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"If There's Love"

AMANT (1978)


01 If There's Love 14:33
02 Hazy Shades of Love 13:29

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"Amant was another of producer Ray Martinez's studio groups that he helped to launch from his home base of Florida. Latin rhythms, percussion and swirling strings were a trademark style for Martinez and his Amant project.There is also a shorter 12 inch version of "If There's Love" on TK Records mixed by the late Jim Burgess. For mixing I play the 12 inch, but since it is edited, I prefer the complete LP for home listening."

"Ray Martinez was kind enough to tell and it's members about the making of this classic Disco album:
Thanks for the compliment !!! You are about right, from beginning to end it was about a month. The actual track was done in Miami, in one evening (drums, bass, and piano). Then all the overdubs (guitar, percussion, etc.) were done probably during that same week. The vocals were done after that in one evening. I took about a week to write the strings and horns arrangements, and to book the session. Then I went to New York, and along with Ray Caviano, we listened to it for about a week or so, and decided to go for the final mix. Ray Caviano contacted Jim Burgess, and within two weeks, I went back to New York, and we mixed it at Sigma Sound in two days. It was mastered at Sterling Sounds in New York the following week.

So all in all, it was probably about 4 to 6 weeks. I also, during the sessions, do not work on one song at a time. When I cut the tracks and do all recordings whether tracks, instrumental overdubs, vocal, or string and horns, I work on several songs at a time. at least two per session, if possible.

By the way, the project was possible thanks to Ray Caviano. He was the one that really helped me convince T.K. on the 'Amant" idea. Without him, it would have probably never happened. "THANKS RAY !!!!!!" Total time - 4 to 6 weeks.Pre and post production time - about 30 hours.Actual recording and mixing time - about 75 hours."


Horns & strings arranged by Ray Martinez & Carlos HernandezDrums - Gus Perez / Bass - Arnold Pasiero/Keyboards - Ray Martinez, Terry Weiss, Pepe Luis Soto/Guitars - Marc Vuscanovic, Alfons Kettner, Ray Martinez/ Strings & Horns - The Jorge Orbon Ensemble/Lead Vocals - Richard Noriega, Jr. & Ray Martinez/ Background Vocals - Martha Roque, Madeline Faiella, Shane
Produced by Ray Martinez


01 If There's Love
02 Hazy Shades of Love
03 In New York
04 Don't Bring Back Memories
05 Lady of the Night
06 Natives Are Restless
07 Reach Out (I'll Be There) /Standing in the Shdows of Love
08 New York Nights

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" If you're expecting the album version of the title track at 14:33, then you might be disappointed. ( saltyka: Ive uploaded the original LP too,so you check the album-long version there !) Don't let the cover fool you as this CD version of "If There's Love" is only 11:29. This probably won't seem like much of a difference to most people but since you are interested in "Amant," then this might matter to you. I own many other "Best of ..." CDs distributed by "Hot Productions, Inc." and the quality has been fair to good. However, the quality of this "CDR" is poor and will not play on most older car CD players unless formatted for CDR and CDRWs. Mmmmm. If your car CD player is less than 4 years old and any version of "If There's Love" will do, then this CD might be for you. There is nothing special about the other 6 tracks on this CD so perhaps there should only be 2 long perfect tracks as on the original 1978 album. But that's just me."

" "Thats the right Music Product" Rare Disco Dance Versions in full lenght time ( 8 min / 12 Min Versions ) Remastered to a Sound Quality - gives you a beautiful harmonical listening in the lovely Parts and included are the drive to find the Dance feeling again like 30 Years bevor. "

Ray Martinez tries to bring the Amant group back again in 1982 with "New York Nights." It's a bit funkier and drier sounding than his previous effort.This time Ray releases Amant on his own label, Paris International Records and Filmworks, but not with the previous results he had achieved with "If There's Love" in 1978..

Richard Noriega (Amant)Lead singer of Disco group Amant (June 1, 1950 - Present):

"I recorded under the name "Amant" for producer Ray Martinez who was with TK Records at the time. Our manager was Larry Brahms who lived in the Miami area. The year was 1980. Amant is best remembered for the 1978 Disco hit "If There's Love."I remember we almost made it on Dick Clark's American Bandstand, but it never happened. I now am a television news anchor in Laredo, Texas for the CBS affiliate KVTV. I still love to sing, only these days I report news. I love all the fans who gave our music wings and will never forget my times in the studio cranking out those great disco hits.Love,Richard Noriega"Amant"

RAY MARTINEZ - Lady Of The Night (1981)

Latin, Disco

Producer, Written-By - Ray Martinez


01 Lady Of The Night / Hey Honey, Come Give Me Money (11:31)
02 The Natives Are Restless (5:02)
03I'm Free (6:40)

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"I was an artist and mainly a producer/writer from the 70's and 80's, but never a DJ. I started with TK Records, and Henry Stone. I was blessed to have many hits while at TK, and was influential in helping create the "Miami Sound", that originated out of TK in Miami. Later I opened Paris International Records, and also had several hits with my label. Produced for Prelude Records, and worked closely with Mike Wilkinson of DiscoNet, where he also released several of my songs. Some of the best known groups that I produced were: Amant, Ray Martinez & Friends, Passion, Foxy, Celi Bee, Jill, and many others. Currently I re-opened Paris International Music, and we are getting ready for some "Great" dance/disco releases, as well as re-mixes." (Ray Martinez)

Growing up in Miami, Florida, Ray Martinez. producer, engineer, musician, artist, writer/composer, and arranger, has over 60 charted world wide hits to his credit. He first began performing with local bands as a keyboard player. A multi-instrumentalist, studing at Miami Dade Community College, and Florida Atlantic University, he majored in music . Seeking his degree, and playing at night became a way of life. While playing in the clubs in Miami Beach, he was asked and did a short stint with the famous group, "Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons". After returning, Ray had a taste of the "big times" and went on to persue a career in recording. Becoming a session player at TK Records, in Miami, as one of legendary Henry Stone's protogee, he studied and became the main recording engineer at the studio. With his talents as a songwriter and arranger, he put his skills to good use by becoming a producer. Incorporating "Afro-Cuban" percussion and rhythms, with R&B music, he was very influential in creating what later became known as "The Miami Sound". After several very succesful hits at TK, Amant, Foxy, and several others, he went on to do free lance productions for other national and international major, and independent labels. He was very successful also having several worldwide hits. Moving on to fulfill an industry dream, Ray formed Paris International Records. Also achieving chart success with artists such as Celi Bee, Passion, as well as himself, and others. After retiring in 1991, Ray did some music, and legal consulting in the music industry. He kept busy "toying" with his automobile collection, and managing his real estate investments. In 2004, after the birth of his new son Lea Paris, his wife Ana (an ex-International model), encouraged him to get back into music. He has currently re-opened Paris International Music, the label, as well as owning one of South Florida's top "state of the art" recording studios, Paris Recording Studios, with three locations. The main studio at the main location, A pre-production studio in a secondary location. And a third "floating/cruising " studio in his yatch, where the South Florida ocean can be enjoyed while creativity can be at the maximum level. Ray continues in his quest to produce new innovating music, as well as trying to re-stablish and keeping Dance/Disco music ALIVE !!!!!

More bio:

More info: a great interview with Ray! the studio of Ray


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Excellent Music Blog!!! Kudos for Ray Martinez and his Fantastic music Productions....I'm looking forward for the new material form Him and his Paris Recording Studios..How about "Ray Martinez & Friends 2009" with remixes and new productions...Thanks Ray Martinez for the Wonderful Music you have made for us (Disco Lovers)...Sounds Great after 30 years...Greetings...LuisAngel

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The best of Amant side A-link does not work. Please repair.
Grat blog !
Many thanks

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Hola yo también soy amante y seguidora de este formidable productor musical, Ray Martínez, de esa década platinada e inolidable de los 70-80 cuando la música "disco" lo era todo y lo más importante era bailar, bailar y bailar.... Yo recuerdo al grupo Amant como uno de los sonidos más representatios del Disco Music y a su creador Ray Martínez lo adoro especialmente por el tema Dama de Medianoche que es y será siempre uno de mis preferidos de la época... Adoro todo este mundo!!!! Tengo en facebook una página dedicada al disco que se llama "Mi página Disco" los inito a conocerla!!!

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