Wednesday, May 17, 2006

CHERRY LAINE - I'm hot (1979) (by REQ)

Funk / Soul
Producer - Bernt Möhrle (also : Chilly, Eric's Movement , Ebony , Gail Stevens , Why Blood etc.)

all titles by (as on Chilly Lps!!) :Möhrle,Patty Unwin,Christian Kolonovits
Michael Cretu-keyboards!! (also Enigma,Moti Special,Sandra)


01 Catch The Cat
02 Speed Freak Sam
03 Sergeant Rock
04 I'm Hot
05 Mamy Blue
06 The Sea-Fare Folk
07 Black Jack
08 You Are The Song
09 Love Is All We Need
10 Musicman
bonus tracks:
11 Al Capone 1980
12 Come On And Sing 1978
13 Jungle Lover Boy 1986
14 No More Monday 1980

Link to download:

Cherry is one of those figures that have "created Discosound". She has a nearly classical career, with 6 years she starts at the choir of her father´s church, him being a priest, accompanied by her mother on the organ. Emigration to England, where her mother insisted on her to become a nurse and midwife. Now isn`t that cute? :-)))
But it was the music which spoke out of her heart and it was no wonder her visiting Londons stages and studios. It should be her profession. When her parents died she took all her money to invest in music equipement and toured in "old germany"...which became her new homeland.
Her first international success was "Night in Chicago "... and so many more should follow

Hit singles:
"CATCH THE CAT" Nr.1 in Spain,Austria,Portugal,Middle-America,good position on the chart in Germany,Japan
"THE SEAFAREFOLK" top ten in Spain,Austria, top fourty in Japan
"SPEEDFREAK SAM", "I`M LOOSING YOU" and "DANNY'S DISCO" top fourty in Japan,and Spain

I recommend it ,if you like the late 70's disco style and the band Chilly .The best song is "Jungle lover boy"-to my mind a nice synth song from '86 that very worth to listen!!
And if you want to get a hard to find Cd ,dont hesitate!!