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Synth-pop, Disco

Robert Pot, Gerto Heupink

"Captain Coke"


Arranged By [Vocals] - Gerto Heupink (tracks: 05,09, 10) , Robert Pot (tracks: 05, 09, 10) /
Drums, Percussion - Louis Debij , Toon Janssen /Engineer - Sytze Gardenier /Producer, Arranged By - Bernard Oattes , Rob van Schaik /Programmed By - Gerto Heupink , Robert Pot/ Vocals - Future World Orchestra , Limit, The

Future World Orchestra uses: ARP 2600, Polymoog, Korg 3100, Korg MS-20 and ARP sequencers.


01 I'm Not Afraid Of The Future
02 Airborne
03 Desire
04 Happy Moments
05 Don't Go Away
06 Lunar Eclipse
07 Miracles
08 Casablanca Nights
09 Hypnos
10 Just For You
11 Mission Completed

Link to download:

"Beautiful synthesiser album of this Dutch band. All the singles became big hits in Holland, such as "Desire" and "I'm not afraid of the future". But the album tracks are also beauties, like "Airborne" and "Hypnos". Try to find a copy if you can, you won't be dissappointed."

My favourite song is "I'm Not Afraid Of The Future "


Engineer - Sander Bos , Sytze Gardenier /Producer - Bert Ruiter


01 Roulette (4:25)
02 Just A Matter Of Time (3:17)
03 Theme From E.T. (3:40)
04 Captain Coke (3:12)
05 Walking On Clouds (4:56)
06 Dawn (3:22)
07 Tenderness (2:50)
08 Mister "Y" (3:59)
09 July 23 (5:14)
10 Sundown (4:56)

Link to download:

Fantastic album and rare,so take it! Similar to the first one!


Artwork By [Artwork, Layout] - Robert Marselje/ Mastered By - Ron Boots (tracks: 1 to 5, 10 to 14)/ Photography - Emile Willems /Written-by, Producer, Artwork By [Concept] - Robert Pot


01 Games (4:12)
02 Running Water (4:30)
03 Devining-Rod (3:38)
04 Solar Eclipse (2:03)
05 Resurrection Of The Phoenix (1:05)
06 The Beagle (4:44)
07 After The Rain (4:46)
08 The Jungle (4:02)
09 Origin Of The Species (5:05)
10 The Galaxy (2:21)
11 Echoes (3:44)
12 Crickets Theme (7:42)
13 Atmosphere (4:26)
14 Mountains (6:14)

Link to download:

"Fascinated by the phenomenon "synthesizer" Dutch duo Robert Pot and Gerto Heupink started making electronic music in 1980 under the name Future World Orchestra. Robert`s biggest influence is the notorious keyboardplayer Tony Banks from the legendary symphonic rockband Genesis. He used to play along with their music and so learning a great deal.FWO was a very popular band in the early eighties and they had some significant hits with the singles "Desire" and "I'm not afraid of the Future" which showed a crossover between electronic music and symphonic pop. At this time they were invited frequently to play at TV-shows. In this period they produced two LP`s, "Mission Completed" and "Turning Point"."Thema From ET", a cover of the film tune by John Williams broke the sales figures of the original. After doing some live-shows, Gerto left and Robert continued FWO but no albums were released anymore until the compilation-CD "The Best Of" in 1999.In 1990, Rob was invited by the famous Dutch producers and musicians Rob and Ferdi Bolland to contribute some instrumental material for their album "Danwin, The Evolution".This was a concept-CD in the style of The Alan Parsons Project on which a lot of famous musicians contributed like Ian Gillan (Deep Purple), Colin Blunstone (Zombies, The Alan Parsons Project), Suzie Quatro, Falco and Barclay James Harvest.Robert composed the pieces "The Beagle", "After The Rain", "The Jungle" and "Origin Of Species". These tracks can be found on "The Hidden Files".Now 10 years after "Darwin.. ", Robert is back in the spotlight with a new album which consists of material he composed during this is almost like time stood still in the last twenty years because on "The Hidden Files" Robert still makes the same soft symphonic and very melodically instrumental tunes which FWO was famous for.Let's hope Robert has some more hidden files somewhere in his Studio. And the ghost of Tony Banks walks around throughout the album."(

Desire (Dureco 1981), ( 20 in the Top 40)
I'm Not Afraid Of The Future (Dureco 1982), (26 in the Top 40)
Roulette (Dureco 1983), ( 29 in the Top 40)
Theme From E.T. (Dureco 1983), ( 20 in the Top 40)

Mission Completed (LP, Dureco 1982)
Turning Point (LP, Dureco 1983)
The best of Future World Orchestra (LP en CD, Dureco 1987)
The hidden files (CD, 2000) (as Future world)

More info: The official site of Robert Pot The website of Landscape Productions, the production company run by songwriter and arranger Gerto Heupink


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Thanks Saltyka for your blog.
If you like more info about Futureworld Orchestra, please go to my website: or email me:
I really appreciate your interest in my musical works!!!
Thanks again.

Best regards,
Robert Pot
Futureworld Orchestra

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for a wonderful music. What a beautiful remembering!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i used to have turning point as cassette and copied it to CD and as far as i know, you made the mistake (or who ever did) and track dawn was reprised as tenderness!

i know as i have the whole album myself!

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