Thursday, November 15, 2007


This is NOVA from the space!!:)

Electro, Synth-pop

Members :
Ruud van Es, Rob Papen & Peter Kommers



Artwork By [Cover Design] - Myosotis - Baarn /Producer - Chris Pilgram/ Programmed By [Additional] - Albert Boekholt /Written-By - Chris Pilgram (tracks: 02 to 06, 09, 10) , Nova

Nova used: Korg M 500, Korg Sigma, Korg MS 20 (4x), Korg MS10 (1x), Korg SQ 10 Sequencer (2x), Korg K 55 Rhythmcomposer (Customised), Korg Monopoly, Korg Polysix, Korg Delta, Korg Vocoder, Soundmaster (Digital Rhythmcomposer)


01 Aurora
02 Arrive
03 Xenos
04 Horizon
05 Terra
06 Sol
07 Clear Up
08 Ariane (The Traveller)
09 La Luna 10 Exit

Link to download:

QUO VADIS (1983)

Artwork By [Cover Illustration] - Paul Bos /Artwork By [Design] - Myosotis-Baarn /Engineer - Ronald Prent/ Performer - Peter Kommers , Rob Papen , Ruud Van Es /Producer - Chris Pilgram/ Programmed By [Additional] - Albert Boekholt


01 Cygnus
02 Phase
03 Contact
04 Pulsar
05 Crystal
06 Stella Maris
07 Atmosphere
08 Jig (Presto)
09 Vortex
10 Quo Vadis

Link to download:

BEST OF (1991)

Tracks 1 - 5 from Quo Vadis
Tracks 6 - 15 from Terranova


01 Cygnus
02 Phase
03 Pulsar
04 Crystal
05 Jig
06 Aurora
07 Clear Up
08 Ariane
09 Arrivé
10 Xenos
11 Horizon
12 Terra
13 Sol
14 La Luna
15 Exit

Link to download:

"This compilation CD is good, but I hope that one day the Record Company (RED BULLET Productions) brings out the original albums "Terranova" and "Quo Vadis"!P.S. The Terranova album was realesed on CD by the CNR records, a few years ago, but now is sold out!!

"I love the sound of Nova. "CYGNUS + ATMOSPHERE + AURORA" are the best. I have all 3 Albums from them. The "Quo Vadis" Album is very very hard to find. Many thanks to Rob Papen + the other guys, for this wonderfull Music. God bless you!"

NOVA is: Ruud van Es, Rob Papen and Peter Kommers.Nova is an 80's electronic music group from Netherlands. They released two LP's: TerraNova and Qua Vadis.They made more music under the name PERU.
"Even if you don't know his name, Rob Papen is something of a superstar of the Synthesizer. In the early 80s, a new wave of electronic acts arose from the pioneering work done by Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream. Their outlook was more melodious, tending towards the accessible, yet deep and detailed approach of Jean-Michel Jarre and open for commercial appeal. Papen was immediately struck by the possibilities keyboards and electronic devices offered him and joined his Dutch compatriots PERU at an early age. It didn't take long, before the PERU-sideproject NOVA landed a major chart hit with "Aurora". And in 1988, a reworked version of PERU's "Africa" (taken from the album "Continents") was a surprise number one hit in Austria. The band continued until 1993, before disbandoning and leaving Papen to pursue his passion for building his own synthesizers. In 2004, he resurfaced with the exciting "Daydreamer", which harked back to his former band, but sounded as fresh as any record in the new millenium. Even if it may not catapult him back into superstardom, it is a more than worthy continuation of an impressive legacy."
Read this interview:


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Anonymous Nobel said...

Many thanks for this posting, i've looking for this music since i lost the cassette (tape) about 20 years ago (when i'm grade school). I was inroduce this music by my brother, from that time i love synthesizer music, well thanks again...

12:20 AM  
Blogger the saucer people said...

Many thanks for sharing the three Nova albums Saltyka...they are some of the most incredible early eighties synth music I have heard for a while....fingers crossed they will re-release the Quo Vadis album one day!

1:13 PM  
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