Wednesday, May 17, 2006

DAMN YANKEES - Don't tread (1992) (by REQ)



Hard Rock


01 Don't Tread On Me
02 Fifteen Minutes Of Fame
03 Where You Goin' Now
04 Dirty Dog

05 Mister Please
06 Silence Is Broken
07 Firefly
08 Someone To Believe
09 This Side Of Hell
10 Double Coyote

11 Uprising

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In 1989, the combination of Night Ranger's Jack Blades, Styx's Tommy Shaw, the motor city madman Ted Nugent, and a young power drummer Micheal Cartellone formed the rock band Damn Yankees. These rock idols went double-platnuim on their debut self-titled album. Then in 1992 they went platnuim with their "Don't Tread On Me" album, which the title song received extensive coverage at the Barcelona Olympic Games. These talented rockers wasted no time after the release of their debut album and launched a mega world tour that "yanked" the world by storm with their wide range of talent. Crowds went wild for hits like the fast blood-rushin' "Comin' Of Age", their self-titled "Damn Yankees", and the chart-topping rock ballad "High Enough". After their long year and a half tour of the "Damn Yankees" album, they went back in the studio to record the "Don't Tread On Me" album then they went right back out on tour. The release of their second album wasn't as big of a hit as the first album, but came out with such hits as the self-titled "Don"t Tread On Me", "Mister Please", and such ballads as "Where You Goin' Now" and "The Silence Is Broken" .In the following year, the group disbanded.
In 1995, Jack Blades and Tommy Shaw released an album under the Warner Bros. Music label entitled "Hallucination". TheShaw/Blades album is a more mellow sound than the Damn Yankees album.

Jack Blades, born in California, was the heart and soul of an eighties rock band known as Night Ranger.This band, headed by Blades, was known as Rubicon in the mid-seventies.
Tommy Shaw, an Alabama native, joined the semi-successful band Styx in 1975. The band then shot out hit after hit becoming one of the all-time classic rock bands of the century.
Ted Nugent started in the late sixities and through the early seventies with the band "Amboy Dukes". Then left for his major solo career that would start in 1975 and continue over a decade.
Now you can see Ted Nugent touring the world with Bad Company.

Now you can find Jack, Tommy, and Ted all out on tour, but on tour with their old bands. Night Ranger is back after a seven year break-up, Styx is back on the road after a thirteen year speration from Tommy, and finally Ted is back touring solo since before the Damn Yankee era.

"powerful rock riffs, melodic fist-pumping ballads and heavy harmonies"

"Well here is another Great Rock album that unfortunatly nobody heard. These guys are all excellent musicians and they sound awesome together. No airplay, no promotion, the usual problems with the industry, but as these other guys also say, this and their first CD really Rocks. At the price you can find it here you really should just get it. To bad the band seems to have folded."

"All of these guys are killer players. Together, they rocked and sang their nuts off. Great songs, great guitars, great drums, great hooks = Great sales. So WHY did the IDIOTS AT WARNER BROS. MISMANAGE THIS BAND SO BAD, CAUSING THE BAND TO SPLIT AND LEAVE A THIRD ALBUM IN THE CAN???? Seriously stupid move on their part. Yeah, the same company that gives us music virtuoso's like "Snoop frickin Dog" and "Ashlee Simpson" chose to let one of the great R O C K acts slip out of their fingers. STUPID F**KING IDIOTS! Wake the he** up Warner! This album and their debut sold a buttload of CDs and both of these still stand up to ANYTHING out today. Grunge may have scared the crap out of every record company suckup during the time of the Damn Yankees, but where is grunge now??? Also VH1 pans this band as 'lightweight'. Give me a break! You think it's light weight? Put on 'Uprising', 'This Side of Hell', 'Don't Tread, or '15 Minutes of Fame'. Hardly light weight. Stupid public just thinks "Oh Tommy Shaw's in there so it must be "Babe" " Niggah Please!!! While I'm a huge Styx fan and Night Ranger was a great band too, THIS BAND was the SH*T. These records blow away their former bands. And Micheal Cartelone- nobody ever mentions him. ONE KICK A$$ drummer! BUY THIS AND THE DEBUT. If you like to rock, you'll love these cds. "

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