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"Timeless 80's Rock at it's finest! This talented trio from East London is at their best in this superb offering. Excellent two part vocal harmonies combined with outstanding lyrics blend beautifully with classic guitar chord riffs and solos. This band is best compared to the Beatles and The Police."

"This band is TIMELESS and every album just keeps getting better. This is no exception."

"The Outfield is one of the more underrated, underappreciated bads to come from the 1980s. Their tight, harmonious melodies are present on every album they've released"

"John Spinks has an incredible talent for song writing and guitar playing that cannot be compared to anyone... Tony Lewis has a vocal ability and range that is said to rival Sting among others. But I think he one in a million! No one compares."

"The Outfield's sound could be described as an 80's rock version of The Beach Boys. Superb song writing and lyrics with vocal harmonies at a level that few bands have ever achieved."

"Completely awesome band!"

Pop Rock, Soft Rock

Alan Jackman - Drums (1983-88)
John Spinks - Guitar, Vocal, Keyboard
Tony Lewis - Bass, Lead Vocals
Simon Dawson - Drums (1990-present)

PLAY DEEP (1985)

Bass, Lead Vocals - Tony Lewis
Drums - Alan Jackman
Executive Producer - Rick Chertoff ( and
Guitar, Vocals, Written-By - John Spinks
Keyboards - Reggie Webb ( and
Mastered By - George Marino ( and
Mixed By - John Agnello (
Producer - William Wittman (
Vocals [Additional] - Frank Callaghan (also with The Giraffes 2005, , William Wittman
Written-By - John Spinks

"Your Love"


01 Say It Isn't So (3:49)
02 Your Love (3:44)
03 I Don't Need Her (3:56)
04 Everytime You Cry (4:29)
05 61 Seconds (4:14)
06 Mystery Man (4:06)
07 All The Love (3:33)
08 Talk To Me (3:36)
09 Taking My Chances (3:35)
10 Nervous Alibi (3:45)

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You can find some "Your Love" mixes here:

"Play Deep, the Outfield's debut album, contains a couple of singles that settled quite nicely into mid-'80s radio. Guided by Tony Lewis' airborne vocals and John Spinks' regimented guitar bluster, they managed to place two of the album's best songs within Billboard's Top 20. "Your Love" made it all the way to the number six spot in March of 1986, thanks to Lewis' high-pitched holler that dominates the opening of the song and a harmonious chorus that is overly smooth and rock savvy. Peaking at number 19 four months later, "All the Love in the World" is a an unblemished rock tune with a an effectively echoed vocal track, again highlighting the band's sweet-sounding consonance that's mixed in with rugged guitar work. The uncharted material sounds just as fluent and is anything but filler, especially efforts like "Say It Isn't So" and "I Don't Need Her," along with slower songs like "Everytime You Cry." Play Deep is a worthy first release from this British trio, lead by a novel guitar and vocal concoction."

"This album is little gem from the 80's that doesn't get much play when people discuss classic pop of the era. However this little 3 man band turned out some of the most tuneful rock and pop of their era. I won't pretend I'm crafting a Rolling Stone review and break down the album track by track. I'll just say that if you were a teenager in the 80's and this album doesn't bring a smile to your probably didn't like this kind of music then either. The follow up album, 'Bangin', is also good...FYI."

"They were often compared to the Police which I think somehow gave them a second tier status, but this is a great band and album in their own right. Great harmonies and well written catchy tunes with memorable guitar riffs throughout. This is one of those rare albums that is enjoyable from beginning to end and stands the test of time. I wish they would come out with a remastered CD to do the music justice."

"It was the summer of 1985 when I was first introduced to this band and this album. It was one of the hottest albums of that year and I was hooked."

"Guitar driven power-pop from the eighties. This was a mega-whopper of an album commercially, and pretty much everything The Outfield had to offer is on this disc (excepting the nifty Voices of Babylon from the later album of the same name). Musically and lyrically The Outfield were fairly stock, and Play Deep isn't really very "deep" at all, but they make this work to their advantage by nailing every cue on the pop scale with near perfection.
My only beef is the often mechanical/rigid sound of the drums."

"Let's put it this way, if you're tired of today's music (admit it, you are!), and you're aching for something from the past that you may have missed - this is the disc for you! It's the best COMPLETE album of the 80's. We all know "Your Love" (or you should anyway - "Josies on a vacation far away, come around and talk it over..."), but there are songs on this disc like "61 Seconds" and "Say It Isn't So" that are just phenomenal. I put this CD in my top three of all time (U2's "Joshua Tree" & Tom Petty's "Damn the Torpedos" are my other two). I don't know what else to say other than this band is one of the most underrated bands of the 80's and sadly, overlooked in the 90's. They are a very good, uplifting, rock band that needs to be given a new record deal so their new music can reach the masses."

"Sounds of summer. When one listens to this disc that's what it reminds us of: summer time and all of the fun and excitement that goes along with it. This trio from the East End of London with the American sound are full of energy and talent. Play Deep has 5 songs that climbed the charts, and has gone triple platnum. We all know Your Love and All The Love but there are a number of other memorable tracks such as Say It Isn't So, Everytime You Cry, 61 Seconds, Mystery Man, Talk To Me, and Nervous Alibi. John Spinks has an incredible talent for song writing and guitar playing that cannot be compared to anyone... Tony Lewis has a vocal ability and range that is said to rival Sting among others. But I think he one in a million! No one compares. Everyone should have this disc. It'll remind you of the carefree days of summer...."

"There will never be another "Play Deep"! If you are looking for positive, energitic, and fun rock -n-roll with loads of kickin' guitar playing from the most under-rated player in the last 15 years - John Spinks, and punchy vocal harmonies from one of the best rock vocalists alive today - Tony Lewis (comparable to Sting, Jon Anderson & Brad Delp), then look no further! This band incorporated everything they had been influenced by in the 70's and early 80's into "Play Deep". All of the best influences from "The Beatles", "The Cars", "The Police", and "early U2" can be heard shining though on this masterpiece! On top of all that, they managed to develop their own signature style that is unmistakeable even to this day. They are a unique band in a world of "sound-a-like" drones! This album produced 5 top 40 hits and is currently nearing triple platimum status! No reason any self respecting Rock fan should not own this CD!!!"

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BANGIN' (1986)

Alan Jackman - Drums
John Spinks - Vocals, Multi Instruments
Tony Lewis - Vocals, Multi Instruments

Peter Wood ( - Synthesizer
Frank Callaghan (also on 1985 Lp)- Vocals (Background)
Steve Ralbovsky ( - Jug
Christopher Austopchuk ( and - Art Direction
Chris Cuffaro (, Chip Simons ( - Photography
Steve Lyon ( - Assistant Engineer
John Agnello (also on 1985 Lp) - Engineer
George Marino (also on 1985 Lp)- Mastering
Dee Long ( and - Programming
Ted Trewhella (,,532613,00.html) - Assistant Engineer, Mixing
William Wittman (also on 1985 Lp) - Producer
Rick Chertoff (also on 1985 Lp) - Executive Producer

"Bangin' On My Heart"


01 Somewhere In America
02 Bangin' On My Heart
03 No Surrender
04 Moving Target
05 Long Way Home
06 Playground
07 Alone With You
08 Main Attraction
09 Better Than Nothing
10 Since You've Been Gone

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"Although Bangin'was not as huge as the Outfield's runaway debut, it's still another flawless piece of pop craft. This trio knows hooks and is never afraid to use them. Swirling in the center, as always, is the precise and economic guitar of John Spinkswhose sentimental songwriting becomes even more forlorn and desperate when passing though the pipes of sonorous singer Tony Lewis. Most songs are variations on the classic unrequited love theme, and thus avoid pretension like (gasp!) early Beatles. Plus, the impassioned vocal delivery over tight playing constantly pulls the listener inside the soaring songs. And in the end, the songs are all that matter. "Bangin' on My Heart," "No Surrender," "Moving Target," "Main Attraction," and "Since You've Been Gone" pack picture-perfect power punches. In fact, Bangin' maintains a consistent quality exclusive to only the upper echelon of rock. Mistakenly lost in the Police files, the Outfield are a true find, and Bangin' deserves any pop fan's attention."

"If you like the Outfield and enjoyed Play Deep, this album has the same feel and could easily be considered a continuation."

"I just don't understand why this group or any of these albums didn't really hit big. I loved this group, there sound, and there song selection.
I highly recommand there music to anyone that would take the time to just listen to them."

"This is one cd that I keep playing over and over. I love every song on it. It starts out with Somewhere In America and Bangin' On My Heart two songs that are two of my all time favorite songs. The last track was the hit Since You've Been Gone which is another favorite. While this did not do as good as their first cd Play Deep it is an even better cd. This is one group that should have been a big time act but never made it. After the success of Play Deep they never got much airplay. If you like Play Deep or anything else by the Outfield this is a must. I highly recommend this any anything by them. Other cds they have done Voices Of Babylon, Diamond Days, Rockeye, Extra Innings, Big Innings(Best Of)."

"It's not easy being a follow-up album to the best-selling record a group has released, but in this case, make no mistake - "Bangin'" delivers! "Since You've Been Gone" is the most recognizable song from this CD, and it represents the rest of the material found on this release, in my opinion. It's somewhat darker than "Play Deep", but that doesn't mean it's not bright, airy pop - staples of music by The Outfield! "Bangin' On My Heart" is a driving tune with a fabulous, moving guitar solo, and "Moving Target" is a selection that I would recommend giving close attention."

"A lesson in what music should be. High energy, unmatched emotion and, of course, FUN!! This album is no sophomore jinx. John Spinks and Tony Lewis have a chemistry like noone before them. If you enjoy music for its sound and not just "the hits," then you'll love BaNGiN'. Check out their other great CD's: Everyone should play the field...THE OUTFIELD!!!"

"If you're a fan of guitar rock, you shouldn't be without this album. "Bangin'" is The Outfield's second album and my personal favorite. While their first album may have been more "radio friendly" to many, I believe there is a growth from that album in their song-writing, both lyrically and musically. John Spinx's guitar-playing is amazing! (gotta be among the world's most unheralded six-stringers) You can just sense his feel and passion- listen to the solos in "Bangin' On My Heart" and "Long Way Home" and see what I mean. And Tony Lewis's voice is as recognizable and powerful as ever. The drum playing is solid as well. This album covers it all- from hard, driving rock such as "Main Attraction" to beautiful ballads like "No Surrender" and "Alone With You." The Outfield were and are often characterized as an eighties band, but whatever you may think, these guys plain know how to write and perform music. This album proves that."

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Tony Lewis - Vocals, Bass
John Spinks - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Songwriter, Producer
Alan Jackman - Drums

Stephen Marcussen ( - Mastering
Derek Murphy, Brian Soucy ( - Assistant Engineer
Nigel Palmer ( - Engineer
Mike Prior ( - Photography
Nexus - Art Direction, Design
Jim Dineen ( - Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
David Kahne ( - Keyboards, Producer
David Leonard ( and - Producer, Mixing, Engineer

"Voices of Babylon"


01 Voices Of Babylon
02 My Paradise
03 Part Of Your Life
04 Shelter Me
05 The Night Ain't Over
06 No Point
07 Taken By Surpirse
08 Reach Out
09 Makin' Up
10 Inside Your Skin

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"The world quit listening, but the Outfield continued to make tight, glistening pop records. Even though hook virtuoso John Spinks tries for lyrical content that digs deeper than Josie leaving on a vacation far away, all that matters is that Voices of Babylon showcases sharp harmonies, crackling guitar, and the always remarkable vocals of Tony Lewis. Thus, the Outfield recedes into history as yet another shining power pop band unjustly ignored and lost forever. 'Tis truly tragedy worthy of the Bard himself."

"Songs for every mood, quiet songs, upbeat driving songs and mellow songs you can sing along to. This is probably their second best CD behind Play Deep!"

"The Outfield just keep getting better and better.... They've accomplished a nearly impossible task in topping the sound and quality of both Play Deep and Bangin'. This album is the perfect mix of the music that was popular in the eighties and early nineties. Every single track on this album is a classic but Voices Of Babylon, Shelter Me, No Point, Reach Out, and Inside Your Skin really shine. The emotion that can be heard in these tracks, especially Shelter Me and Inside Your Skin, is incredible. Tony Lewis sounds as good, if not better than, he did on Play Deep and Bangin'. If you're an Outfie
ld fan and you don't have this disc, get it! If you've heard Your Love and Since You've Been Gone and are thinking "I remember them" buy it and experience the incredible music The Outfield has done since."

"This album by the Outfield is another strong effort. If Play Deep won with the drumming and Bangin won with the catchy choruses, then Voices of Babylon was heavy on the guitars. Lots of it all over the album. The title song, I always have the volume turned up, because the lead guitars are so very superb here. It made for a remarkable three minutes. I still don't get it why it peaked at No. 26 in the Hot 100 in 1989 because it really stood out during that period where they were still playing 1988 songs on the radio--the year was only three to four months old. This is a very strong album for them--crank the volume up to 10 when you get to play it on the stereo!"

"Voices Of Babylon is arguably the best overall album by the vastly underrated
British power pop band,The Outfield.
Always melodic in their approach,these guys can both rock hard,and sing up a storm in the process.
Tony Lewis' slicing tenor and rock-solid basswork is complimented by John Spink's flavorful, majestic,arpeggio-filled guitar playing.
And ofcourse, these 2 pillars of the group have voices that blend breathtakingly well together to form numerous catchy, harmony-flavored hooks.
These guys also write some really good, melodic material.The CD's title cut, as well as The Night Ain't Over,and My Paradise are signature tracks.
But there are at least several other gems as well.
If British-flavored, rock-solid power pop with great vocal hooks is your thing,these guys deliver the goods.
And...If you haven't heard their music yet,"Voices Of Babylon" would be a good place to start.


Tony Lewis - Vocals, Bass
John Spinks - Guitar, Keyboard, Songwriter, Producer, Vocals
Simon Dawson - Drums

Scott Sanders (, Michael Bosley (,,520035,00.html), Andy Udoff - Mixing
Doug Sax ( - Mastering
Nigel Palmer (see Voices Of Babylon Lp) - Engineer
Dean Freeman ( - Photography
Alvin Lee (Ten Years After fame,see: - Guitar
David Leonard (see Voices Of Babylon Lp) - Producer, Mixing


01 Take It All
02 Eye To Eye
03 For You
04 John Lennon
05 Magic Seed
06 Unrespectable
07 Burning Blue
08 Raintown Boys
09 One Night In Heaven
10 After The Storm

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"After the Outfield's Voices of Babylon album, drummer Alan Jackman parted ways, and the band released Diamond Days as a duo. Even though the album's finest song "For You" made it to number 21, it was truly Diamond Days' only bright spot, with the rest of the album suffering from limp harmonies and a lack of pop energy which circulated through their past releases as well. Both Tony Lewis and John Spinks fail to rekindle any of the avidity that was prevalent on earlier songs like "Your Love" or "Since You've Been Gone," coming up short and sounding like a tandem without any direction. Absent is Lewis' vocal muscle and the guitar grind of Spinks, replaced by rather slipshod efforts like "Magic Seed" and "After the Storm." "John Lennon" shows a minute hint of promise but just can't get off the ground for full flight. With Diamond Days, the Outfield attempted to simmer down their pop enthusiasm in order to please a somewhat older crowd, but it seems this route affected both their vehemency as a pop band as well as their songwriting strengths."

"This is the first album the group released without the work of their long-time drummer, Alan Jackman. The sound of The Outfield continues to evolve on this release, gaining maturity as the albums roll by. This album contains the hit, "For You", a great song about complete devotion. Some sleepers on this disc include "Burning Blue", and "Raintown Boys". Although the entire album is great, these are songs that stand out. I would recommend this album to anybody, as it upholds the tradtion of great rock by The Outfield."

"After albums two and thr
ee didn't attract a lot of people, The Outfield's fourth album is a return to what made them stars in the first place. The first half of the album and the hit single "For You" starts kind of slow for a bit. But the album picks up in the second half, as I hear shades of Play Deep felt in the songs. Raytown Boys is one of the best rockers here; it kind of recalls the chords of Your Love a little bit. But no song on here stands out than that final one on the album, After The Storm. It's such a dramatic and dymanic performance with its dark and sonic landscapes and lots of lead guitar on this power ballad. One of the band's best written and arranged songs. Although this was their first for MCA after three albums with Columbia, the band really continued to make strong rock music with some pop leanings with this one."

"Not as energetic as their other material, but a fun sing-along cd. I don't like every track, but Burning Blue and After the Storm are excellent tunes. If you can buy this one for five or six dollars- do it. For You is a great song!"

"Perhaps one of the best albums by the British Band with the American sound.... This disc is full of treasures from "For You" which was the unofficial anthem of the Gulf War, to "Burning Blue", "Raintown Boys", and "After The Storm". Although this is the first album minus drummer Alan Jackman, the quality and sound of The Outfield has not diminished. If anything it has improved... If you don't have this disc but would like to experience the ever improving sound of the Outfield, buy it!"

ROCKEYE (1992)

Tony Lewis - Vocals, Bass
John Spinks - Guitar, Producer, Vocals, Keyboards
Simon Dawson - Drums

Stephen Marcussen (see Voices Of Babylon Lp) - Mastering,Programming
Graham Meek, Nigel "Chopper" Palmer (see Voices Of Babylon and Diamod Days Lp) - Engineer Yan Meemi - Assistant Engineer
Reg Webb (see Play Deep Lp) - Piano
Richard Haughton, Chuck Montague, Scott Firth - Photography
Alvin Lee (see Diamond Days Lp) - Guitar
Ian Thomas - Programming
David Fitzgerald ( - Saxophone
Nigel Green ( - Mixing

"Closer To Me"


01 Winning It All
02 Closer To Me
03 Way It Should Be
04 Under A Stone
05 Young Love
06 Jane
07 Take Me Home
08 Tonight You're Mine
09 On The Line
10 Stranger In My Own Town
11 Going Back

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"The Outfield were a great power pop band whose big '80s production sound was the antithesis of what power pop fans wanted. The fusion of Dwight Twilley-style melodies with Journey bombast was intriguing for the moment, but inhibits the luster of the group years after the fact. For bright, shiny hit singles, one refers to the Raspberries and Badfinger, while Crowded House comes close to what vibe could have been a blessing to this group. Rockeye was the fifth album in seven years, and is highly listenable throughout — the trio pared down to a duo, John Spinks' 11 new compositions feature only one Tony Lewis co-write, and the material is still first rate pop chock full of hooks. They don't break any new ground with "Winning It All" or "Closer to You," and the sound is interchangeable with some of their previous work, "The Way It Should Be" in the same vein, while "Under a Stone" resembles a British version of The Cars with Dave Fitzgerald providing the saxophone. If Split Enz went the 38 Special route, you might have the ingredients that make up Rockeye — it sounds like an unholy marriage on paper, but the album is pleasing and works on many levels. "Young Love" feels like it is going to be redundant, but it twists at the right time to rescue itself. Ten Years After guitarist Alvin Lee shows up to provide the solo for "Jane," and it is too bad Jefferson Starship didn't cut this quasi-psychedelic number instead of that dreadful album rock classic Mickey Thomas got to hit with when Marty Balin exited the band. Alvin is an added plus to what is the most new-wavey cut on the disc, the kind of stuff to make a band like this very hip indeed. Lee's solo is neo-metal, a nice contrast to the modern rock sensibility everywhere else on the tune. Rockeye seems to be a forgotten album of '80s rock, but it deserves a better fate — despite the sameness of tracks like "Take Me Home" and "Tonight You're Home," the vocals of Tony Lewis are what give the group the "progressive rock" tag; he could sub for the band Yes when Jon Anderson goes on hiatus. But the incessant thump thump Cars/'Til Tuesday/Girls Night Out riff under "Tonight You're Mine" keeps things from getting too mainstream and it is a shame the late Cars bassist Ben Orr didn't get a chance to cover it. There's not a bad track on Rockeye. Though having a song included on a Mighty Ducks film soundtrack wasn't enough to insure it a better fate, enough substance is here to demand more attention for this mostly neglected work sometime down the road."

"This (in my opinion) is one of The Outfield's best. The CD starts off great with the sports anthem "Winning It All" followed by "Closer To Me" which is a great rock song! "The Way It Should Be" is a nice ballad but (honestlty) not great. I find "Under A Stone" a very good story song. "Young Love" is very catchy and the title says it all! Great for thinking about when you were young and in love! "Jane" is not really my kind of song, but some people may like it. "Take Me Home" I really enjoyed. I found it to be a really cool song! "Tonight You're Mine" is one of my favorite ballads The Outfield has ever done. It's a really meaningful song. "On The Line" is another song that isn't for me, but some people may like it. "Stranger In My Own Town" I like alot. The Lyrics make you think about where society has gone and the music is really good. "Going Back" is an ok, every now and then kind of song. Over all though, this album is a must. There's alot of things I like about this CD. 6 out of 11 songs are very good. Check this CD out. It really is too bad it's discontinued."

"This is the last studio release by The Outfield before Big Innings (their greatest hits compilation) was released. To listen to it, you would think the band was just warming up, not calling it quits (for a while, anyway, as it turns out). "Winning It All" is a great sports anthem that was featured when the 1992 Olympic "Dream Team" won the gold medal in Barcelona. "Closer to Me" is another great piece of work off of this album. As I've stated on other Outfield album reviews I've done, to judge these albums solely by the songs you know is to do yourself a great injustice. "The Way it Should Be" is a cool, melodic piece about a perfect world between two people. "Young Love" seems to capture the electricity of the topic it addresses, and "Tonight You're Mine" is a beautiful song about unharbored feelings toward someone. Again, to sound like a skipping record, this is a great album from start to finish."

"This album has all of the magic of the Outfield's previous releases plus added charm. Winning It All is a wonderful anthem for sports events, Closer To Me is an instant classic as is Take Me Home. The Way It Should Be is a superb ballad as is Tonight Your Mine. Under A Stone is all about a man looking at back at his life 20 years later, Young Love reminds us of our first crush as does Jane, On The Line is a wonderful perspective on infidelity of all things, and Stranger In My Own Town and Going Back are all personal glimpses of East London and how it's changed. This album is wonderful from beginning to end. John Spinks and Tony Lewis are the perfect team once again."

"This is The Outfield's best album. A rare album that you will continually listen to from start to finish without skipping a song. 'Young Love', 'Closer To Me', 'Under a Stone', 'Goin Back', and 'Tonight Your Mine' are standouts, while 'Jane' is this albums only weak link."


Tony Lewis - Vocals, Bass
John Spinks - Guitar, Keyboard, Songwriter
Simon Dawson - Drums

"Everytime You Cry"


01 Your Love
02 Since You've Been Gone
03 All The Love In The World
04 Say It Isn't So
05 Everytime You Cry
06 Reach Out
07 Somewhere In America
08 Voices Of Babylon
09 No Surrender
10 My Paradise

Link to download:

"The Outfield never really broke out in the US, but they should have. THis album is a must have for any classic 80s fan!"

"Of the greatest hits albums by 'The Outfield' I think you're better off buying "Big Innings" instead of this album. There are more tracks on "Big Innings", however it is missing "Reach Out" and "No Surrender" which appear on this album. I first found 'The Outfield' by playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, where "Your Love" appears on one of the games' radio stations. I immediatly bought "Big Innings" (see my review) and it was so good I have now bought all the studio albums (seven so far) by 'The Outfield'. "Play Deep" is the best, only just, as they all make for great listening."

"This is the first of three greatest hits packages, and full of home run after home run! Although it is missing some of the lesser known gems that were later included on Big Innings each one of the songs on this album keep your toes tapping. It contains such winners as All The Love In The World, Since You've Been Gone, Everytime You Cry, as well as their signature tune Your Love. If you want just a taste of what this band can do, buy this CD. If you're a fan of this awesome group and don't have this disk, get it!"


Tony Lewis - Vocals, Bass
John Spinks - Guitar, Keyboard, Songwriter
Simon Dawson - Drums
Compilation Producer - Bruce Dickinson (2)
Mixed By - Nigel Green (tracks: 6, 10)
Producer - David Kahne (tracks: 1, 9, 12) , David Leonard (tracks: 1, 2, 9, 12) , John Spinks (tracks: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16) , William Wittman (tracks: 3, 5, 7, 13, 15)

All tracks written by John Spinks.
Track 11 produced by The Outfield themselves.
The Outfield are John Spinks, Alan Jackman and Tony Lewis.
Tracks 4, 8, 14 were previously unreleased, and are in mono.


01 Voices Of Babylon (3:30)
02 For You (4:27)
03 Your Love (3:43)
04 It Should Have Been Me (3:20)
05 Say It Isn't So (3:50)
06 Winning It All (3:21)
07 Everytime You Cry (4:29)
08 Through The Years (3:39)
09 The Night Ain't Over (4:08)
10 Closer To Me (3:17)
11 Somewhere In America '89 (3:49)
12 My Paradise (3:39)
13 All The Love (3:32)
14 Alone With You (Acoustic Version) (3:10)
15 Since You've Been Gone (4:46)
16 One Hot Country (4:14)

Link to download:

"The most complete Outfield compilation to date. All their hits and then some including 2 songs never before on CD, 2 new songs and an acoustic version of Alone With You. If you like ANY songs by The Outfield you will LOVE this CD!"

"This outstanding collection of Pop/Rock songs takes the best that The Outfield produced from 1985-1992 and puts it on one CD. If you are to only own one CD by this band from East London, this is the one. Tony Lewis' & John Spinks' songwriting/lyrics & vocals could be the most underrated of the 80's & 90's. If you consider yourself a rock historian, this CD truly mirrors the talent of an excellent power pop/rock band whose sound is reminiscent of the Beatles and the Police. A CD you will play over & over & over....."

""Big Innings" is a strong compilation of hits by the Outfield and one of my personal favorites.
"Voices Of Babylon", the ethereal leadoff track, is the best with it's chilling warning to today's society ("By the time our number's up, we could be gone.") "For You", the next track, personally brings back very fond memories of 1990-91. Its heartfelt lyrics("You can have it any way you want it")is a very sincere plea from a lonely, repentant lover. Most of the rest of the songs, especially "Everytime You Cry," "Your Love," "Alone With You" and "Through The Years" are also very strong. Unfortunately, the band often fell back on formulaic beats and lyrics which makes many other songs sound the same.

I agree with many other reviewers -- this band should've been much bigger than it's five Top 40 hits (and THOSE should've been much bigger too!). I'm also sorry to see that this band is no longer together. But their career wasn't bad at all for some British dudes with an all-American name and sound.

Bottom line -- buy it! It's definitely worth the money."

"Combining great insturmentals and teriffic harmonizing vocals, the Outfield developed a loyal following in the mid 80s and early 90s. This excellent cd contains some of their greatest hits. From the up-tempo style of "Your Love", "Say It Isn't So" (my personal favorite), and "My Paradise" to the classic ballads "For You" and "Everytime You Cry", the combination of Tony Lewis' riveting vocals, John Spinks' wonderful guitar work, and Alan Jackman's thundering drums delivers something for everyone. There are also two previously unreleased tracks on the disc; "It Should Have Been Me" and "Through the Years". I thought the selection of songs for this greatest hits collection was very good, but I wish that "Bangin" would have been included as well. I highly recommend this excellent cd; it's definitely a home run!"

"Big Innings: The Best of the Outfield is an incredible cd. This cd from begining to end is an emotional journey. From carefree songs like "My Paradise" to more self reflecting songs like "Somewhere In America, " or just a rock out loud vibe like the classic "Your Love" take you on a ride. This cd is a great place for someone to start who has just discovered the Outfield. For the fan that has all the Outfield albums except the great hits albums, this compiles all your favorite Outfield songs from begining to end !"

"This CD is singlehandedly one of the greatest compilations ever!
"Big Innings" is a fabulous time capsule of tunes from an era that seemed to spawn a new musical act every 10 minutes. The Outfield were certainly ahead of their time in the 80's. Thankfully, Tony and John are still together after all this time (along with new drummer Simon) releasing that same distinct powerhouse music right here in the 2000's.

Veteran fans of The Outfield will tap their feet, sing along and fondly remember the first time they heard many of these songs. The un-released track " It Should Have Been Me" really ought to be retitled "It Should Have Gotten Radio Play"! To steal from a more recent song..."It's A Crime" that this didn't become a monster hit for them!

Personally, I would have re-arranged the tracks on this CD ever so slightly. Moving "Since You've Been Gone" to the position of final track. It's a first-rate, top-notch finisher! Classic Outfield!

From beginning to end, this entire CD is supremely playable and enjoyable! There is not one track I would even consider skipping over. This cannot be said for many bands, which is the ultimate compliment to The Outfield.

In a perfect world this CD would have been longer. There were quite a number of tunes that didn't make the cut that really should have. "61 Seconds" and "Nervous Alibi" from Play Deep. "Long Way Home" from Bangin'. And John's salute to Beatle John Lennon "Don't Turn Around" from Diamond Days.

A superfantabulous CD from a superfantabulous band."


Tony Lewis - Bass, Vocals, Producer
John Spinks - Guitar, Keyboard, Songwriter, Vocals, Producer
Simon Dawson - Drums, Producer, Vocals
Benny Quinn (, Joe Azar - Mastering
Joe Wright - Photography

collection of rarities and unreleased songs

"Dance The Night Away"


01 Heaven's Little Angel
02 Lay Down
03 Certain Kinda' Love
04 Kiss The Rain
05 Girl Of Mine
06 Midnight Moves
07 Dance The Night Away
08 Slow Motion
09 Talking 'bout Us
10 My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
11 One Love
12 It's A Crime
13 Chic Lorraine
14 Out To Lunch
15 They Can't Knock You Down Again

Link to download:

A compilation of out-takes and demos with 4 new tracks recorded in 1999. It is classic Outfield from start to finish and showcases their signature style! With so much musical ground covered, there is something on this CD for fans of every Outfield record from "Play Deep" to "Rockeye"!

Extra Innings is an album by the British band The Outfield. It features a total of fifteen tracks, including eleven songs from their fan-club release It ain't over as well as some new recordings dating from shortly before the album's release in 1999.

"The Outfield follows a simple modus operandi: high, yearning vocals and tight guitar lines stretched over compressed pop. Song after song, album after album, the trio pulls off this considerable hat trick to no monetary avail. Of course, song craft doesn't make headlines or Total Request Live, yet discerning rock fans need to know that coach John Spinks qualifies as one of the most consistent melody merchants around. Each piece floats past like an afternoon reverie, while "Kiss the Rain," "Heaven's Little Angel," "Girl of Mine," and "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend" (a concept shared with Type O Negative) would rule the airwaves in a perfect universe. Toward the end, these power pop true-believers stray into some new territory, but never fear: the Outfield doesn't bore us, and the boys always get to the chorus which explodes like the goop in a sticky-sweet doughnut. Can't ask for much more from this cleanup collection of 15 audio delights; Extra Innings is a godsend. Small pleasures are the best pleasures. 'Nuff said."

"I have been a devoted fan of the Outfield since Play Deep. Although all of their albums are classics, this is the most refreshing release with some of the best music since Play Deep. Heaven's Little Angel, Kiss The Rain, Talking 'bout Us, and My Girlfriend's Girlfriend are perfect examples of John's classic songwriting and guitar playing ability as well as perfect showcases for Tony's vocal talent. All Outfield fans, in the closet or out, should have this disc. It's one in a million!"

"So in the late 1990's this record label called Platinum Entertainment starts releasing older artists with an established track record-as well as new artists that have a more traditional rock, country or Gospel sound. On the roster in 1999 was this gem from the Outfield.

A compilation of 15 tunes from 1993 to 1999, this CD is quite literally their most front to back collection. All the songs have that trademark Outfield sound-great harmonies, jangly guitars and superb melodies. Simon Dawson is now the full time drummer. The band has gone a little more techno (a la voices of Babylon era) and sounds a little less punky. But their AC leanings pay off in huge ways on "It's A Crime" and "Heaven's Little Angel" where the power of their style is mixed with a subtle melody. There are some real "Your Love" type songs here as well though. "Lay Down" kicks in with a sonic vocal treatment that will surround your ears. "Certain Kind Of Love" has some chunky riffs that augment a cool keyboard sequence. And there are surprises too. The Corey Heart keyboard intro to "Kiss The Rain" is a different twist on a power rocker. "Girl Of Mine" features a harmony intro that's made for radio...

And while we're on that topic, there's so much radio fodder here that all you do is hit shuffle and wait. They're all that good. Which brings us back to Voices of Babylon. The worst lead off Outfield single ever-and the one that slowed or even killed their career. The single should have been "My Paradise" which to date is my favorite Outfield song from that same album(VOB). "Chic Lorraine" has a "Why Can't This Be Love (VH)" intro followed by an almost bluesy, more gutsy arrangement. "Out To Lunch" uses drum sequencing and has this Monkees meets euro-pop sound. It's kinda cool. And you get the "all screwed up" lyric for old time's sake. The last call is "They Can't Knock You Down Again", a tribute to MLK and the '60's era. The music has a pure Hendrix meets album cut Beatles sound. And this is about as experimental and un-Outfield as I've heard this band get. But it still works, cause these guys have the musical chops to do it.

This album has 15 non-toss tracks that go from pop, rock, euro-pop-rock, retro-rock, and plain old Outfield classic rock. Radio missed this as they've been MIA over the last 15 or so years. May stuff like "Extra Innings" make it back to prime time."

"The Outfield returns with an awesome collection of songs written and recorded while the rest of the music industry- radio and MTV included- followed alternative rock trends that truly left a brooding impression on popular rock music in the 90s.
This trio from England has perfected the art of producing fun and infectuous, melodic tunes that have you humming several hours later. Those familiar with the band's music from the mid 80s to early 90s- highlighted on the 1996 release, Big Innings: The Best of The Outfield- will be delighted to hear what singer/songwriter/guitarist John Spinks has been working on while on sabatical.

Bassist and lead vocalist Tony Lewis once again mezmerizes listeners with his vocal talents as he did when "Josie" first took "a vacation far away" back in the Summer of '86. And drummer Simon Dawson has stepped up to the plate and knocks it out of the park!

Surefire hits and future classics include, "Kiss the Rain," "Girl of Mine," "Heaven's Little Angel," "Certain Kinda Love," "It's A Crime" and "Chic Lorraine." Many of the songs on the album were previously released on "It Ain't Over,"

The Outfield have been wow-ing crowds all over the country and proving music lovers don't have to pay high ticket prices to see an amazing show.

Back to reign in the aftermath of grunge, The Outfield score a grand slam with "Extra Innings.""

"This is Pop/Rock at it's best! "Extra Innings" proves that the Outfield never lost their touch for writing and performing incredibly catchy hooks with classic melodies and harmonies! Songs like "Heaven's little Angel" remind me of what I liked about such groups as "Simple Minds" and "Big Country"! And "Kiss the Rain" is absolute perfection! There is an incredible amount of musical ground covered on this release... Everything from the stripped down piano ballad "Slow Motion" to the loud and heavy Zepplin influence of "They Can't Knock You Down Again". The variety on this album makes you want to listen over and over again! Songs like "Girl of Mine" and "Lay Down" are immediately identifiable as classic Outfield tunes! And "One Love" is perhaps the band's best ballad since "For You" hit the charts in the early 90's.
How refreshing to listen to an album like this when the major label music industry is busy churning out every alterna-skate, grunge, & techno band that pops up, regardless of their talent. About time Rock fans got a choice for something "real" to listen to, instead of all the "Limp Bizkit" and "Godsmack"(Alice in Chains rip-off) junk out there!"


Tony Lewis - Vocals, Bass;
John Spinks - Guitar, Keyboard, Mastering, Concept
Simon Dawson - Drums
John Spinks - Mastering, Concept
Carol Lewis - Photography
Danny Roberts - Producer, Design, Photography


01 This Love Affair
02 Give it All You Got
03 It's All About Love
04 Slow Motion (Orignal Mix)
05 There She Goes
06 The Sound Of Love
07 Heaven's Little Angel (Groove Mix)
08 No Fear
09 To Be With You
10 Seven Days
11 My Only Friend
12 Photograph
13 Same Old Story
14 Two Hearts
15 Broken Heart
16 Tiny Lights (New Millenium Mix)
17 Rainbow's End
18 Wasted
19 This Love Affair
20 Long Walk Back (From Nowhere)
21 I Can't Wait
22 Peace

Link to download:

Any Time Now, the Outfield's sixth album, arrives fourteen years after their last proper album (1992's Rockeye), but if it were judged at a mere sonic level, it would be hard for anybody but the most dedicated fan to peg this as a 2006 release. The Outfield remain dedicated to the big, slick productions -- equal parts AOR arena rock and Police -- that were in fashion from 1987-1992, which means that Any Time Now is not only a revival of their classic sound, but that apart from a lyric or two about the state of the world today, it's virtually indistinguishable from their albums from that time. The songs are anthemic, whether they're driving pop tunes or driving power ballads, and they're actually hookier and sturdier than many of the band's singles after "Your Love," sounding a bit like prime Utopia. That will be a surprise to those who didn't listen to the Outfield beyond 1985's Play Deep, but what will surprise the curious and the dedicated alike is that Any Time Now is arguably the band's best, most consistent album since that debut. True, it's not likely to woo the unconverted, but fans who have stuck with the band during this long decade-and-a-half dry spell will find that their wait has been worth it, and pop/rock fanatics with a taste for slick sounds might find themselves pleasantly surprised by this solid comeback. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

"I was a little nervous when I bought this. Sure, the samples sounded OK, but could these guys really deliver the goods? Was the old magic still at work? Would disappointment haunt my steps like an Outraged Ladies' Maid in a Victorian chamber play? These were questions I felt deserved careful consideration. Luckily, I'm here to tell you that this meets and far exceeds all my expectations!

This sounds as though it had been recorded in the summer of 1987. The Outfield has not sought to reinvent itself in order to appeal to today's taste; instead, the boys give the fans exactly what they paid to see: the musical landscape of the mid to late Eighties. Your opinion of this CD depends entirely on how you felt about the scenery the first time you took the ride"

"Another great disk from the guys. It's got somewhat of an updated feel, but it's still classic Outfield. If you saw them on the '98 It's Not Over tour, you probably already have this one. Otherwise, pick it up. You won't be disappointed. I will say that Voices of Babylon is probably my favorite. Also, I wish John Spinks all the best for a speedy recovery."

"The Outfield always will have a special place with me. They are my favorite band for many reasons, but mostly for the nostalgic feeling I get whenever I hear their music. I have loved them since I was just a boy back in the mid 80's, and I don't think music has ever affected me in a more postitve way than the Outfield have, as cheesy as that may be. So you get it, I love the Outfield. Needless to say, I was overly excited when I heard quite awhile back that a new album was in the works. The release of this album was postponed more than a few times, but when it was finally available, I had my copy instantly.
First let me clear something up--there are actually two versions of this album, both containing separate songs unique to each album. I originally got the 17 track version which doesn't contain "Wasted", "Long Way Back From Nowhere" (a song worth having for any Outfield fan), "I Can't Wait", or "Peace". When the version featured here was released, I bought it also. The original 17 track album was, as I was informed, a Tower records limited edition, available through the Outfield's website, or Tower's website. I'm not sure if that's true or not, but that doesn't really matter. If you do not have that copy, there are two remixed songs: "Heaven's Little Angel"-groove mix, which is nowhere near as good as the original, and "Tiny Lights"-New Millenium Mix. There are also six other songs: "To Be With You", "Seven Days", "My Old Friend", "Same Old Story", "Two Hearts", and "Broken Heart". Putting both of these versions together, there are 21 new songs here. That's quite a heaping of new Outfield material to absorb. Sadly, most of it is only average.
The Outfield are one band that have managed to never change their sound, even 20 years later, and that is wonderful. On "Any Time Now", they sound just as good as they did back in the 80's, but something is missing. The songwriting is just not as strong as it has been in the past. It could be due to the fact that John Spinx was suffering/recovering from liver cancer during the recording of this album, according to the Outfield's website. I can imagine that would take quite a bit out of someone, especially with Spinx being the sole songwriter. The songs aren't bad, but few grabbed me with the force of say, "No Point", "Since You've Been Gone", "The Night Ain't Over", or even "Dance the Night Away". Most of the material on here is just Outfield filler. It is ok, just not awesome. There are, however, three songs on here that you must hear if you're any kind of Outfield fan. "The Sound Of Love" is a great song, more reminiscent of newer Outfield like "Heaven's Little Angel" and "It's A Crime", an instant lovable Outfield tune. "It's All About Love is another favorite of mine which has the same kind of feel as "The Way It Should Be" off of Rockeye. I also love that song. The third song I really like is "Long Way Back From Nowhere" which features Spinx and Lewis both on vocals, something you don't often hear from the Outfield. That is also a great song. The rest are average. Of course, everyone's different, so what I have said may not apply to you.
At any rate, if you're obsessed with the Outfield like I am, you'll probably want to get both versions. If you're a fan, get the 12 track version, and for the less than casual fan, you really don't need this album, stick with Rockeye and before. I'm glad to see my favorite band still making music, though!"

"Any Time Now is a new musical perspective on the same core talent and energy that Outfield fans will remember from previous albums - its a great album. Big regret is that for some reason it did not benefit from the attention of a bigger record label and hence has been poorly promoted and lacks contemporary production values (see other reviews). Based on this album John Spinks has some big hits brewing inside him still and I truly hope the Outfield find the marketing and production support they need to bring them to more of the world!"

"I purchased this cd to hear the four new songs. The Outfield sound great (as always). If you are an Outfield fan, this is a must buy. If you are new to the Outfield, you will also love this cd."

Ironically, given their obsession with America's favorite pastime, the Outfield got their start in London's East End. Playing under the name the Baseball Boys, the trio of bassist/singer Tony Lewis, guitarist/keyboardist John Spinks, and drummer Alan Jackman played around London and recorded some early demos, attracting the attention of Columbia/CBS Records. They were signed shortly thereafter and began working on their debut album, Play Deep, which was released in 1985. The album was a smash success, going triple platinum, reaching number nine on the album charts, and producing their biggest song, "Your Love," which was a Top Ten hit. To support the album, they launched an international tour opening for Journey and Starship. They began recording their second album in 1986 and in 1987 issued Bangin'. While not duplicating the huge commercial success of their debut, it did produce two hit singles, "Since You've Been Gone" and "No Surrender." The band's third album featured a bit of a stylistic shift and was more meticulously produced than their previous efforts. Voices of Babylon, released in 1988, produced a single of the same name, but the band's commercial success was slipping. Jackman left the band after it was recorded and they hired Paul Reed to step in as drummer for the Voices tour.

Spinks and Lewis, now officially a duo, switched labels and began recording Diamond Days for MCA. A new session drummer, Simon Dawson, joined them and helped add an electronic edge to their sound. Diamond Days produced one of their biggest singles, "For You." They followed up with 1992's Rockeye. Its single, "Winning It All," became a feature at sporting events and was on the soundtrack of The Mighty Ducks. Simon Dawson had become increasingly involved in the shaping of the band's sound and became an official member of the band at this time. They went on hiatus for much of the mid-'90s, returning to record an exclusive release for their fan club, entitled It Ain't Over, then embarking on a kind of '80s revival tour. In 1998, they released Extra Innings, which was a compilation of several songs they wrote during the '90s, and also featured four new songs written in 1998. The band reunited in 2006 for the release of Any Time Now.


Originally from the east end of London, the three founding members, John Spinks, Tony Lewis and Alan Jackman began recording and playing together as "The Baseball Boys" in the early 80's. They played a series of shows around London and recorded a couple of early demos, which eventually caught the ear of management who put them in touch with Columbia Records in the U.S. Shortly thereafter, they were signed as a CBS/Columbia Records recording artist and began polishing up the songs which would become their debut album, "Play Deep" released in 1985.

In 1986, they began recording the "Play Deep" follow-up album, titled "Bangin'". This album, released in 1987, was no disappointment to fans and cranked out more hit singles. The band's third album, "Voices of Babylon" for CBS/Columbia, was released in 1988. After the recording of this album, original drummer, Alan Jackman, made the decision to leave the band before the supporting tour began. The band quickly hired Paul Reed to fill in on the drums for the "Voices" tour. That summer, The Outfield played a series of very successful shows that opened for Mike and The Mechanics.

With the dawn of the early 90's, John Spinks and Tony Lewis set out to record their fourth album, on a new label, MCA. Officially now a duo, the band began experimenting more with electronic drums and a session drummer named, Simon Dawson. The album titled "Diamond Days" (East London slang for: The Best of Times) was released in 1990 and produced one of their biggest hits, the ballad "For You". Because of the war, the band were unable to tour in support of this album. Choosing rather to go back and begin work on their fifth album and the second for MCA called "Rockeye". This album was much more a throw back to the band's earlier sound and featured more of an energetic "live drum" sound from Simon Dawson who was becoming more involved in the sound of the band.

As music changed in the mid 90's and as the band saw classic, well written pop/rock become overthrown by the raw gritty grunge sound of band's like Nirvana, and Pearl Jam, it soon became clear to them that they would need to take a few steps back. In 1998 they released a self produced CD, for the fan club and tour only, that was appropriately titled "It Ain't Over". The band toured the states in the fall of 1998 and sold out nearly 80% of the club dates and theatres that they played. Having received a massive response from "It Ain't Over" and having sold out every last copy of it, they decided to look into major distribution.

Soon thereafter, in 1999, they released "Extra Innings," a compilation of several songs they wrote during the '90s, and also four new songs written during 1998. The early 2000s saw the band issue two live collections, issued via their official website: "Live in Brazil" and "The Outfield: Live." In March 2006, the band re-released the until then fan club only "Any Time Now," as a whole new studio album.

Play Deep (1985) #9 US
Bangin' (1986) #18 US
Voices of Babylon (1989) #53 US
Diamond Days (1990) #90 US
Rockeye (1992)
Playing the Field (1995)
Big Innings: The Best of The Outfield (1996)
It Ain't Over (1998)
Extra Innings (1999)
Live in Brazil (2001)
The Outfield Live (2005)
Any Time Now (2006)

now plays with The Outlaws: "One of the youngsters in the band, who was also in 'The Baseball Boys,' but was with them when they became 'The Outfield' and subsequently enjoyed the major success in the United States that came their way in the eighties. While with 'The Outfield' Alan played on the same bill and/or toured with such major names as Starship, David Bowie and Duran Duran, to name but a few. Since becoming an Outlaw he has also backed the likes of Paul McCartney, Bruce Welch, Georgie Fame, Eden Kane and Peter Sarstedt." (

was a member of Deep Switch (as Simon DeMontford) around 1984-1986, Dearly Beheaded (in the 90's), D-Void (2001-2003,see:, Chariot (late 80's), Fifth Season (around 2004?), and also played with One Minute Silence (1998-2003).

More info:


More info:



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I already have most of the albums, some on vinyl from back when they first came out, and all on CD.

The only ones I don't have are the web only releases "It Ain't Over" and "Live in Brazil".

A great band who never really made it as big as they should have.

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I want to know if anybody can tell me when and where they are playing in the USA in 2011, and where they regularly play in the UK so that when I travel there I can go to their show?

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It won't truly have success, I believe so.

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I'm a professional singer of Indian songs and live in India. But OUTFIELD is one of my favorites, esp the unique sounds of their guitar, which at times sound like BOSTON. OF has given us some outstanding songs like SAY ISN'T SO and ALL MY LOVE.

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