Tuesday, May 30, 2006

ADRIANA CALCANHOTO - Perfil -greatest hits (2003) / Partimpim (2004)

" sometimes ironic , melancolic , deep emotions higly refinated Writer , performer , singer ,a seer of new futures , a painter with sounds and words "

2003 /2004
World, Electronic, Latin
Latin Pop, MPB (Musica Popular Brasileira), Brazilian Pop, Samba, Downtempo

Perfil (2003)


01 Devolva-Me
02 Mais Feliz
03 Inverno
04 Mentiras
05 Esquadros
06 Cariocas
07 Vambora
08 Por Isso Eu Corro Demais
09 Maresia
10 Metade
11 Senhas
12 Marina
13 Naquela Estac

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Partimpim (2004)


01 Lição de baião
02 Oito anos
03 Lig-Lig-Lig-Lé
04 Fico assim sem você
05 Canção da falsa tartaruga
06 Formiga Bossa Nova
07 Ciranda da bailarina
08 Ser de sagitário
09 Borboleta
10 Saiba

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by Alvaro Neder
Adriana Calcanhotto (formerly Calcanhoto) is a MPB/pop singer/composer revealed in 1990 who had great success in Brazil, and helped bring Brazilian music again to the hit parade after the 1980s were characterized as the Brazilian rock period. Her father, a jazz drummer, accompanied Elis Regina in her early career, and influenced Calcanhotto's taste for music. She started out in Porto Alegre playing and singing at small bars then moved to Rio, where she was invited to sing at bars of the same style. Her novice repertory of only ten songs wasn't enough for a gig, but she insisted anyway. The widespread notion that she began her career as a barbecue restaurant singer is not true; she sang only one night there and never returned, due to her small repertory. In 1990, she recorded her first album, Enguiço. There she revealed a young singer with unusual taste for MPB as the album had "Nunca" (Lupicínio Rodrigues, also a gaúcho). Those were still Brazilian rock times and other musics didn't have a chance. Fortunately to her, other singers like Marisa Monte were making the same choice, which dislocated the popular taste during the 1990s to a re-approximation with Brazilian music.

National exposure came with the second album, "Senhas". The title track was included on the soap opera soundtrack for Renascer, reaching dozens of millions in Brazil. The third album," A Fábrica do Poema", brought her compositions and partnerships along with renditions of songs by established composers such as Chico Buarque. The interpretation of profound songs like Buarque's "Morro Dois Irmãos" revealed a true MPB artist, not a performer restricted to the pop idiom.
1996 marked the beginning of national tours and also performances in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Calcanhotto recorded the song "Tema de Alice" (Péricles Cavalcânti), which was included on the soundtrack to the film Mil e Uma (Suzana Morais), and "Dona de Castelo," a nostalgic canção by Jards Macalé/Waly Salomão and the theme song of the 1996 film Doces Poderes (Lúcia Murat).
"Maritmo" (1999) was an experimentation where she mixed drum machines, ska, funk, incidental electronic noise.Her fifth album, the live recorded "Público" (2000), is strongly MPB-based, where she accompanied herself at the violão.2002 : a new album "Cantada","If you need to feel melancholic this is the right one !".
In 2004 cames her seventh album "Partimpin", as my friend told me: "believe you or not, its for children! Yes, she really wanted to do something different, so, Adriana recorded this under the title of "Adriana Partimpin" .So successful her album was that she even won a prize from one of the most important Brazilian newspaper and was in first position in Portugal that year..

"Her lyrics are extremely poetic and her voice carries you to a higher place. Take a chance on this CD, it will brighten-up your day regardless of your mood! "

"Adriana Calcanhoto combines music and words in the most pure sense of poetry. As the name reveals itself it can only be made in Adriana's voice as well in her soul. My words are too modest when giving such review because it hard to define her dinamic into such short words."

"Adriana Calcanhotto is very talented. He music is for everyone. I bought her CD for my wife recommended by my brother and it has been in our player for 10 months now. We rotate all the other CDs but hers stays."


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