mix)
08 Then you Turn Away
09 Call my Name (12 Version)
10 Stand Above Me
11 Dream of Me (Based on love's Theme) (Single Mix)
12 Walking on the Milky Way
13 Meant to Be (Extended Mix)
14 Oil For the Lamps of China (Extended)

Links to download:
Many thanks to Moroboshi!!


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