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CHROMIUM (known as CHROME in USA) - Star To Star (1979) The Buggles/Trevor Horn related

Photo of Trevor Horn

Electronic, Funk / Soul, Pop

Backing Vocals - Linda Jardim ( Linda Allan) (backing vocal in Buggles)
Drums - Peter Robinson (from Brand X,
Electronics - Hans Zimmer (from The Buggles,
Engineer - Joe Barbaria , Steve Allen
Guitar [Lead] - Tom Blades (later played with Eric Burdon)
Keyboards - Ann Dudley (from The Art Of Noise,, Geoff Downes (from Asia, Buggles, The, Trapeze, Yes,
Mixed By, Executive Producer - Edward Germano
Percussion, Bass - Louis Jardim (Grace Jones,The Buggles,Mezzoforte,FGTH et.,
Vocals - Alma Thibou , Vikki Spence
Written-By - A. Everett , C. Trevor (tracks: 08) , Geoff Downes (tracks: 01, 02, 04, 05, 06)
Written-By, Vocals, Producer - Trevor Horn (The Art Of Noise,The Buggles,Chrome,Yes etc.,

"Forces Of Light"


01 Radar Angels (4:27)
02 Forces of Light (3:05)
03 Star to Star (4:23)
04 Time Traveler (3:36)
05 Castaway (3:42)
06 Haunted Disco (3:40)
07 Beam On (5:50)
08 Caribbean Air Control (3:25)
09 Fly on UFO (3:50)

10 Fly On UFO 12" (7:37)

Link to download:

When the Tina Charles Band split, Trevor and Geoff continued working together, experimenting with electronic music and making jingles for commercials. In 1978, the duo worked on an obscure disco project known as Chromium, and recorded the album “Star to Star” in the U.S. with the lead singers Vikki Spence and Alma Thibou. This album was based on a song that Trevor did with Big A the year before, “Caribbean Air Control,” and can almost be considered the “first” Buggles album. In 1979 Trevor and Geoff officially founded the Buggles. (

Geoff Downes:
"Chromium was a project between myself and Trevor Horn. We did an album, basically a year before we did the Buggles' stuff. Trevor had done this album called 'Carribean Air Control'. The guy who ran the Hit Factory in America got a copy of this record and really enjoyed it. He offered me and Trevor to make an album of disco music. It was pre-Buggles, but a bit more mainstream. We did the album in New York, and I think it came out on Hit Factory's own label. I never even got a copy of it myself (laughs)." (from the official Asia site)."
early incarnation of Trevor Horn of the later Buggles and producer of Frankie Goes To Hollywood fame.
This truly dreadful crass number from 1979 is only noteable due to it's difference in UK and US name releases. In the UK it was released by the name of Chromium. There was already a group using that name in the US so it was released there under the name of Chrome.

"For those who like Trevor Horn, I finally purchased the pre-Buggles album"Star To Star" from Chromium (and a 12" as well). It was released in '79.Chromium features TCH, Goeff Downs (the second Buggles), Ann Dudley andLuis Jardim. TCH sings on some tracks along with two female voices.The album is somewhere between the Buggles, G. Moroder and Rah Band (forthose who remember this kitsh '80s band). I suspect one of the females being the singer of "Rah Band". If not, it is nearly the same voice.It is always interesting to hear what TCH did before the Buggles and his ZTT works."

Salty added:
This guy has right . Try "Time Traveller" and listen together with "Messages from The Stars " and "Clouds Across The Moon" from Rah Band.I don't know if Richard Hewson (Rah Band) ever met Trevor Horn,but it seems yes! (after these two Rah Band songs good to listen some from Dee D. Jackson as "Cosmic Curves" and "Galaxy Police")

Let's join the Galactic joy !!:)


Blogger ¡Mateo es así! said...

Thank you Saltyka for another great post. When you cover a band it is so complete I am amazed at the effort! Thank you so much.

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Mateo for your nice words!:)


1:29 PM  
Blogger the saucer people said...

Thanks for sharing this Salty, I agree with you, the similarities with the Rah Band and Dee Dee Jackson's album is uncanny but to be honest, there are a lot of albums around the late seventies that possess this "cosmic pop" sound..from Boney M to the 1978 Tony Van Duyne "Cosmic Dancer" album and thats just off the top of my head.
Its not the greatest album in the world but "Fly On UFO" and "Haunted Disco" really grow on you, plus the fact a mint copy goes for 40 Euros on Discogs suggests its not as bad as the producer's quote suggests it is.
Thanks again for this!

6:20 AM  
Blogger the saucer people said...

I forgot to add, while I was looking for this album I came across at least four different blogs who had posted this particular rip (judging by the fact the file sizes were nearly identical) and not one of them acknowledged where they got it from! I think its totally cool to use someone else's post but to pass it off as your own is just plain wrong (and if you cannot remember where you got it from they could at least say that!)
Many copyists out there, very few originators!

6:25 AM  
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I can't believe how much of this I just wasn't aware of. Thank you for bringing more information to this topic for me. I'm truly grateful and really impressed.

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Do you have an information of a group called Rouge (with Luis Jardim) ?

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