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"Elsa has an excellent singing voice and a wonderful way to caress the hearts of her listening fans"

Electronic, Pop
Chanson, Synth-pop, Ballad

Real name:
Elsa Lunghini

"T'en va pas"

ELSA (1988)

Arranged By, Keyboards - Raymond Donnez , Vincent-Marie Bouvot/ Backing Vocals - Catherine Bonnevay (tracks: 1, 9) , Francine Chantereau (tracks: 1, 9) , Laurent Voulzy (tracks: 7) /Bass - Bernard Paganotti , Jannick Top /Composed By - Diane Warren (tracks: 3) , Georges Lunghini (tracks: 1, 2, 4 to 11) , Raymond Donnez (tracks: 10) , Robbie Buchanan (tracks: 3) , Vincent-Marie Bouvot (tracks: 1,2, 4 to 9, 11) /Drums - Claude Salmieri , Yves Sanna /Engineer - Bruno Lambert , Hervé Lecoz , Jean Lamoot /Guitar - Kamil Rustam/ Lyrics By - Didier Barbelivien (tracks: 1, 3, 7, 9) , Dorine Hollier (tracks: 11) , Pierre Grosz (tracks: 2, 5, 6, 8, 10) /Mixed By - Bruno Lambert , Claude Grillis (tracks: 1, 4, 5, 9) /Photography - Georges Lunghini /Producer - Georges Lunghini , Vincent-Marie Bouvot/ Saxophone - Michel Gaucher/ Technician [Assistant] - Manuela


01 Mon Cadeau (3:58)
02 Sud-Africaine (3:53)
03 Un Roman D'Amitié (4:25) Vocals [Featuring] - Glenn Medeiros
04 Jimmy Voyage (4:28)
05 Le Rôle De Sa Vie (3:37)
06 Jour De Neige (4:03)
07 Jamais Nous (3:52)
08 Quelque Chose Dans Mon Coeur (3:29)
09 Celui Qui Viendra (3:12)
10 A La Même Heure Dans Deux Ans (3:32)
11 Nostalgie-Cinéma (2:47)

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Lyrics for track 03:

Elsa released her début album in 1988. Entitled simply “Elsa,” the album included her recent hits, "T'en va pas" and "Un Roman d'amitié," and it came as no surprise to anyone when other single releases from the album sped their way up the charts, too. "Jour de neige" sold a phenomenal 500,000 copies and was followed by "A la même heure dans deux ans" and "Jamais nous" (a duet with Laurent Voulzy). Despite having taken the French music scene by storm in her early teens, Elsa continued her studies at the local 'lycée.' But when she turned 17 she left school and obtained official permission to leave the family home and move into her own apartment (not too far from home, however! Her parents lived on another floor of the same building.



01 Je viens vers toi
02 Pleure doucement
03 Faudrait pas croire
04 Qu'est-ce que ça peut lui faire
05 On verra bien demain
06 Un enfant qui s'en va
07 L'amour sur le fil
08 Parler
09 Rien que pour ça
10 Je s'rai lá
11 Pour qui tu cours
12 Bats toi

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In 1990, Elsa hopped across the Channel to record her second album in London. She ended up spending three months in the UK capital, in fact, preparing her new material before going into the studio. "Rien que pour ça" was masterminded by Gus Dudgeon (the legendary producer who worked with Bowie and Elton John and who died in 2002) at the studio controls. Elsa's second album featured 12 tracks, for which all the arrangements were written by her father (apart from one song which Elsa set to music herself) and the lyrics were penned by Thierry Séchan and Gérard Presgurvic. The intimate, tender ballads on the album found the young singer wavering between girlhood and womanhood. Following the release of the album, Elsa hit the live circuit with a vengeance, bringing the house down at the Olympia in Paris (15-25 November 1990). She then embarked upon an extensive four-month tour which took her the length and breadth of France.



01 Supplice chinois
02 C'est bien, c'est mal
03 Etre ensemble
04 Jamais toujours
05 Mercurochrome
06 Bouscule moi
07 Le cœur ailleurs, l'amour ailleurs
08 Parfums d'amour
09 Amoureuse, moi ?
10 Tout l'temps, tout l'temps
11 Changer sa vie

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Before releasing her third album "Douce violence" in 1992, Elsa underwent a radical change of image, cutting her hair and adopting a more overtly sexy look. No doubt about it, the sweet-faced teenager had become a woman! The first single release from the album, "Bouscule-moi" (Shake Me up!) was written by Jacques Duvall, Raymond Donnez, her father Georges Lunghini and Jean-Loup Dabadie. But on the whole, Elsa's third album found the young 'chanteuse' leaving her adolescence and her father's influence behind. Meanwhile, things moved on in Elsa's personal life. It was around this time that she met German singer Peter Kröner with whom she had a long-term relationship. The couple had a son together (Luigi, born in July 1994).



01 Chaque jour est un long chemin
02 Je porte mon cœur sur ma main
03 Le temps tourne ŕ l'orage
04 Quand je serai morte
05 Sous ma robe
06 Le chéri
07 Caravane
08 L'autre moitié de la terre
09 Le soir
10 Je tire la langue
11 Les affaires de Franck
12 Jacques est maniaque

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In 1996, Elsa returned to the studio to work on her fourth album. But the success of the 80s was behind her and her career appeared to be in danger of running out of steam. Elsa struggled to move on from simple chart ditties to a more personal ballad style but this failed to find favour with her record company, BMG. Her fourth album, "Chaque jour est un long chemin" – made in collaboration with Sade and Patricia Kaas's producer Robin Millar – received good reviews from the critics. But it failed to impress the record-buying public and BMG announced they would not be promoting Elsa from this point on. A few months later, BMG officially broke the recording contract Elsa had signed. (A lengthy court battle followed and the singer eventually emerged triumphant, winning damages from BMG).

Meanwhile, Elsa soldiered on with her career, returning to the live circuit at Le Bataclan in Paris in April 1997 and then embarking upon a mini-tour of France. The singer also flew out to play in Seoul (where she still has an impressive following of fans). But her career was beginning to nosedive nevertheless. With no record company and no film roles on the horizon, Elsa inevitably faded from the spotlight. She continued to make regular appearances at collective fund-raising concerts for the French charity "Les Restaurants du Cœur" and also took part in concerts to raise awareness against AIDS. But her career continued to slip downhill.

L'ESSENTIEL 1986 - 1993 (1997)


01 T'en va pas
02 Quelque chose dans mon cœur ( Remix )
03 Un roman d'amitié ( with Glenn Medeiros )
04 Jour de neige
05 Jamais nous ( Remix )
06 A la même heure dans deux ans
07 Mon cadeau
08 Pleure doucement
09 Qu'est-ce que ça peut lui faire
10 Rien que pour ça
11 Supplice chinois
12 Etre ensemble
13 Bouscule-moi
14 Tout l'temps, tout l'temps
15 Papa please don't go
16 Gli anni miei
17 Solo era un sueño
18 Dos bichos raros

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In 1999, a new chapter in Elsa's personal life began after she met the Basque footballer Bixente Lizarazu at a "Restaurants du Cœur" concert. Lizarazu was very much in the public eye at the time, having been part of the World Cup-winning squad the previous year. But the pair managed to keep their relationship a secret from the paparazzi for a good while. In the meantime, Elsa tried to resume her music career. When she appeared on a television chat show in 2000, she announced a new album was forthcoming – but fans had to wait a further four years before it saw the light of day!



01 Mon Amour
02 Lune Noire
03 Connexions ok
04 Ne Dis Pas Que Tu M'Aimes
05 L'or et la Poussière - Etienne Daho, , Elsa
06 À Quoi Ça Sert
07 Comme un Fou
08 On Tombe ok
09 Pris Dans Le Systeme
10 Seuls Dans l'Univers
11 Un Bel Été en Enfer
12 Pour une Vue du Paradis

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In 2002, Elsa concentrated her attention on her acting career, appearing alongside Bernard Giraudeau in the French TV movie "La mort est rousse." The following year, she finally returned to the studio to record the new album she had promised her fans. "De Lave et de sève" was released on her new label, Mercury/Universal, on 27 April 2004 - a full eight years after her last offering! The album credits featured an impressive list of guest contributors including Benjamin Biolay, Keren Ann and Hubert Mounier (former frontman of the Affaire Louis Trio). Franck Pillant, ex-guitarist from the group Aston Villa, stepped in as producer and Etienne Daho, the King of French Pop, joined Elsa in the studio for a duet on the song "l'Or et la poussière." Once again, the album received good reviews from the critics but failed to take off with the record-buying public.

In the summer of 2004, Elsa made another TV movie ("Trois jours en juin"). In September of that year, the singer triumphed at the “Festival International des arts du clip,” winning an award for her performance in the video clip to the single "Mon amour."



01 Quoi Ca Sert
02 On Tombe
03 Sous Ma Robe
04 Soir
05 Jacques Est Maniaque
06 Chaque Jour
07 Quelque Chose dans Mon Coeur
08 Canada Coast
09 Pris dans le Systeme
10 Jamais Nous
11 Lune Noire
12 L'Or et La Poussiere
13 Mon Amour
14 T'Em Vas Pas
15 Connexions
16 Desir
17 Éternité
18 Pour une Vue du Paradis

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"After an Eight Year Absence, the Veteran French Performer Returned to Perform the Tracks for this Live Album that was Recorded in September of 2004. The Songs Are all Drawn from Throughout her 20 Years in Show Business. Includes a Special Bonus with "Eternite" by Etienne Daho and the Previously Unreleased "un Desir"."

Daughter of George Lunghini (actor, photographer and song writer) and of Christiane Jobert (painter and also sister of actress Marlène Jobert), she has Italian origins by her father and his grandfather Luigi (Luigi is also Elsa’s son first name).
Elsa performedher first role in a movie at 7 years old, in the 1981 Claude Miller movie Garde à vue (also starring Romy Schneider).Elsa was the youngest artist to be in main program of the Olympia (Paris), at 17 years old, in October 1990 as well as the youngest artist to have a Number 1 Hit at the Top 50, in France. At 13 years old, in 1986, she remained #1 for 9 weeks, with the song "T'en va pas" (soundtrack of the movie "La femme de ma vie"). The song has been composed by Italian Romano Musumarra who has already worked and helped producing hits for 80's famous French pop act Jeanne Mas."T'en va pas" has been a huge hit in France, and managed to export itself across Europe with an english recording: "Papa, please don't go".It was then time for an album, with help of her musician father, Elsa recorded several songs for her self-titled LP "Elsa". The album went double platinum in France (more than 600.000 copies sold) thanks to good choice of various hit-singles such as "Quelque chose dans mon cœur" ("Something in my heart"), "Jour de neige" ("Snowing day"), "Jamais nous" (featuring backing vocals by French singer Laurent Voulzy) ("Never us"), "Un roman d'amitié" (Duet with Glenn Medeiros) ("Friend you gave me a reason"), "À la même heure dans deux ans" ("At the same time in two years"). All of them was top 20 hits and at that time, Elsa was the only artist to have her first four singles charted at number one or number two.She became then very popular in the teen press and media used to compare her to another successful singer: Vanessa Paradis.1990 saw the release of her second album "Rien que pour ça" ("Only for that"). The songs on the album are still produced by her father and Elsa herself wrote the music for the main single of the same name. "Rien que pour ça" was a top 20 hit. Two others excerpt were released "Pleure doucement" ("Cry softly") and "Qu'est-ce que ça peut lui faire" ("What that she matters"). Those two last singles were less successful than the previous ones, but this did not prevent her to start her first tour and then end it in the great theatrical myth place called "L'Olympia" (a VHS and a LaserDisc was then released for that concert).1992, Elsa made her comeback by releasing a real-surprising single: "Bouscule-moi" ("Push me on"). A very catchy pop mid-rock single which reveals a more mature Elsa. The lyrics became more adult oriented. "Bouscule-moi" was a hit-single, her third album was then released. "Douce violence" ("Sweet violence") allows Elsa to become one of the rare french female vocalists renowned in the french musical culture. Two more singles were released to promote "Douce violence": "Supplice chinois" ("Chinese torture") and "Tout l'temps, tout l'temps" ("Everytime, anytime"), but they failed to become smash hits.After several albums and several movies appearances, she released the album De lave et de sève, in March 2004. From September 20 to 24, 2004, Elsa gave shows in Paris at the Européen. A live DVD and a live CD recorded at these concerts have been available since April 10th 2006.Elsa is also involved in several charitable causes. She annually takes part in the Tour of the Resto du coeur as well as in other causes, such as Sol En Si.She has starred in two TV movies: 2002's La mort est rousse and 2004's Trois jours en juin and is now involved in a television advertising campaign for Danone yogourt.She lives in Paris and, since 1999, she is the fiancée of the football (soccer) World Champion Bixente Lizarazu. They met at a Restos du Coeur concert, in which they were both taking part and together, they are also spokespersons of the association Bout de vie, which is dedicated to the assistance of the handicapped.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elsa_Lunghini)

Elsa (1988)
Rien Que Pour ça (1990)
Douce Violence (1992)
Chaque Jour Est Un Long Chemin (1996) released also in english as "Everyday" in the same year
L'essentiel 1986-1993 (1997) Compilation
De Lave Et De Sève (2004)
Connexions Live (2006)

More info:







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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You !
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This music is interesting but not every song is like "Jour de neige".
Well ? C'est la vie.
Your blog is very original. I remember real rarity from you for example The Art Company. I look for all the time Bazooka Joe with song "soldier song". Hmmm. Maybe sometime. I would like You sincerely greet.
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Thanks for the Elsa tracks! Great memories of her third album.

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Im plannig a post with this great band next year.

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bazooka joe - soldier's song.mp3

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pozdrawiam M.

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wonderful post about this french muse. I was hoping her japanese "everyday" album in english would complete the anthology... I still miss this too :(

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Do you have her latest album, just called "Elsa Lunghini"? It was released 15 SEP 2008.

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@ Andy Pryce



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Elsa! albums kink those nice memories at the time when music was made with love and tenderness, resulting in songs that are ageless and are very deep.
Timeless clasics!

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Hi, I need anglish album of ELSA (Everyday)... could You add information & valid link to this album? Please...

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Cześć! To może do skompletowania kolekcji biały kruk nigdxie nie dostępny anglojęzyczny album "EVERYDAY":

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