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RECHT HERZLICH - Hab Mut Zu Deinen Lüsten (1982)


New Wave (NDW), Synth-pop


Andreas Vichr (aka Sergio De Lacasio) and Vera Vanessa De La Palma

Producer - Peter Gorski (Peter Gorski Band, Max Nix)

"Kleiner Elefant"


01 1000...Lüste (3:34)
02 Der Kleine Elefant (3:24)
03 Tanz Mit Sergio (5:13)
04 Republik (2:43)
05 Walpurgisnacht (3:33)
06 Tanz Mit Vera (3:44)
07 Gut Bewegen (4:43)
08 10 Go (3:10)
09 Mach Mich Heiser (3:44)
10 Macchinismo E Nostalgia (3:32)


13 Walpurgisnacht (4:38)
14 Ten-Go (3:10)

Link to download:

"That's the old 80s "Neue deutsche Welle" - it was better than most (actually, all except Spliff and Kraftwerk) of the 'New German' stuff in terms of style and the use of synthesizers. The arrangements are so clever that you almost won't notice that Vera Vanessa de la Palma ranges only slightly north of unable to sing.

Nowadays, like most of the analogue synthie music, it sounds shallow if not boring, as sure most whiz-kids can create those sounds on their PCs between two sessions of Counterstrike Source.

Anyhow, if you like the more avantgarde German 80's music, get this record, all of the Spliff records and don't miss ZaZa's debut album ("ZaZa"), which, like "Hab Mut zu Deinen Lüsten" was a one-hit-wonder, unfortunately." (Discogs review)

"Der Kleine Elefant's got lot's of synth's, catchy sugary verses and a big dose of weird. And it's about elephants. Elephants are so rad."

Saltyka wrote:
Here is again a total underrated band with an amazing good album. Very catchy and never boring! The lyrics are clever and the woman-men pair of vocals are also pretty good. Two songs, "Der Kleine Elefant" and "Walpurgisnacht" were minor hits in the ndw chart at that time. I like them of course, but also like some more as "Gut Bewegen" which is one of the best synthpop songs ever really! Same with the Kraftwerkish "10 Go". Another pearl is "Mach Mich Heiser" which is slightly smilar to Telex with its tight rhythms. One more to mention: "Tanz Mit Sergio" remind me another band: OFF. Anyway the whole album is really brilliant!
The album was released by Reflektor Z (Extrabreit, Die X Agenten, Zero Zero, Mannschreck)

??? If the members see this, hope they will fill me

There is nothing about them, since - i think- their names are only pseudonyms.
Sergio De Lacasio wrote a disco song for Maxine D called "Everything's All Right"(1985). Since then whereabouts unknown.

UPDATE (05.19.2010):

I got a message from Andreas!

He told:

"Very cool Saltyka. I am one part of Recht Herzlich "Sergio" and happy to read your praise after all those years. And you are right - I still get goosebumps myself when I hear "Gut Bewegen". I have toyed around with the idea to re-release "Gut Bewegen" again."

Some i found about Andreas:

Andreas Vichr
Owner at vichrarchiv ( and

"After his law-study in Munich, Andreas Vichr (born 1961) studied the perceptive psychology of user interfaces at the “Institut für Rechtsphilosophie und Rechtsinformatik”.

1988 he co-founded the multimedia agency “Medialab" and was CEO until 1998. Medialab had more than 50 employees at that time. He was personally responsible for numerous key accounts like Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Advance Bank, DZ bank, BMW, Audi, Opel/GM, Sony, Kabel 1 TV, BMG, Philip Morris, Mustang Jeans, Walter Van Beirendonck, T-mobile and German Telekom. He held over one hundred successful keynote presentation. 1998 Vichr established “vi&p new media coaching”. The goal is innovative coaching especially for managers from new media and Internet firms and in the financial service industry. Vichr was board member in the dmmv – German Multimedia association (now BVDW – national association digital economy) for many years and led the competence group "project management".

Since 2001 Andreas Vichr lives and works in Spain. Vichr travels often to the US, Germany, Argentina and the Netherlands to visit his international business contacts.

More Info:

More info of Recht Herzlich: Perhaps Vera's chanel??


Blogger NOISEBOX said...

great blog! please check out or maybe put my blog on your link

we share the same interest in music. thanks and keep up the good work!

4:15 PM  
Blogger a vichr said...

Very cool Saltyka. I am one part of Recht Herzlich "Sergio" and happy to read your praise after all those years. And you are right - I still get goosebumps myself when I hear "Gut Bewegen". I have toyed around with the idea to re-release "Gut Bewegen" again.


1:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Andreas for visiting us and for the kind words as well! After reading your message i was able finally to find some info to update this page:)

I think it is a very good idea to re-release Gut Bewgen ,as it is
1,one of the best ndw i heve ever heard,
2, it is very rare, and many fans would be happy with a remastered quality CD with some unreleased and mix.

Yes please,if you have some unreleased songs in your vault... is there a chance to listen to them

Also wanna ask what happened to Vera Vanessa De La Palma? Do you have any info?

And finally please tell me some Recht Herzlich biography -icluding what is the story of the name Recht Herzlich?- as there is no info available:(

Thank you and cheers

8:20 AM  
Anonymous contactos en barcelona said...

Goodness, there is a lot of effective info in this post!

3:49 AM  
Blogger andreas vichr said...

Hi salty

you can find a remix of gut bewegen here.

I was playing with Ableton Live and did some overlays to give it more punch.
Have fun

Sergio de la Casio

6:04 PM  
Blogger andreas vichr said...

Hi salty

for your info, I am just signing the contract for a vinyl re-release of the complete "Recht Herzlich" Album in 2016 with Janis from Private Records. The remix of "Gut Bewegen" will also be released on a compilation. More info soon.


2:38 AM  

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