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BASED ON BASS - S.P.A.C.E (2001)

Hypersound Productions

Produced and Arranged by Humphrey Robertson (FRESH COLOR!!!) for Hypersound Productions


01 Electronic Power (4:48)
02 Bass To Bass (5:30)
03 Rofo's Theme (7:58)
04 Mission In Space (4:29)
05 Visitors (Radio Version) (4:06)
06 Danger Level (5:31)
07 Wargame's In Space (6:20)
08 Galaxy Dreams (Remix) (5:02)
09 Aliens (Album Version) (4:55)
10 Space Adventure (5:27)
11 Global Attack (5:14)

Links to download: part 1. part 2.

Humphrey Robertson

In 1984 Humphrey Robertson published his first record (in Italo Disco style) as "Fresh Color". Then he went on tour with Italo Disco stars (in example with Valerie Dore, Miko Mission, Fancy and C.C. Catch). Next great step in his career was a work for italian disco labels (Baby Records and Magic Records). Then he moved to USA and had begun to work for Arista studios (as an assistant, at first). In 1991 he met Erik van Vliet (Laserdance member) at Annual Cannes Music Festival. Erik has asked him to make synthdance music for his Hotsound record label. This was a birth of "Daylight" project.
Humphrey Robertson has published several records those times either for Hotsound or for other labels like Rona and ZYX Music. He also took over two old italian projects: Hypnosis and Cyber People (see also Ciber People). This was a time when his unique style had developed. The evolution of what we called now "Robertson's style" is clearly visible when somebody is listening to his records in chronological order.
Thanks to the success of Daylight project, Humphrey Robertson has decide to establish his own record label.
Hypersound Productions first releases were Daylight "Dance" and "Megamix Non Stop" albums together with "Fantasy" single.
Around 1998, with the expansion of internet, some new synthdance artists have emerged
(Anders Lundqvist and mindXpander). Humphrey has then decided to initiate a series of successful compilations, called "Synthesizer Dance". This step has allowed to present music from new synthdance producers to a wider audience. As a logical consequence of featuring new artists on Synthesizer Dance compilations, Hypersound has started to publish full lenght albums from various new synthdance producers. This step has resulted in albums from mindXpander, Protonic Storm, Anders Lundqvist and Macrocosm.
Some other synthdance projects made by Humphrey Robertson (Futurespace, Based on Bass) were also published by Hypersound lately. The existance of synthdance music would be very uncertain without Hypersound. Every synthesizer dance fan should be gratefull to Humphrey Robertson for his job at Hypersound. It is for sure, that he has saved the whole synthdance genre from extinction. With many new releases from Hypersound and a project with Michiel van der Kuy recently announced, the future of synthdance is bright now, thanks to Humphrey Robertson.

"Humphrey Robertson" Featured in Releases
Various Artists "Hypersound Megamix Volume 2" (2003, Hypersound Productions) (CD)
Various Artists "Synthesizer Dance Volume 1" (1999, Hypersound Productions) (CD)
Various Artists "Synthesizer Dance Volume 2" (2000, Hypersound Productions) (CD)
Various Artists "Synthesizer Dance Volume 3" (2001, Hypersound Productions) (CD)
Various Artists "Synthesizer Dance Volume 4" (2002, Hypersound Productions) (CD)
Various Artists "Synthesizer Dance Volume 5" (2003, Hypersound Productions) (CD)
Releases By "Humphrey Robertson"
Humphrey Robertson "Synthesizer Dance Christmas Edition" (2005, Hypersound Productions) (CD)

"This project made by Humphrey Robertson has something really special and a unique spacy sound that i have never experienced before.
Electronic Power: Nice synth track with great space effects and vocoder voices.
Bass To Bass: Great song this one. Strong lead synthsound along with the koto style bassline.
Rofo's Theme: at first i was sceptic if you can do this Classic song, but i was wrong again a perfect cover version of this classic hit, some crazy space effects on this and very well performed.
Mission in Space: nice tune with some rocking synth riffs, and some great melodies. Again lots of space effects.
Visitors: well this would be maybe the minus part of the album the song is great as an original, humphrey has managed to perform this song in his own style matches perfectly to the other track's on the album but the Koto original is just to perfect to copy.
Danger Level: wonderfull track here you can here the class of this producer it's a simple song but very effective space-synth, effects and vocoder speaking is cool, some wicked sequencer lines round off this track.
Wargames in Space: great song (I think that humphrey would be a good movie composer) this track has so much space feeling inside, i just love that lead piano melodie.
Galaxy Dreams (REMIX): this is spacesynth dance, nice tune with again brilliant melodies, space effects are of course again very present. Great bassline rocking away in the background. This track was originaly released on Synthesizer Dance vol.1 but this version rocks much more.
Aliens: very simple spacedance track but with that typical Daylight style like on the Man Machine album, very nice track, great sound, the synth riffs really rock.
Space Adventure: Good space dance again, great basslines on this one, if you listen closely you.ll here the "Star Trek- beam me up Scotty" sound.
Global Attack: Nice track, again with this very usual piano sound melodie again great effects. A good real spacsynth track.
It's very intresting how this album has been made in koto style but still it's has Humphrey's mark. Very strong are the melodies (where does this producers get all these melodies).
On this project you'll feel different beat as usualy used for spacesynth music, but wisely they have been mixed that it still sounds very spacey and not Hard like on dance productions.
Overall this album is from song 1-11 space dance pure wonderfull effects and good sound and very varied melodies, this album belong's in every spacesynth collection.(Review by M-Freak)


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