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MOCKBA MUSIC - Mockba Music (1984)

Electronic, Pop
New Wave, Synth-pop


Tom Wolgers - Vocal, Keyboards, Percussion
Cecilia Hentz - Vocal
Johan Vävare - Synthesizer, Keyboards???
Mikael Ekebladh - (1982)
Heintz Liljedahl - Guitar (1984)

Producer - Mockba Music
Written-By - Tom Wolgers

Credits for Exil (12")
Artwork By [Cover] - Cecilia Hentz , StyleForEveryMood , Tom Wolgers
Bass - Erich (Bad Boy) West
Congas - Leon Knibbs (
Guitar - Tomas Di Leva (
Mastered By [Cut] - PD-CR (Peter Dahl, see:
Mixed By - Mockba Music , Olle Larson
Producer - Mockba Music

Credits for Någon Som Du (7") (1982)
Producer - Johan Vävare , Tom Wolgers/ Written-By - Tom Wolgers
Notes: Mockba Music is Tom Wolgers, Cecilia Hentz and Johan Vävare

Heinz Liljedahl - Guitar
Mauro Scocco ( and
- Guitar /Prospect 56 - horn

Credits for In Från Kylan (7") (1982)

Producer - Johan Vävare , Tom Wolgers
Written-By - Johan Vävare (tracks: 16) , Tom Wolgers
Notes: Mockba Music is Tom Wolgers, Mikael Ekebladh and Johan Vävare

Henrik Jermsten (played in DT & The Stoodes in 1980) - solo/Heinz Liljedahl - guitar

"Två Steg Före"


01 Drömmen (3:50)
02 Mötet (4:25)
03 Kniv Mot Hud (4:05)
04 (Ett Liv I) Exil - Version (4:00)
05 Alphaville (3:00)
06 Någon Som Du - Version (4:10)
07 Den Förlorade Staden (3:23)
08 Passionen (3:20)
09 Att Ha Och Inte Ha (5:28)
10 Betaville (2:10)


EXIL (12") (1983)

11 Exil
12 Två Steg Före

NAGON SOM DU (7") (1982)

13 Någon Som Du
14 Indiskret

IN FRAN KYLAN (7") (1982)

15 In Från Kylan (4:12)
16 Harry?

Link to download:

Mockba Music was a short lived new romantic/ Synthpop band, released some singles and an album in 1984. Elegant synth pop in a stylish, very catchy way with an underrated band would deserve much more.
The original 1982 line up was: Tom Wolgers (after he left Lustans Lakejer in the fall of 1981), Mikael Ekebladh and Johan Vävare. Ekeblad departed in the same year, but Cecilia Hentz joined them. It is still not crystal clear when Heintz Liljedahl joined them, but first he guested in 1982 on their second single.
Though they got nice critics, soon disbanded in 1984.

More Swedish only bio:

Much more info here (if somebody would be so nice to translate it, would be highly appreciated!):

If you are from Sweden and know more about them (for example whereabouts of Cecilia Hentz, and Mikael Ekebladh) please write to me! Also would great to know who is the sax, and the bass player.

Tom Wolgers

In Groups:
Lustans Lakejer (in the 80'S, see:, Mockba Music, Paris Bizarre (1986), Therapy Taxi (1996)

He released some solo albums after left Mockba Music:
December (12") (1986)
Musique Du Nord (1984 or 1986)
Rush Music (12", MiniAlbum) (1986)
Stockholmssviten (12", MiniAlbum) (1987)

And he launched another synthpop project with Irma Schultz in 1986 released only one single:
Paris Bis (Paris Bizarre) - Body & Soul (1986)

He produced Lustans Lakejer and Ida'n'Eric (Euro House, Disco) in 1991.

His comeback with Lustans Lakejer ( was succesfull:
"Johan Kinde and his band Lustans Lakejer was popular in late 70's and early 80's. The group split up in 1986, but had a minor comeback in 2004. Lustans Lakejer consists of Julian Brandt, Johan Kinde, Tom Wolgers and Jan Lundkvist. "

More info:

Heintz Liljedahl
an acclaimed producer, artist and songwriter, known for his work with Olle Ljungström and numerous other Swedish artists. He was a member of Ratata ( and Twiggs (around 2005). He also played with Tom Wolgers's band Lustans Lakejer and sometimes with Johan Vävare (e.g: Kaspers Bo Orkester, Olle Ljungström and CAROLINE AF UGGLAS: as producers and musicians in 1997 and 1999, Monostar (1999 together with Johan Vävare)

He works together occasionally with another Ratata members Mauro Scocco (e.g on Plura 50's 2008 CD)

More info:

Johan Vävare

"I am an audio engineer since 25 years"

Producer of Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons, Reeperbahn, Lädernunnan, Lustans Lakejer, Ubangi, Di Leva (and also played with them), Man Kan, Zoo, Lars Cleveman and Ratata (also played with them) in the 80's, Bang The Drum, Olle Ljungström (also plays with him since the 90's) , 99th Floor, Eggstone, Bo Kaspers Orkester in the 90's (sometimes with Heintz Liljedahl) and in the 2000's, Synliga (2000) and also the producer of Caroline Af Ugglas (together with Heintz Liljedahl), since 1999.

He also was the engineer of Svart and Di Leva in 1982 and Leather Nun in 1985/1986 among others. One of his newest work was when he mastered and mixed Tobias Bernstrup 's ( ) pretty good italo disco album (2002)

He played on Freda's Undan For Undan (1990) , (ex-Ratata) Mauro Scocco's albums (1988,1992,1994), Cajsa Stina Åkerström (1994), Therapy Taxi Projekt (1994), Monostar (1999 together with Heinz Liljedahl )

More info of Mockba Music:


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