Tuesday, January 22, 2008

FRITZ BRAUSE - Shilly Shally (1985)

"The German Matt Bianco"


Linda Fields - Lead Vocals/Sabine Sabine - Vocal /Deff Carmer - Keyboards /Klaus Bernatzki - Saxophones/ Marcel Beckers - Guitars /H.-Dieter Exter - Bass /Klaus Urban - Drums

Artwork By [Cover Design] - Lubba And Patz /Backing Vocals - Claudia Heß , Deff Cramer , Eddy Conard , Jürgen 'Justus' Schürdt , K-Nappo Bernatzki , Klaus 'Zwing' Urban , Sabine Sabine /Bass - Hans-Dieter Exter/ Drums - Klaus 'Zwing' Urban /Engineer [Sound] - Manni Struck/ Guitar - Marcel Beckers /Keyboards - Deff Cramer /Lead Vocals - Deff Cramer (tracks: 06) , Klaus 'Zwing' Urban (tracks: 01) , Sabine Sabine /Percussion [Guest] - Eddy Conard/Photography [Band] - Peter Salewski/Photography [Front Cover] - Rolf Herkner/ Producer - Chris Beckers (tracks: 04, 06) , Fritz Brause , Mike Herting (tracks: 01 to 03, 05, 07 to 09) /Recorded By [Horn Section], Remix [Horn Section] - Hubert Henle /Saxophone [Selmerphones] - K-Nappo Bernatzki /Trombone - Martin Sander/ Trumpet [Guest] - Hans-Peter Salentin


01 Beat Boy (3:40)
02 Shilly Shally (Let's Dance Tonight) (7:07)
03 Gemma Gemma (3:55)
04 Half Past Midnight (4:17)
05 Teardrops (4:11)
06 That's Terrific (4:06)
07 I.O.U. (4:54)
08 Zero Zero (3:59)
09 Rainey (2:37)

That's Terrific 12" (1984)

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I don't think too many people know this very good German band ,but if you like Matt Bianco ,Swing Out Sisters, Animal Nightlife or Trio Rio ,then this is a must have album! They have only one hit "Shilly Shally", but the whole album is very worth to listen to my mind. The sky is grey here and even it's raining ,but this music bring back summer:)

My tip is "Beat Boy","Shilly Shally" and "That's Terrific"

(photo of Sabine Sabine)

Fritz Brause is a German band formed in Bochum.They started as a band playing instrumental music but it has chainged when Sabine Sabine (Sabine Speisekorn) joined with her characteristic vocal in 1984 .Bands with similar style are Working Week,Swing Out Sister or Matt Bianco.Their name is a fictious name.Their first album "Shilly Shally" reached number 5th in the German album charts in 1985. Their song with the same title was one of the most played in the radio at this time.The second album wasn't so big success,but it was quite popular.In 1987 Sabine Sabine left the band and went on solo.The next album in 1989 released with another singer Linda Fields.Sabine Sabine came back in 1997 to release a new album together in 2001 called "Five".This is their last release so far.

Shilly Shally (1985)
Bow-Tie And Rubberboots (1986)
Don't Go (1989)
Ambiente - Best Of (1990)
Five (2001)

More info (only German):





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