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CLANNAD - Anam (1990)

and this beautiful irish folk in memory of my cat......
when i feel sadness use to listen this

Real Name:
Maire "Moya" Ni Bhraonain (Brennan), Ciarán Brennan, Noel Duggan, Padraig Duggan
Irish family group whose unusual style of folk-based music typically involves much use of synthesisers and electronic production techniques. Fronted by Maire Ni Bhraonain (her surname is sometimes anglicised to Brennan), who re-created her vocals from "Theme From Harry's Game" for Chicane's hit "Saltwater".

UK & Ireland
Folk Rock

The Band:
Maire Brennan (Vocals, Harp)

Ciaran O Braonain (Vocals, Double Bass, Electric Bass, Guitar, Piano/Synth)
Padraig Duggan (Mandola, Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar)
Noel Duggan (Guitar)
Bono (Additional vocals on "In a Lifetime")
Mel Collins (Saxophones)
Paul Moran (Drums, Percussion)I
an Parker (Keyboards)
Anton Drennan (Electric Guitar, Dobro)
Bridin Brennan (Harmony Vocals)
Vinnie Kilduff (Wooden Whistle (Bansari))


01 Rí Na Cruinne (3:58)
02 Anam (4:00)
03 In Fortune's Hand (3:52)
04 The Poison Glen (3:51)
05 Wilderness (2:04)
06 Why Worry? (4:25)
07 Úirchill An Chreagáin (4:18)
08 Love And Affection (4:54)
09 You're The One (3:52)
10 Dobhar (2:42)

Link to download:

The Brennan family and their band Clannad led the new Celtic music revolution for many years, with a string of solid acoustic albums that made them a must to hear. But with the success of Brennan diva Enya, and the popularity the band achieved as their "Harry's Game" made it into TV and movies, they have slowly turned a course toward a more popular sound, awash in layered voices, reverb, and synthesizers. Anam is the center ground between the two careers, with plenty of rootsy folk supplied by fiddle, bouzouki, guitars, and harp. And it's impossible not to like the singing of Marie and Ciaran Brennan. But the album also marks the beginning of that wash of sound that was to make them famous, so this is possibly the last truly "Irish" album they made and the first "new-Celtic" one. --Louis Gibson

"In Irish Gaelic, "Anam" means "soul" or "essence." That spirit certainly comes through on this album by Ireland's Clannad. "

"Ri Na Cruinne opens this CD with a bang. It's a very haunting song with haunting vocals, ambient keyboards, and thundering beats. This is a song to play on a trip through the mountains on a cloudy evening. In A Lifetime features a duet with U2 frontman Bono. It's a very jazzy song that will make you feel good. IAL is also available on the 1985 album Macalla. One of my all-time favorite duets. The title track is very much like Ri Na Cruinne only more serene and dreamier. I played this song when walking through the colorful gardens on a cloudy evening and I was in total bliss because this song blossoms with beauty, soul, and magic. We head into much more upbeat territory with the Celtic/jazz fusion of In Fortunes Hand. This song is very upbeat with a bit of a pop/jazz/Celtic sound. The Poison Glen is more laid back with beautiful vocals and acoustic guitars with snares. This song is much more Celtic with an accordian. Wilderness is a pleasant acoustic guitar instrumental. Theme From Harrys Game is a very haunting song with a sort of Medieval twist. This song is beautiful but nothing like the next song. Why Worry made this a CD worth buying multiple times. It's a very warm, jazzy song with awesome keyboards, and beatiful chants. I love how the song becomes dark and misty towards the ending. Uirchill An Chreagin is ambient keyboards and gorgeous vocals to make a song to enjoy on a sunny or cloudy afternoon. Love And Affection is more rock oriented with a more upbeat yet moody sound. The song kind of breaks down towards the ending and ultimately fades into mostly ambience at the ending. You're The One is a more country oriented song with a sunny feel-good sound. Dobhar is a piano instrumental that closes this amazing CD.
This one is one of my favorite Clannad CDs in my collection. It's worth the price. I would say get this CD, it's an incredible piece of art. Well done Clannad."

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I love Clannad. Their lead singer Máire, or 'Moya' has some really brilliant solo work! You can find out about it at :]

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Links about Clannad are dead ...
please re=up !!!
And if it's possible MORE MORE MORE from Clannad !!!!

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