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LUV' posted by Pavelse

Electronic, Pop

Marga Scheide - vocals (1977–1981, 1989–1994, 2005–2007)
José Hoebee (José van de Wijdeven) - vocals (1977–1981, 1993–1994, 2005-től)
Patty Brard - vocals (1977–1980, 1993–1994, 2005-től)
Ria Thielsch (1980–1981)
Diana van Berlo - vocals (1989–1992)
Michelle Gold - vocals (1989–1990)
Carina Lemoine (1990–1992)

"Trojan Horse (1978)"

WITH LUV' (1978)

Ernö Olah -guest musician
Producer Hans van Hemert
Written by Hans van Hemert/ Piet Souer
Arranged by Piet Souer


01 You're The Greatest Lover (2:50)
02 Why Do You Wanna Be (3:44)
03 My Man (3:05)
04 Sugar Babe (2:45)
05 Don Juanito De Carnaval (3:09)
06 Life Is On My Side (2:38)
07 U.O.Me (2:55)
08 Dream, Dream (3:30)
09 Oh, Get Ready (3:16)
10 Louis Je T'adore (3:40)
11 Everybody's Shakin' Hands On Broadway (3:27)
12 Hang On (3:07)

Link to download:

LOTS OF LUV' (1979)

Producer,written by - Hans van Hemert
Arranged by Piet Souer


01 Casanova (3:50)
02 Eeny Meeny Miny Moe (2:54)
03 D.J. (3:20)
04 Shoes Off (Boots On) (3:06)
05 Marcellino (3:15)
06 Dandy (2:46)
07 The Night Of Love (3:32)
08 Money, Honey (3:16)
09 I.M.U.R. (3:35)
10 I Like Sugar Candy Kisses (3:36)
11 If You Love Me (2:34)
12 Saint Tropez (3:04)

Link to download:

"A great pack of pure disco pop fun, containing such gems as "I Like Sugar Candy Kisses", "Eeny Meeny Miny Moe" and "If You Love Me." Luv' may have been a B-level ABBA without a human depth, but while ABBA happens to be one of the greatest pop bands ever, it means Luv' can't be bad. (Something in this Dutch disco project's vocal feel also seems to hint of what was to come by the 1990s girl groups.)"

TRUE LUV' (1979)

Ernö Olah -guest musician
Producer Hans van Hemert
Written by Hans van Hemert/ Piet Souer
Arranged by Piet Souer


01 Ooh, Yes I Do
02 Ann-Maria
03 Rhythm 'n' Shoes
04 Flash
05 Boys Goodnight
06 Daddy, What A Life
07 Cloud No.9
08 Wine, Women And Song
09 Getaway
10 Stop Me
11 My Guy
12 Let There Be Love

Link to download:

Ernö Olah -guest musician
Producer Hans van Hemert
Written by Hans van Hemert/ Piet Souer
Arranged by Piet Souer


01 My Number One
02 Billy The Kid
03 Never Wanted To Be
04 Mother Of The Hearts
05 Tingalingaling
06 The Show Must Go On
07 Ooh I Like It Too
08 I Win It
09 Song Of Love And Understanding
10 Some Call It Happiness
11 Be My Lover Tonight
12 One More Little Kissie

Link to download:

FOR YOU (1989)


01 Welcome to My Party
02 Girl Like Me
03 I Don't Wanna Be Lonely
04 Naughty Boy
05 No Cure, No Pay
06 Medley (You're the Greatest Lover + Trojan Horse + Yes I Do + Casanova + U.O.Me)

Link to download:

Guest musicians:
Lex Bolderdijk/ Omar Dupree/ Ton op 't Hof/ Eddie Conard/ Hans Jansen/ Jacques Zwart/ Bert Meulendijk Arranged by Jacques Zwart


01 Jungle Jive
02 Sincerely Yours
03 Sentimental Fool
04 Canta De La Luna
05 2 AM Saturday Night
06 Hasta Manana
07 He's My Guy
08 Live Or Die
09 I Wanna Make Love To You
10 The Last Song

Link to download:


Producer - Martin Duiser , Piet Souer


01 All You Need Is Love
02 Don't Stop Now
03 Everything's Gonna Be Allright
04 Shine On
05 One More Night
06 I Cried You Outta My Heart
07 Your Love
08 Let's Go To The Paradise Of Love
09 Bad Reputation
10 No Johnny No Can Do
11 Big Time Spender
12 Break
13 Medley:- U.O. Me- You're The Greatest Lover- Casanova- Trojan Horse- My Number One

Links to download:


CD 1

01 My Man (3:04)
02 Dream, Dream (3:29)
03 U.O.Me / Theme From Waldolala (2:58)
04 You're The Greatest Lover (2:50)
05 Life Is On My Side (2:38)
06 Trojan Horse (3:24)
07 Shoes Off (Boots On) (3:07)
08 Casanova (3:50)
09 Marcellino (3:15)
10 Eeny Meeny Miny Moe (2:52)
11 I Like Sugar Candy Kisses (3:33)
12 Ooh, Yes I Do (2:58)
13 Wine, Woman And Song (3:45)
14 Getaway (3:03)
15 Boys Goodnight (2:38)
16 Ann-Maria (4:38)
17 Rhythm 'n Shoes (3:04)
18 Cloud Nr.9 (3:29)
19 Stop Me (3:09)
20 My Guy (3:53)
21 Daddy, What A Life (3:08)

CD 2

01 One More Little Kissy (3:49)
02 Be My Lover Tonight (3:27)
03 Some Call It Happiness (3:59)
04 The Show Must Go On (3:21)
05 Mother Of The Hearts (3:05)
06 My Number One (3:14)
07 Billy The Kid (3:17)
08 Never Wanted To Be ... (4:33)
09 Song Of Love And Understanding (3:58)
10 Tingalingaling (2:32)
11 Eres Mi Major Amante (2:56)
12 Casanova (Spanish Version) (3:50)
13 Si Que Si (3:05)
14 Ann-Maria (Spanish Version) (4:05)
15 José - I Will Follow Him (2:56)
16 José - Secret Love (3:04)
17 José & Ron Brandsteder - So Long, Marianne (4:17)
18 José & Hans Vermeulen - I Love You (4:11)
19 Marga & Deuce - One, Two, Three ... Bananas (3:39)
20 Marga - Love Symphonie (3:37)

Links to download:

"Luv were huge in Holland and the rest of europe in the early eighties and even had a tv special shown in the uk.They released four albums and this cd contains the hits and best album tracks.Thier biggest hit was "Youre the greatest lover" and much of the album follows in the same vain,good catchy pop songs.The three girls are certainly gorgous and can sing especially Jose who sings mainly lead,the other two girls are Patty and Margo.Give them a listen and you'll luv them too."


CD 1

01 You're The Greatest Lover
02 Who Do You Wanna Be
03 My Man
04 Sugar Babe
05 Don Juanita De Carnaval
06 Life Is On My Side
07 U. O. Me
08 Dream, Dream
09 Oh, Get Ready
10 Louis, Je T'adore
11 Everybody's Shaking Hands On Broadway
12 Hang On
13 Don't Let Me Down (Bonus Track)
14 Eres Mi Mejor Amante Spanish Version: You're The Greatest Lover (Bonus Track)
15 All You Need Is Luv' Jingle (Bonus Track)

CD 2.

01 Casanova
02 Eeeny Meeny Miny Moe
03 D.J.
04 Shoes Off (Boots On)
05 Marcellino
06 Dandy
07 Night Of Love, The
08 Money, Honey
09 I.M.U.R.
10 I Like Sugar Candy Kisses
11 If You Love Me
12 Saint Tropez
13 Trojan Horse (Bonus Track)
14 Casanova Spanish Version (Bonus Track)
15 Luv' Hitpack (Long Version) Casanova, Life Is On My Side, U.O. Me, Casanova, You're The Greatest Lover, Life Is On My Side, Trojan Horse, Everybody's Shaking Hands On Broadway, Casanova (Bonus Track)
16 All You Need Is Luv' Jingle (Bonus Track)

CD 3.

01 Ooh Yes I Do
02 Ann-Maria
03 Rhythm 'n Shoes
04 Flash
05 Boys Goodnight
06 Daddy, What A Life
07 Cloud Nr. 9
08 Wine, Women And Song
09 Getaway
10 Stop Me
11 My Guy
12 Let There Be Love
13 Si Que Si (Bonus Track)
14 Ann-Maria (Spanish Version) (Bonus Track)
15 All You Need Is Luv' Jingle (Bonus Track)
16 My Number One (DISC 04)
17 Billy The Kid
18 Never Wanted To Be
19 Mother Of The Hearts
20 Tingalingaling
21 Show Must Go On, The
22 Ooh I Like It Too
23 I Win It
24 ong Of Love And Understanding
25 Some Call It Happiness
26 Be My Lover Tonight
27 One More Little Kissie
28 You're The Greatest Lover ('93 Remix)
29 Megamix '93 (Long Version) U O Me, You're The Greatest Lover, Trojan Horse, Ooh Yes I Do, Casanova (Bonus Track)
30 Trojan Horse (2006 Remix) (Bonus Track)
31 All You Need Is Luv' Jingle (Bonus Track)

Links to download:

"They are kind of nice songs to play when you drive a long journey, like from California to New York. They are happy songs and up-tempo, a kind of lifted your spirit and energizing. The sound is excellent. It improved a lot as compare to 2001 release of LUV's greatest hits CD on Universal Music label as well. It must have been re-mastered for this release. Nice pictures too. Sexy ladies in skimpy outfits. All 4 CDs actually should fit into 3 CDs though. Go and buy it, you won't be disappointed. Highly recommended."

Luv' is a Dutch pop girl group which scored a string of successful hit records in a large part of Continental Europe and also South Africa and Mexico in the late 1970s and early 1980s.In 1976, two Dutch music producers, Hans van Hemert and Piet Souer, and a manager Han Meijer,decided to form a girl group, inspired by the German disco trio Silver Convention.
After the singles My Man (#12 in Holland and a Flemish Top 10 hit) and U.O.Me -Top 5 hit in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium),Luv' started it's Luv's international career (1978-1981).The You're the Greatest Lover single was their international breakthrough in 1978 and one million units of this record were sold. Apart from its homeland, Luv' topped the music charts in Belgium, in France, in Germany, in Austria, in Switzerland, in Denmark, in Poland, in South Africa and in Mexico. The follow-up singles ( Trojan Horse (a million seller), Casanova, Ooh, Yes I Do...) were successful. Their albums were big selling records (especially With Luv' and Lots of Luv').In 1978-1979, Luv' was Holland's best export act and received for their works the Export award (2,5 million records) from Conamus, a foundation dedicated to the promotion and support of Dutch music abroad.In Germany, the trio was often invited in two popular TV programmes.In 1979, the three singers, their producers and their new manager (Han Meijer was replaced by Pim Ter Linde who runned Interlinde Management) changed their strategy for better opportunities. That's why, they founded a limited company, Interluv'/Luv' BV , to control every aspect of their career. They chose a new publisher and a new record company (after a deal with Philips Records, they signed a one million Dutch Gulden contract with Carrere, a French label).After the One More Little Kissie single was released during the summer of 1980, Patty Brard suddenly left the band. She was immediately replaced by a model and limbo dancer from the Ricardo and The Flames revue, Ria Thielsch born on August 25. 1951 in Manokwari, New Guinea. Ria was officially introduced to the public when the My Number One single and the Forever Yours album were released in the fall of 1980. These records sold well in Holland and Belgium.In March 1981, the girls and their team annonced Luv's break-up.
Luv' sold from 1977 to 1981 seven million records (singles and albums)
In 1988, the original line-up was reunited for a Dutch TV charity show (Samen). Luv' later planned to record a come back album with the British producers Stock, Aitken & Waterman,however, it never happened.Then, José and Patty didn't want to belong to the band anymore.
1989 - 1992:
Marga Scheide (only original member) and two other singers, Diana van Berlo and Michelle Gold recorded as Luv' a single (Welcome To My Party) which reached the 22th position in the Dutch charts and the 28th position in the Flemish charts in the autumn of 1989. Moreover, the trio was involved with other Dutch girl groups (Frizzle Sizzle, Mai Tai...) in the All Stars project to help Third World children with the Star Maker single. In 1990, Michelle Gold was replaced by another vocalist, Carina Lemoine. During the Gulf War, Luv' performed in Dubai to support the Dutch troops. The formation splitted up in 1992.
1993 - 1994:
Because of the 70's revival due to the success of ABBA and Boney M compilations, the original Luv' girls got together. An anthology CD (Luv' Gold) and a medley single (Megamix '93) were released in 1993 and topped the Dutch charts (respectively #14 and #23 in the hit lists). The ladies went on tour in Holland, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. Then, what turned out to be their last studio album (All You Need Luv') was issued by an independent label (Roman Disc) failed to enter the hit lists. Later, José, Patty and Marga broke up again.
In 2003, to celebrate Luv's 25th anniversary, a double CD compilation (25 Jaar Na Waldolala) was releasedIn 2005, Luv' made a surprise showcase at the 40 year business anniversary of Hans van Hemert. One year later, a docusoap (Back In Luv) about their comeback was broadcast on RTL 5 (a Dutch TV channel) and on VTM (a Flemish channel), a DVD (also entitled Back In Luv) and a 4 CD Box (Completely in Luv with bonus tracks and remixes) came out.Nowadays, Patty, Marga and José perform in TV shows and are often booked for live performances (in discos, private parties, corporate events and festivals). Luv' is one of the few fully manufactured bands of the Disco and Dance era to be on stage with the original line-up (unlike Boney M. and Village People).

With Luv' 1978 (Philips) – H #6, N #50, A #15
Lots of Luv' 1979 (Philips) – H #7, N #39, A #13
True Luv' 1979 (Carrere) – H #13
Forever yours 1980 (Carrere) – H #13
For You 1989 (Dureco / High Fashion Records)
Sincerely Yours 1991 (RCA)
All You Need Is Luv´ 1994 (Roman Disc)
One More Night 1995 (re-issue of All You Need Is Luv' (remastered) / Pink)
Completely In Luv' 2006 (remastered with remixes and bonuses 4 CD Box a With Luv', a Lots of Luv', a True Luv' and Forever Yours Universal Music) – H #95

Full discography:

Josina van de Wijdeven
José Hoebee (born Josina van de Wijdeven in Best, (North Brabant, Netherlands), on March 24, 1954) is a Dutch pop female singer. She is part of Luv' (the most famous girl group from Holland in the late 1970s and early 1980s which scored hits in a dozen of countries). In 1981, she went solo and was successful in her homeland and in the Flanders between 1982 and 1985. She currently performs with Luv' or on her own. (

More info:

Marga Scheide
born Margareth Scheide (on March 15, 1954 in Amsterdam, Netherlands) is a Dutch former model and a singer. She is a member of the girl group Luv'.Marga started her career as a model in her homeland in the early 1970s. At the age of 19, she was crowned Miss Young Holland and took part in the Miss Holland 1973 competition but didn't win it. In 1976, she was cast as a member of a girl group (Luv') created by two producers, Hans van Hemert and Piet Souer.In 1982, Marga Scheide was the lead member of another short-lived girl group Marga & Deuce with two twin sisters Clari and Anja who recorded an unsuccessful single (One, Two, Three... Bananas). Then, a solo single was released (Love Symphony), a medley of The Supremes that flopped, even if it was broadcasted on Black American radio stations[1]. In 1984-1985, she participated in a TV musical for children based on ABBA's songs and performed in Dutch : Abbacadabra. José Hoebee was also part of the cast of this show.Then, she gave up temporarily her career in the entertainment and was the owner of a souvenir shop (Dutchy Souvenirs) in Utrecht's Holiday Inn. In 1989, she was back in show business.(

More info:

Patty Brard
(born Petula Louise Brard in Sorong, New Guinea/Indonesia, on March 25, 1955) is an Indo (Dutch-Indonesian) entertainer. She is a TV personality and a singer notable for being one of the members of the girl group Luv'.In 1981, Patty was the first Luv' member to start a solo career. She recorded in the 1980's three albums (All This Way, You're In The Pocket and Red Light) in Los Angeles. She collaborated with famous session musicians (like Billy Preston, Paulinho Da Costa and Jai Winding). Patty's American recordings weren't big selling discs like those of Luv' (except the Hold On To Love single which was a Top 20 hit in Holland, a Top 10 hit in Belgium and which reached the 12th position in South Africa in 1981).She released 5 albums,since 1982,has hosted a lot of TV shows. (

More info:

Carina Lemoine
i found only her Dutch site.She released some solo albums before and after Luv.Her new album "valentino" is from 2006.In 1994, Carina Lemoine and Diana Van Berlo (former members of Luv') formed briefly a duet: Lady's D.C. in 1994.

More info:

More info:

Lot of thanks to Pavelse!!!


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thanks a lot for this great disco!

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"Luv... even had a tv special shown in the uk" :) No. This BBC comedy show starting in 1993 was not about this band.
They (band Luv') was absolutely unfamous in english speaking world.

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Hehe, Luv' ... one of my guilty pleasures. Thanks for putting them into the spotlight.

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Anonymous albgardis said...

Thank you for sharing these happy tunes, I feel like I am 15 again...

I am married to an American who has of course never heard about dutch pop and LUV before he met me, but he loves them a lot. He will be very happy too!

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Anonymous strongbow said...

Can help me somebody? I m looking for José Hoebee album "The Good times" (Carrere, 1982),concrete song "I´m So Sorry " from the year 1981.Please...

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thanks! =D

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Where can I get the dvd, back in luv, released via princess publications in 2006. No luck on amazon.
Ian u.k.x

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Thanks a million for sharing these precious albums! My mother was a big fan and my childhood simply can't be remembered without the Luv' tunes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Greeeat post.. Hope the other songs are just as good as "You're the Greatest Lover"..
Hey, hello so you're the greatest lover
Hey, hello you're such a sexy thing
Come let's sing and let us dance all night
you make me feel, yeah, feel alright.

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In my view one and all may read this.

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hi can you re upload all the luv albums i love that group am a 70s fan :) marco

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