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THE FIXX - Shuttered Room (1982) (by REQ)

Cy Curnin, Jamie West-Oram, Rupert Greenall

Producer - Rupert Hine (also: The Waterboys,The Members ,Murray Head,Howard Jones,Chris de Burgh etc.)


01 Sinking Island (4:32)
02 I Found You (3:58)
03 Some People (3:00)
04 Stand Or Fall (4:00)
05 Red Skies (4:20)
06 Lost Planes (3:20)
07 Cameras In Paris (3:57)
08 I Live (4:53)

09 Shuttered Room (5:21)
10 The Fool (4:20)

Additional tracks:
11 Time In A Glass (3:27)
12 The Strain (3:33)
13 Stand Or Fall (extended mix) (4:52)

Link to download:

London-based new wave group that managed to sustain a successful career in America for several years in the mid-'80s, the Fixx always flirted with the mainstream with their catchy, keyboard-driven pop. Formed by college friends vocalist/keyboardist Cy Curnin and drummer Adam Woods in the early '80s, the pair advertised in the music press for additional members; the remaining members of the group -- guitarist Jamie West-Oram, keyboardist Rupert Greenall, and bassist Charlie Barret -- all responded to the ad. Taking the name the Portraits, the band recorded a single for Ariola Records, "Hazards in the Home," which failed to gather much attention. Within a year, the band had changed their name to the Fixx and recorded "Lost Planes," the single that led to a record contract with MCA.
The Fixx released their debut album, the Rupert Hine-produced Shuttered Room, in 1982. The record spawned two minor U.K. hits, "Stand or Fall" and "Red Skies," and spent a short time in the charts. In America, none of the singles were hits, yet the album stayed on the charts for nearly a year. After Shuttered Room, Barret left the group and was replaced by Dan K. Brown. Reach the Beach, released in 1983, established them as a hit-making force in the U.S. The terse, pulsating "One Thing Leads to Another" became a number four hit, sending the album into the Top Ten. Reach the Beach would go platinum by the end of the year, launching two more Top 40 singles -- "Saved by Zero" and "Sign of Fire." Despite all of their American success, the Fixx failed to break back into the British charts with Reach the Beach; in fact, they never had another British hit in their career.
The Fixx returned in 1984 with Phantoms. While it performed well -- it peaked at number 19 and went gold -- it didn't match the success of Reach the Beach; after it launched the number 15 single "Are We Ourselves?" the record fell off the charts. Although their audience was shrinking, the band kept their basic, synth-driven sound intact for 1986's Walkabout, which featured the hit "Secret Separation." After Walkabout, the Fixx stopped working with producer Rupert Hine, which resulted in a harder, more guitar-oriented sound for 1988's Calm Animals. The album charted at number 72, but it spawned no hit singles. Ink (1991), the group's next album, didn't reverse their declining fortunes, even though they tried to update their sound with an emphasis on guitars and slick, dance-ready beats. After the record failed to recapture their mainstream audience, the Fixx seemed to fade away before resurfacing in 1998 with Elemental. A year later, they returned with 1011 Woodland, a collection of re-recordings of their greatest hits. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

"A classic album.Though rock became more commerical,the FIXX offered this album(CD) in the early 80's and was a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of stuff released at the time(and still is).It is a landmark in rock history.You know a few of the songs from radio airplay but the entire cd is fantastic.A must have for any collection regardless of your age.Why this band isn't at superstar status is beyond me,but that's another story"

"The Fixx are one of the best bands that came out of the MTV-80's. These guys have great pop-rock songs with catchy guitar hooks, cool keyboards, and a very charismatic frontman in the form of Cy Curnin. And, very thankfully, the Fixx are still recording & touring to this day, with four of the original five band members firmly intact (only their bassist keeps changing). Their first album, 1982's "Shuttered Room," is a strong debut disc, featuring a pair of instant Fixx classics, "Stand Or Fall" and "Red Skies," but also contains other memorable rockers, like "Lost Planes," "Cameras In Paris," "I Live," and "The Fool," as well as the fun bonus track, "Sinking Island." This is a band that knows how to make intelligent keyboard-laden rock, and Cy Curnin's voice is very commanding. The Fixx would hit the commercial jackpot with their classic second album, "Reach The Beach," but "Shuttered Room" is an excellent beginning for this fine British band."

more info: the official page unofficial page - its better if you want puctures of the band and members

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Blogger RObert POland said...

Thank you salty for this upload!

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Ryoga said...

Thanks Salty :D!! This is one of the best new wave-pop rock records from 80's, and forgotten one hard to get :). "Stand or Fall" is one of my favourite Fixx songs. And other thing, that I like - that 80's type cover artwork! Now You don't find something like that on CDs ;).

Greetings :)

6:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Marcel from holland

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Anonymous Martin said...

Can you please upload The Fixx-Shuttered Room & additional tracks again?
It's one of the greats of the '80, but all the cd version are never comlete or in the right running order as I have it on LP.
Thanx already, Martin.

2:36 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

The link doesn't work. Can you upload it again?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi enjoy!

THE FIXX - Shuttered Room (1982) (by REQ)":

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